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12 Best RV Tires Reviewed

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Best RV Tires

Rock ‘n’ roll, friends – that’s the theme of today’s review! Because we’re looking at the BEST RV tires for your valiant warhorse.

Good tires are essential for any RV adventure. It’s not just about a smooth ride—it’s a matter of safety. But it’s also a matter of efficiency! Spending your hard-earned dollars on a cracking set of tires will seriously improve your motorhome’s performance and fuel mileage.

So that’s why I’ve been so meticulous with the research for this post. As a seasoned veteran of the RV arts, I am 100% dedicated to ensuring the rock ‘n’ roll-ability of your portable home.

From scouring specs and reviews to dipping into my own experience of adventures and misadventures on the road, I’ve made sure that the products in this guide offer top-level performance, durability, and value.

The reports are in and the top spot has been seized! The Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685 is the BEST RV tire you can buy. It offers harmony amongst all categories for a very well-rounded and well-worth-it deal.

But we have more! Every tire in this guide has been specially reviewed for its category of success. So whether it’s multi-terrain, multi-season, or multi-awesome you’re after, the answers are here!

So gear up, friendo. The world is turning and the only thing you need to traverse it is a bang-on set of tires.

Autobots, roll out!

Our Top 12 Picks

  1. Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685 [Best Overall]
  2. Goodyear Unisteel G670 RV Tire [Best Splurge]
  3. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer [Best Budget]
  4. Zeemax All Steel RV Trailer Tires [Best Set]
  5. Goodyear Endurance Radial RV Tire [Best For Trailers]
  6. Cooper Discoverer HT3 [Best For Wet Weather]
  7. Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx [Best Off-Road]
  8. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac [Best For Winter]
  9. Bridgestone Duravis M700 HD [Best Multi-Terrain]
  10. Firestone Transforce HT2 [Best Load Capacity]
  11. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial [Best Fuel Efficiency]
  12. Libra Gremax All Steel RV Radial Tire [Best Zeemax Alternative]

The 12 Best RV Tires

Let there be no more hos and no more hums. You’ll only find the best of the best tires in this post.

Sink your teeth into these 12 beautiful offerings. They’re so good they’ll leave your head spinning.

Best Overall

1. Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685

  • Size: 255/65R17
  • Section Width: 10”
  • Tread Depth: 10/32”
  • Rim Width: 8”
  • Load Capacity: 2337 lbs

Kicking off the list with the most all-around bang for your buck is the Bridgestone Dueler! 

Remember how I said that this list was highly divided by each product’s niche? Well this tire, by far, offers the most value to performance in standard driving settings.

For more adventurous frontiers, you’ll want to look further down this list. But if all you want is the most evenly performing product for the highways and byways of the journey ahead, this is the tire for you.

Firstly, the Dueler sits at a very happy medium in pricing. It’s neither exorbitantly expensive nor super budget.

Similarly, its performance matches that energy well. It’s a durable yet quietly riding highway tire that holds up in dry and wet conditions very effectively. Furthermore, its performance maintains excellent fuel efficiency!

So what areas does this tire slack in? Well, it’s really far from the best tire for snowy and icy conditions. Nor would I want to take this tire off-road much. 

Plus it’s quite light on the load limit compared to some of the other beasts on this list. It’s a good choice of tire for Class Bs, trailers, and smaller stature Class Cs. But RVers driving those glorious palaces of the road will need something more.

But all in all, the Dueler is a heck of a package! It’s a blissful performance-to-value proposition that offers a top-tier drive in multi-season highway settings (except Game of Thrones-esque winter scenarios). Unless you need something that’s bigger or more equipped for harsh climates, you really can’t go wrong sticking these tires on your ride.

Best Splurge

2. Goodyear Unisteel G670 RV Tire

  • Size: Multiple choices
  • Section Width: 10-12.5”
  • Tread Depth: 14/32-16/32”
  • Rim Width: 7.5-9”
  • Load Capacity: 5512-9094 lbs

Whoa, Nelly. That is a pricey tire! But with good reason.

