43 Best Gifts For RV Owners

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Best Gifts For RV Owners

Fellow shoppers! Are you looking for the best gift for the RV owner in your life this holiday season? 

Then roll right up because I have a whole mega-roundup primed to help you give them the gift of awesome!

Having trekked around the RV circuit a few times over myself, I know what makes a great insertion into the lifestyle. In this post, you’ll find only the BEST gift ideas for RVers. We’re talking cheap and fun gifts right up to expensive and essential RV gear that says “I love you, please don’t die.”

Now, my personal pick… The best of the by far best is the RV State Sticker Map from SEE MANY PLACES. It’s a quirky and fun present suitable for basically any RVers with a thirst for the journey.

But the gifts in here just keep on coming! Whether you’re looking for other fun ideas or you have a more specific niche in mind, I’ve got 43 solutions to your gift-buying problems right here. It’s my gift to you.

The gift of value-loaded awesome.

Best RV Gifts For Anyone

Let’s start with the general section. These gifts are good for basically any kind of RV owner!

I mean, maybe some RV owners won’t like them. But those are the boring kinds of RVers you shouldn’t buy gifts for.

But the cool RV owner in your life? Buy them something that says “I know you’re never actually around but I still sorta love you sometimes.”

1. RV State Sticker Map

Ok, so case in point, who’s not gonna love this gift? It’s a sizeable sticker map of the USA to track your interstate travels… Let your inner child run free!

Suitable for plastering anywhere, including on your RV itself, this sticker map starts its life as a bland black-and-white outline of 50 boring states. However, as you journey and check off that bucket list itinerary, so too does the map fill with vibrant sticker reminders of all the places you’ve been!

It’s laminated, durable, and weather and UV-resistant. This USA-made sticker art is well-equipped for the climates on the road ahead.

It’s not necessarily a masterpiece of artistic merit. Some of the smaller states lack any vivid illustration, meanwhile others are a bit drab. But who cares? This is a gift for the memories!

The RVer in your life will love this adventure-inspired memento capturer. And if they like Pokemon too, that’s even better. Get out there and catch ‘em all!

2. RV Welcome Mat

It’s a welcome mat for RVs and featuring RVs (and a really overdone platitude). This is almost too perfect a Christmas stocking pressie!

Imagine rolling up to your RV, and bam! The Caroline’s Treasures Welcome Mat is there a burst of color and personality welcoming guests into your humble mobile abode. This USA-made mat is not just a decorative piece. It’s a statement:

My RV is my home, so please wipe your feet!

Moreover, cleaning is a breeze, which is always a welcome bonus! Simply hit it with a hose or vacuum to reignite those vivid hues. The mat’s durability ensures it can handle the elements and chaos of the road without losing its vibrant charm.

This welcome mat comes in a standard size of 18″ x 27″. This might not suit all RV entries. Additionally, it’s a steeper price point than a standard, drab welcome mat. And a lot pricier than an old newspaper!

But who cares? It’s a gift! The Caroline’s Treasures Mat is more than a mat… It’s an expression of the nomadic spirit. 

There’s no way the RVer in your life won’t get a cheeky grin and think of every time they wipe their boots.

3. Wireless Backup Camera

Or give them the gift of safety! Buy your favorite RV traveler a guardian gadget to oversee all their hairy reverses and 10-point turns.

This device is custom-built for RVing. Pre-wired for the Furrion system, it’s compatible with many RVs straight out of the box. No fuss or muss – just plug-and-play goodness!

Meanwhile, its functionality checks out too. The wide-view rear camera boasts a clear HD 1080P resolution with night vision capabilities for extra usability.

There are a couple of things to consider about the product though. Wireless interference can sometimes cause image clarity issues or a lag in transmission. And, depending on your setup and prior experience with backup cameras, there might be a few more steps than just “plug and play”.

But in the grand scheme of things, the RV Backup Camera is a game-changer. Send your homie away from home safe in the knowledge that their back is quite literally always covered. And considering backup cameras can cost a whole lot more than this, it’s a very fairly priced gift.

4. Backpack Cooler

A backpack this is not! It’s more of a shoulder bag. But then, when has carrying a wide selection of icy cold craft beers at your waist ever not been totally awesome?

The AKASO Portable Cooler is a true luxury for RVers. It ensures cool culinary delights on the road and trail every time. 

The AKASO promises up to 60 hours of continuous insulation courtesy of its 5-layered structure. Furthermore, constructed of hardy polyester, the bag is durable, pierce-resistant, and 100% leak-proof.

But though it may be the unsung hero of RV camping, like all great heroes hero, it has its kryptonite. The compact nature of the cooler does limit its overall capacity. Furthermore, all the impeccable design quality drives up its price.

But look at what you get! Up to 24 cans of delicious bevies hanging ice-cold at your waist. If the limited capacity or shoulder bag is a drag, AKASO does offer an equally awesome backpack variant of the cooler too! Then, you can truly be the life of the party.

Best Gifts Under $25 for RV Owners

Alright, let’s move along to something cheaper because not even that doormat cost less than $25!

Secret Santas and stingy present buyers, roll up. Or if you’re just buying a present for someone you don’t really like…

Either way, get them the gift of frugality this holiday season!

5. Reusable Bees Wax Food Wraps

Look, let me just be the first to say screw single-use plastic. If you’re living in your RV and enjoying the most beautiful natural places in the world, then there is ZERO reason to keep using single-use plastic.

Introducing the world’s best answer to cling wrap: reusable beeswax food wraps! This set of beeswax wraps is crafted from certified organic cotton and responsibly sourced wax. Its sustainable focus is the true gift to eco-conscious road warriors.

Lightweight, easily storable, and reusable, the Bee’s Wrap is a total upgrade to clingwrap and plastic zipper-lock bags. They’re also easily washable and shockingly effective at preserving food. 

Honestly, if you’re a bit skeptical and think this is another greenwashing trend, I can tell you from personal experience it’s not. Beeswax wraps are downright awesome!

They generally aren’t totally airtight and might not be the best pick for all foods. If total environmental synergy is your goal, I’d recommend supplementing this set with some reusable silicone bags.

