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8 Best Travel Trailer Brands Reviewed

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Best Travel Trailer Brands

The best travel trailer brands give you adventures wrapped up in comfort and convenience. But it isn’t easy to choose the right one. So many brands make it hard to know where to start. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. So, how do you choose the perfect design style?

This guide explores eight of the best travel trailer brands. We’ll cover some factors to consider. Think about your budget and how much your current SUV or truck can tow. 

Next, it’s helpful to understand how often you plan to travel. All these items added to your personal taste help you select the right travel trailer. And we’ll even share a few RVs to steer clear of. Because knowing what not to choose is as important as knowing what is best.

8 Best Travel Trailer Brands

The travel trailer world has many different styles. You’ll find compact campers with minimal options on one end. And then there are luxurious models that you’ll want to call home. But all those choices make it feel overwhelming to narrow down. So that’s where we come in.

We’ve narrowed the field to our eight best travel trailer brands. These RV brands make the best quality travel trailers. But we also chose them for their quality, features, and superior customer service. Plus, these travel trailer manufacturers have top-notch reputations. So let’s jump right into the best brands in the RV industry.

Grand Design

The Grand Design brand is all about having a solid owner community. So, it hosts yearly statewide and national rallies. This travel trailer brand’s quality brings you in. Then it helps you meet like-minded adventurers. 

My friends look forward to the annual Oregon Rally. They connect with old friends and make new ones. But they also attend workshops and plan new adventures. I’ll tell you what surprised me most, though. Grand Design reps came to tell owners about a recall. And they made free on-site repairs this year. And that’s what I’d call first-rate customer service.

But the brand is more than community and customer service. Grand Design also has a wide range of high-quality travel trailers. You’ll find options for large families who camp every weekend. But there are also smaller options for couples or solo travelers. So whether you camp often or only a few times a year, there’s a good camper for you.

Yet, the brand’s higher price tag doesn’t appeal to everyone. So, customers with bigger budgets might find Grand Design a better fit.

Outdoors RV

If you love wild adventure, Outdoors RV might be your jam. This brand has rugged construction and off-road abilities. The shock-absorbing suspensions take you down gravel roads. And the aluminum frames are light enough for easy towing. 

What’s more, the exterior walls are solid but lightweight fiberglass. So you can travel the bumpiest back roads without damage. Outdoors RV builds compact trailers and toy haulers. But they also offer larger, family-size floor plans. 

What’s more, the huge water tanks let you boondock for a couple of weeks and still have water. Plus, the thermal pane windows and underbelly heating keep you warm on cold mornings. We like the flexibility that this brand builds into each design.

But, Outdoors RVs may not be the right brand for everyone. They make a heavier, long-lasting camper. But it comes with a higher price tag. And the extra weight may be more than you need, especially if you plan on staying at RV Park resorts. 

The bulkiest models also need larger trucks for towing. So if you’re driving a half-ton pickup, look at one of Outdoors RV’s smaller campers. 

Outdoors RV is our top choice for the outdoor lover. And this travel trailer is as sturdy and adventurous as you are.


Since 1931, Airstream travel trailers offer comfort and style for seeing the countryside. This brand’s iconic design and aerodynamic shape stand the test of time. And that makes Airstream one of the most recognizable names in the RV business. 

I have five Airstreams set on a riverside, wooded property in my dream world. So anytime family and friends visit, they have a private, luxurious glamping setting.

There are aluminum shells and steel frames for sturdiness. And the riveted construction makes Airstream stand out. Plus, the lifetime transferable warranty is a huge selling point. It reminds buyers why this travel trailer brand stays in the game. 

If you’ve not yet seen the Pottery Barn Edition, get to a dealership this afternoon. The attention to detail blew my mind. If you can imagine it, Airstream has included it.

All the same, it could be smoother sailing with the Airstream travel trailer. The high-quality design and materials come with a hefty price tag. The iconic silver bullet shape is beautiful. But some past owners experienced leaks, corrosion, or denting. 