If the world of RV tires had a Rolls-Royce, this would be it. With four of these turning beneath you, you’ll feel like you’re driving on clouds.

Nothing quite matches the elegance and performance of the Goodyear G670. It’s ready for anything the weather Gods can throw at you! Built with an all-season compound, and combined with a carefully engineered tread pattern, you’ll be rock and rolling on tires designed to perform in all weather.

Plus, this thing is HARDY. Antioxidants have been mixed into the compound to prevent cracks and damage from extreme weather changes. Moreover, other additions have been included to up the tread wear life. It might be expensive but these tires will keep you adventuring for a very long time.

Of course, that is the major downer: the price. A single G670 is insanely expensive, and a set of four might require you to refinance your home.

But then, who cares! You don’t need a home. You now have a set of G670s for the roads ahead. The hefty price tag might make your wallet wince, but remember that this level of quality comes at a price.

If you need something cheaper built for a specific purpose, keep reading or get the Bridgestone Dueler for the all-around performer. But if you’re ready to splurge on exceptional quality and unmatched performance, then just grab a set of these and leave that refinanced home behind in the dust.

Best Budget

3. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer

  • Size: Multiple choices
  • Section Width: 6.9-9.3”
  • Tread Depth: 8/32”
  • Rim Width: 5.5”
  • Load Capacity: 1360-3960 lbs

With multiple sizes available, you’re spoiled for choice with the Carlisle! And they’re all cheap as chips! (Especially compared to the G670.)

Now, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to get a decent quality tire WITHOUT refinancing that home, the Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer is your answer. But despite those thrift shop prices, these tires are deceptively awesome.

I’ve personally tested the waters with cheaper tires. But often, they left me with a resounding sense of “you get what you pay for.” But not with Carlisle!

Their renowned load-carrying capacity and high-speed ratings truly stand out, even amongst the pricey tires. Plus that unique tread pattern with heat-resistant tech is a game-changer! It ensures even wear over time, giving you a reliable ride, mile after mile.

However, no product is without its quirks. At the end of the day, they’re still a budget product and may not offer the longevity of top-shelf choices. They’re also not built for icy winter conditions at all. 

Furthermore, though it doesn’t bother me, it’s worth noting that despite their advertisement, these tires are actually made in China and not the USA, which has ruffled a few customers’ feathers.

However, if you’re looking for a cost-effective tire (or perhaps an affordable spare) with reliable specs, the Carlisle offers a lot of value. In comparison to the high-end G670 or even the Dueler, the Carlisle gives you a lot of bang for far fewer bucks. As long as you’re sticking to milder roads and climates, why not save those extra dollaridoos for the adventures?

Best Set

4. Zeemax All Steel RV Trailer Tires

  • Size: 235/80R16
  • Section Width: 9.3”
  • Tread Depth: 12/32””
  • Rim Width: 6.5”
  • Load Capacity: 4080 lbs

Speaking of value, how about a whole set of quality RV tires for less than one Goodyear Unisteel? When it comes to combo deals, Zeemax is leading the charge! Who doesn’t love the idea of getting a matched set right out of the box?

These tires feature all-steel construction, a dream for those with heavy-duty needs. Perfect for mammoth RVs, there’s a reason these tires have been flying off the shelves to trailer manufacturers and dealers across the nation. They’re robust, reliable, and pack a punch in performance. 

However, there are hiccups with such value. Firstly, these are advertised as trailer-use ONLY. So they won’t be suitable for all RV types.

Additionally, with such a strong emphasis on durability and heavy-duty performance, you might find these heavy-duty tires a bit overkill for lightweight trailers. But hey, if you’re a bit on the heavier side of RV life, that’s no problem.

Caveats aside, it’s an incredibly cost-effective way to get your camper trailer decked out with a fresh set of brand-new tires. Instead of the hassle of mixing and matching, you get uniformity across the board. And ideally, uniformity in their lifespan.