But with a whole set of seven wraps of varying sizes, the best thing you can do is buy them and give them a shot! If the RVer in your life is a bit of a tree-hugging hippy, I can almost guarantee they will adore this present.

After all, it’s the thought that counts. And Mother Nature sure does appreciate the thought!

6. Charcoal Air Purifier

Freshen up your motorized home the natural way! This set of four Charcoal Air Purifying Bags is a breath of fresh air for RV travelers when their campers start collecting unwanted aromas.

Filled with activated charcoal, these four 200g bags serve as natural odor absorbers. They provide a method to ensure your RV’s freshness without synthetic air fresheners.

 Designed with simplicity in mind, these bags are lightweight and compact. They fit seamlessly into the limited space of an RV and can hang pretty much anywhere foul odors are afoot.

However, it’s essential to note that while effective, these bags may not match the performance of dedicated air purifiers. A little bit of maintenance, including regular exposure to direct sunlight, is necessary to keep them at their odor-destroying best.

But, the life of eco-alignment takes a bit more work. We’ve been spoiled by decades of chemical air fresheners filled with horrifyingly convenient noxious chemicals!

If you’re looking for a cheap and natural way to neutralize the smells of your RV, charcoal purifiers are the way to go. The only real problem is the person you’re buying them for might think you’re saying they smell…

7. Folding Step Stool

I mean, it’s a stool. But never underestimate the sheer practical utility of a folding stool! There are many times in my life I probably would have been stoked with receiving a stool as a present.

The Vigar Foldable Stool offers a super convenient solution for reaching high spots or erecting a quick seat. Standing at 10.5”, this lightweight folding step stool supports up to 330 lbs, catering to both children and adults alike.

The stool’s compact and de-constructible nature makes it a space-saving essential in RV life. It unfolds with a single movement and features an internal double handle for easy carrying. It’s a very safe way to reach the high spots on the road and only safer for its non-slip grip and stabilizing rubber feet.

But while the 10.5” lift is sufficient for many tasks, it might be a bit too short for all your admin. In that case, there are bigger models available. However, they all share the same issue of being nearly entirely plastic-made and feeling a bit flimsy for it.

But again, it’s a stool. And a very convenient one at that! It might not be impressively lavish, but it sure gets the job done right.

Give your favorite RVer the gift of cheap practicality. And an unbroken neck.

8. Stasher Bags

Oh, remember when I said to grab some silicone bags alongside your beeswax wrap? Well, these are the bags to get!

The Stasher Bags present a reusable and eco-friendly solution for even greener RV travels. Crafted from food-grade silicone, they are an infinitely healthier alternative to single-use plastic bags. 

At 56 fl oz, you can cram a lot in these bags. Plus they stand up straight! Let there be no more spillage and refrigerator mishaps!

Additionally, the bag’s durability allows it to move with ease from the fridge to the freezer to a boiling pot of water without any damage. Could you use it to poach an egg? I haven’t tried, but you could sure try!

Cleaning it, particularly when it’s had oily foods inside, can be a hassle. And it’s expensive for a souped-up plastic ziplock bag. But that’s what you pay for an environmentally and long-term solution for food storage.

Ultimately, Stasher shines in its commitment to sustainability. It’s a practical and eco-friendly companion for RV travelers. And, of course, it’s one step closer to a better world. That thought alone is a warm and gooey feeling!

9. UCO Sprout Lantern

Lighting is important for RV life. It guides a steady hand even on the darkest moonless nights. 

The UCO Sprout is just the guiding light you need! It’s compact, it’s versatile, and it’s a surefire solution for casual campers and seasoned RVers alike!

Operation is all done by a simple single push button. Moreover, you can also make quick adjustments to the light intensity, ranging up to 100 lumens. The UCO nets about six hours of battery life on the highest setting and up to 50 on the lowest. It’s even got a gentle and calming blue Moonlight Mode for maximum ambiance.

There’s also a nifty Magnetic Quick-Connect Lanyard included (patent pending). This hanging system securely attaches the lantern to tents, tree limbs, posts, or even your belt for nighttime strolls.

Unfortunately, it’s not rechargeable. The lantern relies on three AAA batteries (which AREN’T included). So that is another resource and another bit of wastage to add to your list.

But it’s a cheap-as-chips, lightweight camping lantern! What’s not to love about more lighting? Unless the RVer in your life is a vampire, there’s little doubt that this gift we’ll get put to good use in their adventures.

Best Handy Kitchen Gifts for RV Owners

Moving over to the kitchen now, and I’ve got some gifts for you! If your favorite RVer is a bit of a whizz kid in the kitchen, then give them a helping hand.

Level up their RV cooking game!

10. Instant Pot

Move over regular everyday kitchen appliances. And make way for this revolutionary 7-n-1 bonafide baking bonanza!

Okaaaay, so it doesn’t bake. However, it does do a lot of other things! The 7-in-1 Instant Pot functions as a…

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Slow cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Steamer
  • Sauté pan
  • Yogurt maker
  • Warmer

And that’s a lotta bang for your buck! Space is sacred in an RV, so merging all that together in one package is pure excellence.

Different sizes are available. And due to the nature of science, they’ll have different power draws too.

On that note though, the power draw for an appliance like this can be something serious. For that reason, it’s wise to check in with your RVer before buying them this gift to see if they can make it work. I never said it would be an admin-free gift! Just a top-notch one.

But once the admin is cleared, you get homecooked meals on the road all powered by one convenient gift. Just cause your camping doesn’t mean you can’t feast!

11. Sea to Summit X-Brew Coffee Dripper

Drip brew like a professional barista but for the space footprint of an ultralight hiker! From Sea to Summit, a personal favorite brand of mine, the X-Brew is an insanely portable coffee maker tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Crafted from food-grade, heat-resistant silicone, this marvel uses a reusable stainless-steel mesh filter to brew a delectable drip-filtered coffee on the go. Afterward, its lightweight and collapsible design allows it to shrink to just a fraction of its size.

…All coming from a very reputable outdoors brand with serious adventurers in mind.