Still, Airstream calls families to the open road. The timeless style and modern functions are outstanding. This brand brings families together. So you can create a lifetime of amazing experiences and memories.

Safari Condo

This Canadian travel trailer brand tops the RV charts. It has an aluminum and Alufiber (aluminum with fiberglass reinforcement) construction. So you can pull these Alto series lightweight travel trailers with your car or SUV. 

Safari Condo makes a comfortable RV with recyclable parts. And they add a ton of special features. We appreciate the huge windows and the retractable roof. With well-planned layouts, you’ll get days of sunshine in stylish options.

Of course, so many fresh ideas come with some downsides. Safari Condo’s travel trailers cost about the same as other RV manufacturers, which is excellent. But, they have limited availability and dealerships, especially outside Canada. So that can make it harder to find and buy. 

Also, this RV manufacturer focuses on minimalist design and lower weights. And that means you have smaller interior space and less storage. Despite these small drawbacks, a Safari Condo is perfect for today’s families. 

Check it out if you want efficiency and minimalistic elegance. This trailer could be your ticket to a stylish and environmentally-conscious road trip.


I am biased toward the Northwood travel trailer brand. Especially since I live in one of the company’s Arctic Fox truck campers. But my bias is data-based. Northwood’s cult-like following comes from its quality, four-season capability, and solid construction. 

You’ll find the perfect camping solution for your family with Northwood. There are so many models to choose from

  • Truck campers
  • Travel trailers
  • Lightweights
  • Fifth wheels
  • Toy haulers.

You can even select the make that best fits your budget. For example, Arctic Fox has higher-end finishes. But Wolf Creek has the same build quality at a lower price.

Yet, the focus on solid construction and quality comes with challenges. Northwood’s campers are often heavier and cost more than other brands. And that might not suit every RV enthusiast. 

Plus, the old-fashioned design may not be to your taste. It’s not even mine! But despite other travel trailer brands getting newer styles, Northwood stays the same. Its interior colors are straight out of the 1990s.

But Northwood is top-rate if you value a long-lasting camper. And this brand delivers true four-season ability. Northwood’s travel trailers will last for many years and trips. 


Like other travel trailer brands on this list, Lance made truck campers first. But the company soon became a leader in ultralight RV trailers. Lance was the runner-up for quality and price during my own buying process. 

The brand uses cutting-edge materials. You’ll find aluminum frames, Azdel composite panels, and fiberglass shells. As a result, you get lightweight and efficient construction. 

Lance’s state-of-the-art manufacturing campus uses cutting-edge technology.  It builds quality and efficiency in its campers. Besides, the facility is in California. So that means they follow the safest practices to meet the tight rules of this strict state.

Yet, every brand has challenges. Lance does provide high-quality, lightweight travel trailer models with stylish colors and materials. But Lance’s travel trailers are often more expensive than other brands. Plus, they’ve had some leaks, cracks, and delamination. And that’s a problem. 

Still, adventurers focus on lightweight builds to get them to the backcountry. And with their top reputation, Lance’s travel trailers are very popular.


These lightweight fiberglass travel trailers may remind you of Airstream’s bullet shape. But Casita makes RV’ing affordable for almost every budget. 

The compact design means you can tow them with any vehicle having a 3,500-pound tow capacity. So soccer moms can pull these campers to the game before heading out of town!

Moreover, Casita has a direct sales model. So they don’t use dealers or go-betweens. And that lets them give personal experiences to each customer. The Casita Discovery program connects you with a local owner. So you can learn the pros and cons before customizing your travel trailer.

For all that, some of Casita’s potential drawbacks are worth noting. The standard model skips a bathroom to add a bunk bed or couch. And that’s fine if you only camp in RV parks. But some families want to head into backcountry campgrounds. So having an indoor toilet and shower means you’ll need to look at the higher-priced Deluxe model.