In a nutshell, if you’re after quality and value in a neat four-tire package, the Zeemax All Steel set should be on your radar. And personally, I’m a sucker for incredible deals.

Best For Trailers

5. Goodyear Endurance Radial RV Tire

  • Size: ST225/75R15
  • Section Width: 8.9”
  • Tread Depth: 8/32”
  • Rim Width: 6”
  • Load Capacity: 2830 lbs

Keeping up with the trailer tires, here’s a choice if you DON’T want the combo meal deal. Trailers have a unique set of needs, and no one understands it better than Goodyear with their Endurance line. Built for long hauls and feats of endurance, this tire is a game-changer!

Starting with the basics, the Endurance’s size and dimensions scream compatibility for trailers. The section width and tread depth ensure you have a stable grip on the road, reducing the risk of slippages. 

But the real gem is its Durawall Technology. This tech rivals even that of an all-steel construction! Boasting supreme durability, cuts and punctures now sit squarely in the rear-view mirror. Plus it’s compatible with tire pressure monitoring systems, making your life so much easier on the road.

But before you jump right in, do note: the Endurance is specifically tailored for trailers. If you’ve got a behemoth of an RV, this won’t be your best bet. Think of it as a niche specialist doing wonders for RVers hauling trailers cross-country.

But if you do have a RV trailer (and don’t need a set), the Endurance is the ideal RV tire for you. With the right blend of tech and durability, you can’t do much better in the trailer life.

Perhaps it’s high time to give your trailer the gift of endurance.

Best For Wet Weather

6. Cooper Discoverer HT3

  • Size: LT235/85R16
  • Section Width: 9.3”
  • Tread Depth: 14.5/32”
  • Rim Width: 6-7.5”
  • Load Capacity: 3042 lbs

But let’s get back to motorhomes! If you’re a roamer of the roads of life in a dedicated home-on-the-go, the Discoverer HT3 is one tire that will keep you moving.

Built with highways in mind, the Discoverer’s dedication to asphalt-handling shines through. I’ve traveled some dodgy roads in rainswept conditions and had a few close calls too. The HT3 is built to withstand even the slickest and slimiest of these hairy moments.

Let’s dive into why. The HT3 packs some innovative features into its design to ensure superior handling in wet conditions. This includes:

  • Four wide channels to efficiently expel water
  • Continuous shoulder ribs to ensure consistent wear and tear
  • And additional biting edges for unrelenting gripping capability

Truly, for a highway cruiser that can handle even the most unexpected torrent, the HT3 is the companion you need.

But it is tailored for asphalt and with rain-resistant leanings. Though a very rugged tire, it’s not the best suited for off-road adventures. And you can do better for harsh winter climates too. It would also be nice if it ran a bit quieter.

But as with all things, there are strengths and weaknesses. Its precision in steering and smooth handling, especially in those wet highway conditions, is where this tire excels. If you’re after a tire that’ll keep you safe, sound, and sure-footed on those long highway stretches, the Cooper Discoverer HT3 might just be your next best friend on the road.

Best Off-Road

7. Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

  • Size: LT275/65R18
  • Section Width: 10.8”
  • Tread Depth: 19/32”
  • Rim Width: 7.5-9.5”
  • Load Capacity: 3085 lbs

But how about those off-road explorations? As all veteran RVers know, you have to work for the best camps. If rugged terrains and unpredictable trails call out to you, Cooper’s Discoverer S/T Maxx model should be right up your unsealed alley. 

Designed to face the rough and the smooth alike, this tire stands out with its Armor Tek3 construction. Imagine navigating all those rocky landscapes, dirt trails, or corrugated roads. This tire’s enhanced durability ensures you roll on without a hitch. Plus, it’s even designed in such a clever way to prevent pesky stones from getting trapped in the treads!

So what is this superhero’s kryptonite? Ice. The S/T Maxx isn’t your best friend on sheer ice. The lack of ample siping can make things tricky.

It also doesn’t offer quite the level of mileage that other tires in this bracket might. The ballpark is for the 30,000 to 45,000 miles. It’s not the longest lifespan for this price range, but remember that this tire’s focus is on a good time, not a long time.