It’s not a perfect tool. There’s a bit of a learning curve with both drip brewing and the X-Brew itself. And getting the filter in and out for cleaning can be a bit fiddly.

But you’re cooking up excellent coffee with a gadget that fits in the palm of your hand. I don’t know what else to say. Maybe I’m just a coffee fiend but this is a wonderful gift for RV owners.

And if they don’t like it, you can just keep it for yourself! 😉

12. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

You might be noticing a trend that the best gifts for RVers tend to be reusable and eco-friendly. Anything in that camp is sure to please any experienced RVer. These wine tumblers from CHILLOUT LIFE are no different!

Combining practicality with style, the tumbler boasts a stainless steel design. It’s double-walled, and vacuum-insulated design to make it both tough as nails as well as equipped to nurture your beverages. 

Within the tumbler, your cold ones will keep cool for up to 9 hours and your hot ones for over 3 hours. If you’re a perpetual drink forgetter like me, this is the fix to cold coffee!

Though the tumbler is a fitting choice for RV life and travelers, it does have a couple of awkward spots. The removable BPA-free lid is a bit awkward to sip through. Cleaning the lid’s components can be a pain too.

But it’s a lightweight and cheap, long-term solution for perfect beverages on the road! It’s more eco-friendly than anything disposable and a lot tougher than anything in your home kitchen. In the RV kingdom, practicality and reusability are the lords of the domain.

13. Compact Kitchen Gadgets

Keeping it small and cheap, the multi-piece set of compact kitchen gadgets is an easy fit for any RVer. They’re crafted with a focus on lightweight design and practicality. These fold-up kitchen tools take up barely any space in a drawer and even less if you hang them up!

Within the full set, you’ll find a:

  • Vegetable peeler
  • Grater
  • Bottle opener
  • Pizza cutter
  • Garlic grinder
  • Paring knife
  • Drawstring bag

AND the set is purchasable in multiple configurations. The full seven-piece set is available as well as five and three-piece versions.

Some peeps might find the plastic handles a bit flimsy. Especially in contrast to the durable stainless steel construction of the tools themselves. 

But look at how cheap and efficient the set is! It’s a small price to pay for such a cool gift that will slot into just about any RVers life.

Consider this set like a Swiss Army Knife for an RV kitchen. There’s a tool fit for every job in a pocket-sized package. You just can’t say no to functionality like that!

14. Mini Waffle Maker

And in the world of RV waffling, there is only one tool fit for the job! For the perfect Sunday morning nomad’s brekky, you need a tool with the stature to match.

The 8” Mini Waffle Maker is just that tool. It’s ideal for those on the go or dealing with limited kitchen space. This appliance actually goes beyond the world of waffles, able to serve up various culinary delights such as paninis, hash browns, and more. 

But, of course, are its waffles good? Yes! (And they’re cute as a button too.) 

The appliance itself is very lightweight and portable. And given its size, it won’t put too much strain on an RV’s electrical system either.

It’s still a waffle maker though, so it’s a pain in the posterior to clean. Moreover, as with all appliance-related gifts for RVers, it’s good to check in with them to see if it will be usable in their setup.

But for a bang-on breakfast for the waffle-obsessed wanderer in your life, get them a low-cost and low-maintenance mini waffle maker. There’s even a model that makes heart-shaped waffles!

So they still have a piece of yours everywhere the road takes them.

15. Nesting Bowls

Keeping the theme of super convenient and easy-to-store gift ideas going is this non-electronic addition. Buy that road-worthy master chef this nine-piece nesting food prep set! 

In the package, you’ll find a:

  • 4.8 qt mixing bowl
  • 3.2 qt colander
  • 1.75 qt steel sieve strainer
  • 0.5 qt small mixing bowl with measurements, 
  • 1 cup measuring cup
  • 1/2 measuring cup, 
  • 1/3 measuring cup
  • 1/4 cup measuring cup 
  • 1 tablespoon

It’s ample gear to whip up a wild snack on any frontier!

The standout feature of the set is its space-saving design. All these kitchen essentials nest into themselves like a Russian doll. It’s an ideal companion for RV life and travel where kitchen space is a lucrative commodity.

Constructed with BPA-free plastic and durable stainless steel for the tools, the set has a lot of life in it as well as a lot of style. The handles could be made of sturdier material, and it’s a shame that the set isn’t microwave-safe. But for a well-rounded and well-priced food prep set (ideally paired with a seven-piece kitchen gadget), it’s a spot-on gift idea.

In summary, the Nest 9 Plus Food Prep Set is a practical and space-saving addition to any RV kitchen. Pimp out their mobile nest with a nest of another kind!

16. Kelty Camp Kitchen Organiser

Line up, Type-A aficionados of the organization life. The Kelty Camp Galley Bag turns your camp cooking chaos into finely structured bliss!

The Kelty steps into the scene as a camp kitchen organizer tailored for adventurous souls on the road. Woven from rugged 600-denier polyester, this camp gear bag boasts toughness, capacity, and pockets on pockets for easily storing your cooking gear.

It’s a firm boy, maintaining shape during use and only aided further by a clever U-zip opening. Meanwhile, the attachment loops offer versatile options to orient the bag as a hanging cupboard while you cook!

The bag’s size is optimized for a family of four. So whether that works for you depends on your needs. The bag might be excessive for individuals or couples, but that also depends on how much you want to store in it. With the extra space, you can turn the bag into a full-blown adventure picnic setup!

Honestly, I’m just a fan. The Kelty bag just feels good. Opening it up and laying out your culinary tools like a secret agent going to work never gets old. Any RV traveler with a penchant for smart organization will make fast use of this gift, even if it’s not for kitchen gear.

Best Books For RV Owners

Digitally detoxing the days away? Then you need our favorite forgotten friend of the modern world: books!

Books are great. They feel nice, smell nice, and are full of all kinds of ideas! You know books, right?

Well, if you’d like to give your mobility-inspired human the gift of good ideas, here are the best reads for the job.

17. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Jokes! Digitally detox the digital way… With a Kindle!

A Kindle eReader is the answer to the one biggest problem of taking books on the road: all the space they take up. Instead, with one single eReader, you can have infinite books (and ideas) anytime, anywhere.