Do you value customizing your own travel trailer? How about a brand that puts quality first in a small package? Casita’s travel trailers may be an ideal choice. They live by the saying that good things come in small packages. And that makes this brand one of our favorite options.


We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for easy towing, even across the roughest terrains. Opus has made a sizable mark in the travel trailer industry! It sports a groundbreaking foldable design. Plus, you’ll find hybrid features and sturdy off-road ability.

Opus features lightweight materials. So you’ll get aluminum frames, canvas walls, and poly-cotton tents. And they have a patented air inflation system. It lets you drive to your destination and set up in a few short minutes. 

Your adventure might call for a hard-sided camper or a tent-style travel trailer. Opus takes over the backcountry in style. You can tow the smaller models with a small tow vehicle like a Jeep or crossover SUV. So there’s no worrying about purchasing a new truck.

Still, Opus may not be suitable for everyone. In all but the hard-sided OP15, you’ll exit the travel trailer for an outdoor privacy tent. There you’ll find a portable toilet and shower. Some adventurers accept this minor inconvenience since these trailers cover rough ground. 

Off-road traveling to find that perfect fishing or hunting spot? Opus will definitely get you there. The brand has a dedication to enhancing the journey of outdoor enthusiasts. And it is evident in every design choice. 

We’d say that makes Opus a trailblazer in the field of innovative travel trailers.

Travel Trailer Brands You Should Avoid

Navigating the world of travel trailers isn’t all sunshine and scenic views. There are standout performers. But unfortunately, there are trailer brands that might put a damper on your travel plans. 

These RV brands have received a barrage of negative reviews and customer complaints. Imagine setting out on that dream road trip. But then you discover that your travel trailer can’t keep up with the adventure.

Here are some travel trailer brands you should avoid:

Gulf Stream

Gulf Stream is a family-owned brand known for low prices and a large selection of travel trailers. Despite these benefits, the brand has significant flaws. They include using cheap materials like particle board and plastic. 

Purchasers report poor build quality with a frustrating lack of customer support. Many customers have reported leaks, mold, and electrical and plumbing problems. These issues make Gulf Stream a less desirable choice in the travel trailer market.

Forest River

Forest River has an extensive portfolio. It also has corporate backing as a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary. But it often falls short in quality and reliability. Forest River is one of the best-selling travel trailer brands. But that doesn’t mean it has the best quality control. 

Most buyers select this brand for their entry-level travel trailers. And while the build quality isn’t the worst on the market, there is room for improvement. The company uses low-quality materials like OSB and fiberglass. And that has led to many customer complaints. But some complaints are inevitable for as many travel trailers as Forest River sells.


Here’s a travel trailer brand known for its high volume, low cost, and mass production. But Keystone struggles to keep its customers happy. Keystone scores 3.5 out of 5 stars from over 2,000 RV Insider reviews. 

The main complaints come from its recurring problems with leaks, cracks, and delamination. Substandard materials like MDF, vinyl, and plastic have dissatisfied many customers. 

Plastic nuts and toilet foot pedal cracks create water leaks. And they can cause notable damage if you don’t catch them soon enough. Keystone is an affordable brand for anyone new to the RV world. But you sometimes get what you pay for.

Final Words Of Advice

In this guide to the best travel trailer brands, we’ve covered eight top brands and a few to avoid. We aim to assist you in making a smart decision for your next buy. 

But remember, the ideal travel trailer varies for every person. Your best investment depends on budget and towing capacity. Then think about your travel style, desired options, and personal preferences. 

So, it’s essential to conduct your research. Then consult with owners or experts who can offer insights. Visiting dealerships or RV shows also provides a tangible sense of what’s available. It’s one of our favorite pastimes, checking out new recreational vehicles. 

The ultimate goal is to find a travel trailer to meet your budget and needs. And that ensures an excellent adventuring experience. Happy camping!

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