The best adventures take work. And challenges! That’s one of the best parts of the RV life if you live it off-grid.

For those committed to the call of the wild and seeking secluded spots away from the well-trodden paths, the S/T Maxx is worth every penny. It’s not just a tire; it’s a ticket to uncharted territories.

Best For Winter

8. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

  • Size: 275/60R20
  • Section Width: 10.8”
  • Tread Depth: 16/32”
  • Rim Width: 7.5-9.5”
  • Load Capacity: 2649 lbs

We’ve done highways. We’ve done no-ways. But what about those wintery ways?

Winter warriors, look no further. Goodyear’s Wrangler DuraTrac is the tire to take when snow and ice dominate the roads!

Its core strength lies in its dual nature. It handles off-road adventures rather impressively (though maybe not quite to the level of the ST/Maxx). But, man oh man, does it excel when winter unleashes its fury. 

How does it achieve this? It’s a 1-2-3 combo. Specifically, the Wrangler DuraTrac boasts:

  • Self-cleaning stepped shoulder blocks
  • Zigzag sipes
  • And its signature TractiveGroove Technology

Together, they form a force to be reckoned with against deep mud and, most importantly, snow.

But wait – there’s more! Those who venture into extreme ice zones can even amp up the ice traction by adding metal studs. And for heavy loads, this tire doesn’t shy away. Its rugged tread compound ensures durability during those intense towing sessions.

It’s not all rosy, though. The trade-off for its ruggedness is the noise, especially when treading off-road terrains. Additionally, longevity concerns arise; I’ve seen some users report significant wear after 55,000 miles. That’s why you must ALWAYS monitor your tire health!

But when snowflakes start descending and ice patches form, the Wrangler DuraTrac becomes a dependable ally. While it may not rule supreme in the off-road arena like the Discoverer Maxx, for wintry terrains, it’s the clear champion.

In short, for a tire that can combat winter’s challenges and still hold its own off and on-road, wrangle yourself a Wrangler.

Best Multi-Terrain

9. Bridgestone Duravis M700 HD

  • Size: LT245/75R16
  • Section Width: 10″
  • Tread Depth: 16/32”
  • Rim Width: 6.5-8”
  • Load Capacity: 3042 lbs

Jack of all trades, master of none – versatility is the name of the game with the Duravis M700! If you’re after a tire that can handle itself even across the board in wet, wintry, and wild conditions, this is it.

Designed specifically for light trucks and commercial vans, this tire is built to flex its muscles across various terrains and weather conditions. This tire is no one-trick pony. It promises all-terrain prowess while boasting commendable tread longevity too.

Constructed with a dual sidewall protector, this tire resists cuts and abrasions like a stalwart warrior’s armor. And with a load limit like that, even a bonafide house-bus will be riding smooth!

But not even the greatest knight’s armor can protect them against their own double-edged sword. In the M700’s case, its greatest strength is its greatest weakness. After all, jack of all trades, master of none. When pitted against specialized competitors like the Discoverer models or Goodyear’s Wrangler, the Duravis can’t clinch the top spot in any one category of conditions. 

But then, competent performance across the board is a real boon too. Especially if you travel like me with some spontaneity. You never know where you’ll end up!

Well, that’s the beauty of this tire. It’s for the adventurer in you. It’s for seeing a random road that just feels right and taking the turn without worrying what the exact conditions are ahead.

The Duravis M700 is a trustworthy companion that embraces adaptability and versatility. It’s a go-to choice for the eclectic RVer who thrives on unpredictability. Embrace the wind, chart your own path, and let the Duravis carry you confidently through your adventures.

Best Load Capacity

10. Firestone Transforce HT2

  • Size: LT225/75R16
  • Section Width: 8.9”
  • Tread Depth: 14/32”
  • Rim Width: 6.5-8”
  • Load Capacity: 5908.4 lbs

When it comes to hauling hefty loads down the highway, the Transforce HT2 emerges as a compelling contender. It’s built for commercial purposes, and this intent is evident in its features. 