The Amazon Kindle is a must-have companion for bibliophiles on the move. This particular model features a 6.8″ display with 8 GB of onboard memory. There are other models with more memory too. However, that 8 GB already translates to thousands of books!

Reading on the Kindle is a lot more pleasurable than a lot of traditionalists might think as well. The addition of adjustable warm light, allowing a shift from white to amber, negates eye strain during extended reading sessions. Meanwhile, its glare-proof display emulates the paper-reading experience very effectively.

Price-wise, the Kindle is a lot more expensive than a book, as well as other e-readers on the market. However, purchasing eBooks is a lot cheaper than actual books. Long-term, an eReader is usually more cost-effective. 

It also might take a little bit of an adjustment to ditch physical books. Particularly if your RVer is a bit stuck in their ways.

But man, if they can make that transition, they’ll never look back. The practicality, accessibility, and infinite options provided by eReaders are unparalleled. It’s like streaming for books!

And as far as eReaders go, the Amazon Kindle is one of the market leaders. Bar a steadfast resistance against our Amazon overlords, there’s little reason not to buy a Kindle over other competitors. No matter where you go in life, it always pays to take a good book and a good idea.

18. The Open Road

 Moving along to books to read (on your new Kindle), we have the aptly titled “The Open Road 50 Best Road Trips in the USA”. This travel guide unfolds as an essential for ANYONE embarking on a great American road trip.

This guidebook offers a treasure trove of info:

  • Killer travel tips
  • Itineraries
  • Points of interest
  • Things to do
  • Beautiful imagery
  • And so much more! 

Moreover, the guide caters to a diverse audience. It features different landscapes, trips, and inspo for all types of travelers.

For RV enthusiasts, this guidebook proves invaluable. The inclusion of easy-to-use maps and detailed information on attractions, lodging, and eating ensures a seamless journey.

Bouncing off the eReader discussion, it is a very hefty book. In the worst-case scenario, this book could probably double as a self-defense mechanism against campground intruders.

But sitting up-front and in the passenger seat, any RVer will be delighted to have this big but powerful resource at their side. The Open Road offers RV travelers a curated roadmap for their adventures. 

And then, after the journey is over, they can regift it to another road warrior and keep the fire of adventure alive!

19. Camping & RV Living Guide – Simplified

Instead of a guide for the adventure, try a guide for the RV life itself! The Camping & RV Living Guide is a non-stop fountain of wisdom on all things motorhome living.

This comprehensive guidebook delves into every facet of the RV lifestyle. The content ranges across topics that include:

  • Selecting the right RV
  • Trip planning
  • RV maintenance
  • Budget tips
  • Cooking on the road
  • RV water and electrical systems

And basically anything else an RVer might want to read about on the fly. The bonus inclusion of a nationwide RV camping directory only enhances the book’s usefulness.

Admittedly, the book is tinged with subjectivity despite its incredible exploration of all things RV living. The nature of the author’s personal experience can lead to some conflicting opinions or misinformation. The author also places a particular focus on budget travel which won’t be the right fit for all travelers. 

But for a robust, exhaustive, and simplified guide to the RV Life, you can’t do much better! Well, maybe except for RV Properly. With both by your side, any adventure is bound to be an epic one.

20. Camp Cocktails

This is an excellent gift for meandering mixologists! Learn how to make a killer cocktail no matter where you are.

Camp Cocktails is an excellent gift for RVers. Weekend warriors, in particular, will love it for the casual shenanigans! The book is positively packed with a multitude of cocktail recipes and concoctions for every occasion.

But the book also goes beyond mere recipes. It offers valuable insights with tips and hacks to enhance budding bartender’s skills. Its focus on simplicity and customization for camper’s needs makes this knowledge that much more precious for RVers.

The usefulness will vary per traveler though. The availability of certain ingredients in specific regions can hinder your access to all the recipes.

But this is a fun purchase! It’s for making memories under starlit blankets in bountiful locales. Gift it to the RVer in your life then tag along on their next adventure.

Then it will be you who really gets the gift… of delicious booze!

21. Feast by Firelight

The Feast by Firelight Cookbook is the perfect complement to Camp Cocktails. Good drink deserves good food! This comprehensive outdoor cookbook guidebook integrates easy-to-prepare recipes with solution-oriented approaches to make campsite cooking a joyous experience for all.

The book delivers tips, tricks, and recipes for numerous outdoor settings. Furthermore, Feast by Firelight also provides detailed menus, shopping, and equipment lists alongside all the recipes. Penned by a seasoned outdoor cook, the recipes are equally top-notch and tantalizing.

Much like Camp Cocktails, the potential limitation lies in ingredient availability. That will largely depend on where and when you’re traveling. Additionally, a few of the recipes are more geared towards experienced outdoor chefs and might be better suited to glamping rather than traditional camping.

However, these considerations don’t overshadow the overall value that Feast by Firelight brings to RV travelers. Its diverse recipes, expert insights, and user-friendly instructions cement it as an indispensable resource in any RV cooking adventure.

Best Practical Gifts for RV Owners

Give an RVer the gift of practicality! You can never go wrong with a practical gift fit to enhance their adventures.

In this section, you’ll find only practical and extremely usable gift ideas for all kinds of scenarios. For your favorite friendly neighborhood RVing pragmatist.

22. Cell Signal Booster

Staying connected on the road is essential. It’s essential for safety, security, and even mental health! A regular phone home helps even the most roadbound nomad.

For the days the cell phone signal is barely a wayward whisper on the breeze, the weBoost Drive X Signal Booster emerges as a practical solution.

With the capability to reach towers 33% farther away than other weBoost models, the Drive X is poised to help distant travelers across the country. It’s great for boosting calls, ensuring consistent audio quality, and even improving your smartphone’s usability as a mobile hotspot.

Equipped for multi-device connectivity, the device works with most major carriers and 5G networks. The easy installation design adds a user-friendly touch too – there’s no drilling required!

There are some caveats, and the weBoost is far from a comprehensive solution for ALL connectivity on the road. It only amplifies faint signals, however, it’s far from strong enough to sufficiently boost signals in black spots. For proper off-road adventures and guaranteed connection anywhere, you’re better off looking into other RV internet and communication options.

But for any RV traveler seeking a quick boost in connectivity, the weBoost Drive steps up and steps up hard. It’s an easy solution to an incredibly persistent problem of RV travel, elegant and fit for any rig.

23. Roadside Rescue Kit

Look, I’d like to think that all RVers have a roadside emergency kit already packed away safely. But if your absent adventurer is a wee bit allergic to basic safety requirements, then give them a gift that’s really a gift for you and your anxiety!

Merging over 110 resources found in car and roadside emergency kits alike, this robust package offers a coordinated defensive response to the unexpected assailants of RV life. Housed within is an array of essential tools and safety equipment. From jumper cables to tow straps to a well-stocked first aid kit, it covers the spectrum of potential emergencies that could hazard your adventures.

Though the kit is relatively compact, it still clocks in at a beefy 6.3 lbs. Some users may find it’s bulkier than their specific needs dictate. Or they may already have some of the gear and want to opt for a more streamlined kit. Doing so will keep the price down too!

But you can never pay too much for peace of mind. And that’s exactly what this roadside emergency kit is! The dizzying array of potential mishaps that are accounted for in this kit is simply staggering.

Go hard on safety, friends! After all, it’s better than going home.

24. Packing Cubes

Ohhhh, I LOVE packing cubes (and their closely related cousins, compression sacks). They make organizing your luggage and, more importantly, keeping it organized a snap!

These cubes from Amazon are a primo example of my beloved travel packing solution. I promise you – once you try a packing system with internal organization, it’s impossible to go back to the cluttered ways.

There are multiple sizes and colors available for this four-piece set. Each cube quartet serves as an individual packing solution in your luggage. All you have to do is load them up! (And reload them later rather than leaving them all over your RV’s bed.)

Crafted with a commitment to quality, Amazon’s packing cubes feature double zipper pulls for easier access. I’m a fan of the mesh top panel too. They allow for easier identification of the individual cubes in your backpack or suitcase.

There are not many drawbacks I could level at the product (though I’m incredibly biased as a predisposed fanboy). I’d say you could consider compression stacks instead (or both) for the extra space-saving aspect.

But as far as packing cubes go, Amazon’s really are a fine example. For RV travels, regular travel, backpacking, multi-day hiking – doesn’t matter. Packing cubes are downright cubular.

25. Nomadix Towel

Travel towels are something I’m also a huge fan of! And once again, we have another primo example!

From Nomadix, this fast-drying and lightweight towel offers an eco-friendly philosophy marked by extreme utility.  Crafted from certified post-consumer recycled plastic for maximum planet-saving impact, this towel not only offers a gentle feeling on your face but also your heart.

Measuring in at a generous 72.5”x30”, the Nomadix Original Towel combos fantastic absorbency with a fast-drying effect for maximum travel-friendliness. Its lightweight design melded with this efficiency makes it a top-tier choice for basically any outdoor activity. 

RVing, beach days, backpacking, hiking… Much like packing cubes, a towel is ALWAYS something you want to pack. So why not get the best?

As with most things eco-friendly and high-quality, it’s an expensive towel. Although, I’ve seen super luxurious high-end designer towels that cost the same without nearly as much utility. It really depends on your priorities.

But in the grand tapestry of RV adventures, utility is what matters. The Nomadix weaves a story of sustainability, practicality, and compact efficiency. There’s zero doubt that it would make an excellent gift for any RVer.

After all, as it’s been famously said, “A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” So why would an RVer be any different?

26. Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

Speaking of practicality, how about this innovative and modern take on something as tried and true as washing your clothes? Scrubba makes handwashing barely a chore with the Portable Wash Bag!

The Scrubba essentially combines a laundry bag and an old-fashioned washboard into one nifty gadget. The inside of the bag is lined with scrubbing nodules. It’s twice as effective as washing by hand all the while keeping your digits dry! 

But when packed up, this thing is tiny. Its compact nature, at 5.3 oz, aligns seamlessly with the nomadic lifestyle, as does Scrubba’s attention to durability. For extra versatility, the bag can even be used as a dry bag when the laundry is done.

It is more of a tool for solo RVers and couples. Families could get away with using one over a few loads. However, I imagine they’ll have a much more pleasurable time with a washing machine or laundromat.

This product might not suit all RVers as not everyone wants to handwash. But for the RVers it does fit, it does so like a glove. It’s a very intelligent revitalization of the world’s most ancient form of life admin.

And if nothing else, it beats trying to find a laundromat in the middle of the desert!

27. Pop-Up Trash Can

Leave no trace behind except your residual energetic awesomeness! (As they say.) This pop-up trash can, going from flat-packed to freestanding, is a big supporter of clean campsite ideologies.

Utilizing a spring-loaded collapsible design, this garbage can exhibits a thoughtful construction that aligns congruently with the demands of camping life. The trash can pops up to a size of 24” x 19”. It’s also crafted from heavy-duty 600D polyester to further bolster outdoor usability.

But my favorite feature is easily the zip-up top. It makes protecting the trash from the elements and critters super simple. Where I’m from, the wombats would probably still munch right through it, so I recommend not leaving the trash can unattended to fend off the raccoons alone.

On the size side, the trash can is rather voluminous. It’s a terrific product for traveling families and couples that like to set up shop for stretches. But for soloists and people who move around a lot, you might find the solution is actually more trouble than it’s worth.

But again, absent-minded me has had my trash bag nicked by kangaroos too many times. I’ll get behind any product that helps prevent the post-massacre trashbag clean-up.

28. Solar Panels

For sustainable solar-lovers and off-grid adventurers, the BougeRV 200 Watt Solar Kit stands as a robust independent power source. Crafted with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, this kit captures the spirit of self-sufficiency in name AND impact. 

The heart of the kit is its 200-watt solar panel. It’s a compact yet potent energy harvester with an impressive 22.8% efficiency. The kit also includes…

  • A 30A 12V/24V PWM negative ground solar controller
  • Solar cables
  • And mounting Z-brackets

It confidently secures its position as a reliable means to illuminate, charge devices, and power small appliances when you’re out in the boonies.

But solar panels are a tricky gift to buy. I’d strongly advise checking in with any RV owner before buying these bad boys. There are a lot of technicalities to RV electrical systems, and solar panels are a storage investment too.

However, if the RVer in your life has been subtly dropping hints about potential solar-related gift ideas, this kit is bang-on value. Its remarkable performance and RV-tailored design will keep the lights bright and the mini waffles scrumptious for a long time to come.

29. Air Compressor

Another gift idea perfect for off-grid adventures! The VIAIR Portable Air Compressor is a compact powerhouse for managing an RV’s tires on the go. 

This 12-volt portable tire inflator stands strong as a small yet mighty warrior! It’s able to swiftly fill tires up to 42” in diameter in moments. It exudes performance, boasting a 100% duty cycle and the capacity to reach pressures up to 150 PSI.

It’s a pricey air compressor – that’s for sure! And it exclusively runs on 12V sources, which might be bothersome for RVers who prefer other options.

But as far as portable air compressors go – and particularly ones running on 12V – you’re looking at one of the best. I’d be stoked if someone gifted me this. It’s a very reliable and valuable addition to any RVer’s arsenal.

Keep yo’ tires healthy on the go and you keep on rolling!

Best Cozy Gifts for RV Owners 

Whoever said camping should be rough and rugged needs more cuddles under the stars. Cozy camping is where it’s at!

So coz-ify your RV. Sure you can soup up your rig for life-changing adventures…

But have you ever just lay under a perfect night’s sky by crackling fire and just thought about… nothing?

30. Rumpl Blanket

If you haven’t, then this is the product for you! The Rumpl Recycled Blanket is an eco-conscious companion that ups the comfort of RVs to towering peaks. 

The blanket is built with a superior attention to sustainability. It’s a puffy boy, but its ripstop shell ensures a tough design that’s resistant to the perils of the road. 

Meanwhile, its insulation is made entirely from 100% recycled materials. It transforms recycled polyester into a warm and durable embrace, repurposing 60 discarded plastic bottles per blanket!

But despite its hardiness, this blanket has the nomad’s need for practicality at heart. The Rumpl’s charm lies in its lightweight and packable design. It’s portable and more than equipped for lounging inside and outside your RV alike. It’s even wearable to take the coziness to all new heights!

It’s an expensive blanket for sure. And the material is very slippy, which personally I’m not a fan of. But these are minor inconveniences for decluttering the planet of 60 plastic bottles that are now keeping you toasty warm.

It’s a novel gift, and it’s an incredibly useful one too. I mean, it’s a top-notch camping blanket you can wear as a poncho. Sold!

31. THE NORTH FACE Traction Bootie

Also known as hut booties and a million other things, these equally puffy blankets for your hooves are the answer to frosty winter nights. These Insulated Traction Booties offer a similar experience to the Rumpl… Except for your feet!

Eco-conscious and cozy, the Traction is designed with a 100% recycled PET ripstop outer material with PrimaLoft ThermoBall Eco insulation. Additionally, they feature high-traction rubber soles (also made from 40% recycled material). 

This combination of practical shoe goodness with the comfort factor of a puffy down jacket is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. They’re also water-resistant and equipped for wintry conditions. I call them hut booties because they’re the ultimate thing to slap on your feet in a mountain hut after a hard day’s trek!

It is unfortunate the inner material of the shoe lacks a fleecy touch. It might cause a little foot sweat without socks and stink up your fancy bootie! It’s a small drawback, but it’s an oddly absent feature considering the quality of the product otherwise.

But honestly, for winter campers who like the frostier side of life, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of hut booties. And the fact that the Tractions are so environmentally friendly is just even better!

Tuck your feet in after a long day’s adventuring, snug as a bug in a rug.

32. Hammock

Every campsite benefits from a hammock. So embark on a journey of stone-cold relaxation with the Camping Hammock from Wise Owl

What makes this hammock a standout choice for RV life? First and foremost, it’s pure value. This is a budget-friendly choice of camping hammocks (which can get quite expensive) that DOESN’T compromise on quality.

Everything you need to start hanging out is included in the kit. It’s also lightweight and built with parachute-grade materials for supreme longevity. It’s even quick-drying just to add a final layer of practicality!

In terms of its lightweight nature, the steel carabiners do add to that final package load. They’re very sturdy, but you might want to consider swapping them for lighter carabiners if backpack-level portability is the goal. Overall, the Wise Owl Hammock isn’t as ultra-compact as other more its more expensive competitors.

But that’s because it’s a budget hammock, and what a budget hammock it is! Weaving comfort, affordability, and high-quality construction into one snug cocoon, Wise Owl delivers outdoor relaxation by the hammock-ful. 

Pack it, hang it, and relish the moments of tranquility on your RV escapades. Life never seems quite so hard from the confines of a hammock.

33. String Lights

Illuminate your campsite with the enchanting glow of MPOWERD Luci String Lights. Solar-powered and fabulous, they’re a radiant addition to any rig!

Not happy to be cast aside with other solar-only solutions, the Luci has dual charging capability. If the sun ain’t shining, you can charge them with a USB-A cable instead.

But alongside this adaptability comes endurance. The Luci String Lights can net up to 40 hours of luminosity on a single charge. String them up and create the perfect nighttime ambiance for your outdoor home.

It’s worth noting that the Luci isn’t necessarily a total lighting solution. While these lights shine brightly with 140 lumens of power, they’re not equipped for larger spaces or light-intensive tasks (like cooking).

But in the realm of RVs, lighting is ESSENTIAL. Every little bit you add is another boost to your campsite’s safety and comfort.

And if your luminous companions for your RV odyssey come in multiple colors and twinkle like a fairytale… Well, that’s just even better.

34. Pendleton Blanket

Weren’t satisfied with one blanket? Then combo it with this wool offering from Pendleton!

This beautifully designed piece is heavily inspired by traditional Native American pattern work. It’s dedicated to the bravery and integrity of historical legend Chief Joseph. If you’re traveling the great expanses of America, then add a touch of heritage AND comfort to the journey.

Beyond its beautiful aesthetics, the Pendleton Chief Joseph Wool Blanket boasts remarkable quality and durability. The pure virgin wool/cotton blend, woven in the USA, exudes a thickness and warmth that will have you finally giving in to the urge to just sleep out under the stars by the fire.

So what’s the drawback? Man, if you thought the Rumpl was expensive, then the Pendleton is probably not for you. This is a deluxe piece that’s as much an artistic and cultural addition to your RV as it is a practical one.

Moreover, due to its exceptional design, the Pendleton is dry clean only. This is definitely a pain for movers and shakers on the go.

But if blankets are your thing (I know they’re mine!), then this is the crème de la crème.

Best Fun Gifts for RV Owners

Now, we can’t finish the list of best gifts for RV owners without a shoutout to our good friend fun, can we?

RVing is fun. So is camping! You’re favorite RV extraordinaire will be having endless fun out on the open plains.

So why not get them a gift that makes it even MORE fun?

35. Camp Table

And what’s more fun than a table? Okaaay, tables aren’t fun. But think of all the fun you’ll have ON the table!

This table from GCI is the epitome of portability. Crafted with a one-piece setup and compact design, it folds away effortlessly. Moreover, the legs are telescoping, meaning the table shrinks away to half of its set-up size. There are countless fun things to do with this pocket-sized powerhouse!

But the GCI Camp Table doesn’t compromise on sturdiness for its portability. Its robust frame and tabletop are capable of supporting up to 60 lbs. The table is a very versatile surface for cooking, grilling, mixing fun drinks, tabletop activities, or even small children dancing on it!

It is a very petite table in terms of its overall dimensions. This does limit its usability for various activities somewhat. There is a slightly larger model available if the size is a concern.

But the table is perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner for two! Picture yourself by the campfire, a compact table at your side, unfolding stories and creating memories. Tables might not be fun, but they are a gateway to fun.

And much like a towel, never underestimate the sheer usefulness of a solid table.

36. King Kong Camp Chair

A good camp chair is the perfect complement to your new table! In the jungle of campsite comfort, the King Kong Camp Chair is the undisputed king.

Built with a sturdy steel frame and robust 600D polyester fabric, King Kong stands strong against the wear and tear of the wild. This marriage of durability and size hosts an exceptional seating experience for your caboose.

But the King Kong’s wealth of storage options is what cements its royal title. With more pockets than the average camping chair, it’s a master of organization. A mesh pocket on the seatback and stash pockets on each armrest provide space for all your essentials.

However, as the king of the jungle, it’s a heavy beast. The chair weighs in at a solid 13 lbs, which is noticeably heavier than a lot of other camping chairs. It’s also got the dimensions to match. If you’re looking for maximum portability, there are better options than the King Kong.

But for maximum durability and comfort, there are NO better options! Line up, plant your tush, and see why Kingo Kong has held his title for so long. Comfier days are only a good chair away.

37. Solo Stove Fire Pit

Whoever said fires had to be so much hassle? Not anymore, thanks to Steve the Solo Stove! Any firebug RVer who adores campfire nights will love this gift. 

The tradition of campfires meets the innovation of the 21st century in this portable stainless steel fire pit. I’m a massive fan of these creations. They make quickly setting up and disposing of fires an absolute snap! I can’t recommend them enough.

Utilizing smart airflow technology, the Solo Stove burns wood more efficiently whilst greatly reducing the smoke output. Furthermore, the Ranger 2.0 hosts a more eco-conscious fire. After you’re finished, transport the ashes somewhere else for disposal. Leave no trace!

It’s sturdy but still lightweight enough to solo carry. Moreover, the double-wall design both optimizes combustion AND keeps the exterior cool. It’s a small feature but a huge win when camping with kids or pets.

The Solo Stove is expensive though. It’s more expensive than the average camp stove or fire pit, and a heck of a lot more expensive than a standard campfire. But then, look at what you get!

A portable, low-resource, low-impact one-stop shop for portable fires. Money comes and goes. But the memories of crackling fires at blissful sunset views, anytime, anywhere…

…That’s the best gift of all.

38. NEMO Victory Patio Blanket

Another blanket? Yes, but this is the blanket for underneath you. Then you slap your picnic and Rumpl on top and have a super fun and cozy time!

In the theme of the Rumpl, this blanket also boasts a 100% recycled construction. It aligns seamlessly with the eco-conscious spirit of RV life. 

Its waterproof bottom layer serves as protection against dirt, sand, moisture, and wet bottoms, ensuring your outdoor experiences remain pristine and enjoyable. Meanwhile, the soft and generously padded flannel top transforms any setting into a chill space. 

Unfortunately for an outdoor blanket, cleaning is a bit of a pain. It’s not machine washable which serves as a hindrance on the road.

But it looks good, feels good, and makes for a damn fine picnic! The RVer in your life will find many uses for a practical and comfy outdoor blanket tinged with sustainability. And most of those uses will lead to a lot of fun too!

39. Bluetooth Speaker

Campfire tunes are a must for a fun RV adventure. The Oontz Angle 3 is a value-packed speaker that merges the best of budget and higher-end speakers into one compact powerhouse.

Despite its unassuming size, the Angle 3 packs a punch in the sound department. Onboard the speaker, you’ll find…

  • A potent 10+ watt Volume Booster AMP
  • Precision-engineered dual acoustic drivers
  • And a passive bass radiator, 

…To defy the acoustic expectations of such a streamlined package. 

Additionally, the speaker’s wireless prowess is equally impressive. It sports Bluetooth 5.0 technology to effortlessly sync with your Bluetooth-enabled devices with a range of up to 100 feet. But an auxiliary connection, a dying breed amongst modern speakers, is present too for wired alternatives.

Yet, its budget nature does show in some capacities. The Angle 3’s sound profile, while impressive for its stature, lacks defined low-end bass notes common to electronic music genres. Moreover, the absence of any EQ settings further limits the customization of its sound.

But consider what you get for such a dialed-in price. A portable and durable Bluetooth and auxiliary speaker complete with IPX5 water resistance and a well-rounded, high-performing budget sound profile. 

If the RVer in your life is a total audiophile, this might not be the right gift. But for everyone else who just needs a little more music in their RV life, the Angle 3 sings a tune of incredible value.

40. Mini Cornhole Set

Personally, I’ve never played Cornhole. But if I did want to play this quintessential American classic in the nation’s most iconic landscapes, this is the set I’d take!

The Outside Inside Backpack Cornhole Set is a super portable rendition of the beloved activity and an easy fit for Great American RV Adventures. The wooden game boards feature a solid wooden design. Measuring in at a mere 12” x 6” x 1.25”, it effortlessly folds away into a small, lightweight pack-sleeve.

But the beauty of the Mini Cornhole Set is its ability to have fun on the go. Transform ANY flat surface into a cornholing battleground. It doesn’t matter where you end up! The kids will always have something to keep them entertained.

Now, the emphasis here is on portability. For some people, the gameboard might be a tad too small. And despite its smaller stature, the set still weighs in at 19.5 oz. It’s a good fit for picnic days, but not so much for hikes and other backpack-based adventures.

But whoever said a mini cornhole set was for thru-hikers! This is a gift for the lazy Sunday-loving family RVer in your life. Shove this in their cornhole and they’ll be one happy camper for sure!

41. National Park Pass

Embark on a year-long adventure across the majestic and awe-inspiring landscapes of the United States with the America the Beautiful Pass! Rolling up with an offering of superior value for basically any RV road-trippers, the pass is a ticket to top-tier adventure.

However, more than just a ticket, the America the Beautiful Pass is a gateway to over 2,000 federal recreation sites. This encompasses numerous locations, including state forests, wildlife refuges, cultural sites, and ALL national parks nationwide.

Priced very reasonably for an annual golden ticket to outdoor experiences, the pass proves to be a cost-effective choice. This is especially so for RVers who specifically travel for natural wonder, and even more so if they travel with a family. The pass’s benefits extend to a vehicle’s driver and all passengers so nobody gets left behind!

But it’s not a golden ticket without blemishes. The pass is unfortunately non-transferable and binds to the buyer for their exclusive use. Additionally, while it covers a vast array of 2000+ sites, there are still locations in the USA not included or that might incur additional fees.

However, the America the Beautiful Pass is a no-brainer for basically any RVer who prioritizes the natural splendor of the road. If even only a handful of the 2000+ sites are on your road trip itinerary, then you’ll be saving money by default with the pass. 

About the only real caveat to buying this as a gift for an RV owner is that there’s a good chance they already have one!

42. Inflatable SUP

Blow up, stand up, and float away! For funtime activities wherever a body of water resides, try the SereneLife Inflatable SUP. Though not a grandmaster of aquatic design, this stand-up paddle board more than makes up for it with its practicality and accessible price of entry for newcomers to the paddle board arts.

The SereneLife boasts a travel-friendly, inflatable design. Despite its 10.6 feet by 32-inch build when fully set up, the board deflates, rolls up, and packs away into the included carry bag for easy storage on the road. Then, when it’s time to hit the waves, you just blow it up with the included hand pump and you’re on your way!

Regarding the board’s construction, SereneLife has put a lot of care into the overall philosophy of its design. The board houses an all-arounder nose and cutaway tail to cater to a diverse array of activities and waterscapes. Moreover, the anti-slip surface and wider build only further bolster its stability for beginner SUPers.

Yet despite this increase in stability, the SereneLife still has its woes due to its inflatable and all-rounder nature. For advanced paddle boarders braving rougher fronts, a more premium or technical SUP might be required. The same can be said of boarders that prioritize steadfast durability.

But for most kinds of people, the SereneLife Inflatable SUP is bang on the money. It’s a super travel-friendly and well-performing SUPing solution fun for beginners and experienced folks alike. It offers an opportunity for RV explorers to navigate the waters as daringly as they do the land.

43. Outdoor Projector

What better way to finish off this mega-list than with something mega-cute? Turn any campsite into a whimsical cinema outing with the NEBULA Portable Projector!

This battery-powered beauty (recharged by USB-C) is a captivating companion for a glamping-themed RV adventure. It transforms any space into a home theater, projecting a 100”, 720p HD image anywhere there’s a surface. (Like your RV’s wall!)

Compact and convenient, the NEBULA measures only around 6” tall and 3.3” in diameter. At such an ultraslim build, it’s an easy fit for backpacks and an even easier fit for the inside of your RV. It’s an awesome gift idea for top-notch date nights, picnics, and group camp seshes!

Of course, you better really love the RVer you’re gifting it to because this RVing luxury COSTS. It’s a very pricey product, and the 2-hour average battery life is another sting in the expense. More than likely, you’re better off running the NEBULA with a power bank or another charging solution.

Ultimately, the NEBULA projector is a luxury purchase for RVers who prefer the more opulent side of RV life. It invites campers to transform any space into a cinematic haven. Though its price deters me, I think the concept is excellent.

You’re literally turning your mobile home into a mobile drive-in cinema!

Our Verdict

Had enough awesome yet? I sure hope so because that is a lot of gift ideas!

It’s good not to overthink these things. If buying solar panels or a kitchen appliance seems dicey, go for something simple and from the heart instead.

My personal pick of gifts like that remains the RV State Sticker Map. It’s a quirky yet clever gift for RV owners that really says you know them and their passion. Send them on their way to collect all those stickers of roadworthy honor!

But whatever you get them, just make it from the heart. Something as simple as an ornament that sits on their dashboard can become a treasured possession. RVers aren’t so complicated.

All we want is a good book and a good sunset with a nice park-up… The memories of all the places and people we’ve encountered…

And maybe a dope sticker map to track the banger of a journey.

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A professional dirtbag by trade, Ziggy Samuels owns a beloved RV, aptly named Stardust, which allowed him to wait out the pandemic in the mountainous wilds of Tasmania, the island at the bottom of the planet. These days, you can find him on-again-off-again riding solo in his home of the Blue Mountains, still appreciating the sky from the comfort of his portable home.