Firstly, the optimized tire profile is a stroke of genius! Even when hauling substantial loads on top, the profile helps the tire wear down evenly. 

Furthermore, the Transforce is prepared for both wet roads and winter roads alike. Its saw tooth edge siping improves grip on the ice. Meanwhile, its full-depth lateral slots come to the rescue and fight off hydroplaning by swiftly evacuating water.

But the real draw here is that load limit. It’s the kind of load rating you’d expect on a tire running twice the price and equipped for off-road exploration. If you’re lugging a hulking behemoth of a home around (think that house-bus again), then this a high-load, high-performing road tire fit to get you across the country and back again.

But that’s where the Transforce’’s Achilles heel comes in: its mileage. Much like the Wrangler, the mileage is on the underwhelming side. There’s no specific mileage warranty but customer reports hover around 55,000 miles. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it is unfortunate for an HT tire.

Let’s put this into perspective, though. While there are other tires with similar load capacities, they tend to be built for more hardcore environments or ultra-expensive. 

Meanwhile, the Transforce is tailored for commercial highway driving while still handling slicker conditions effectively. It offers stellar handling and, crucially, can shoulder immense weights with ease.

So mileage aside, if you’re eyeing a tire built for the long highway hauls in a bulky RV (e.g. a Class A), the Transforce HT2 is a safe and smart ride.

Best Fuel Efficiency

11. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial

  • Size: 225/75R15
  • Section Width: 8.9″
  • Tread Depth: 9/32”
  • Rim Width: 6-7”
  • Load Capacity: 2830 lbs

Next up, Maxxis introduces us to their M8008 ST Radial. It’s a marvel of engineering designed for the road-conscious RVer. 

Crafted with care, its standout feature is the reduced rolling resistance which equates to an increase in fuel mileage. For any committed skimper and saver of resources on the road (like me!), this will be music to your ears.

This efficiency is achieved through its advanced tread compound, which not only ensures minimized heat generation but also promises a lengthier tread life. The tire also touts premium antioxidant agents, providing that extra layer of weather protection and durability that every traveler needs. 

However, it’s essential to understand the tire’s limitations before you go smashing that buy button. First and foremost, the M8008 is not constructed for the heavy load of cross-country hauls with a 4×4, as evidenced by its sidewalls’ vulnerability to bulging. Moreover, it strictly caters to trailers and isn’t compatible with light trucks.

In essence, the Maxxis M8008 is a testament to highly optimized efficiency It’s an excellent choice for smaller to mid-sized RVs, assuring optimized fuel economy and a durable tread life. 

But take heed: ensure your RV’s specs resonate with the tire’s capacity. Safety and efficiency are invaluable, but they’re contingent on the right match. Always double-check compatibility to maximize benefits and prevent unforeseen mishaps.

But if it’s a match made in heaven…, the M8008 and your RV will have a long and happy courtship.

Best Zeemax Alternative

12. Libra Gremax All Steel RV Radial Tire

  • Size: 235/80R16
  • Section Width: 9.3”
  • Tread Depth: 10/32”
  • Rim Width: 6.5”
  • Load Capacity: 4080 lbs

I’ve placed these radial tires down here as this set is functionally the same as the Zeemax with only minute differences between the two sets. It is mentioned that both the Zeemax and Libra have been sold in large volumes to manufacturers and dealers across the USA. So these might essentially actually be the same tires.

Specifically, the differences are:

  • The tread depth
  • And the tire weight

The Libra has a slightly smaller tread depth and weighs just under 30 pounds lighter. And… that’s it! That’s the only difference my expert eye could uncover. Even the price is basically the same.

If you wanted something slightly more lightweight than the Zeemax but with the same combo value, then go for the Libra. Otherwise, the Zeemax has a slightly better reputation just due to its increased popularity. If I was buying a whole set, I’d personally go for the Zeemax.


Frequently asked questions time. You got the Qs, I got the As…

And Bs, Cs, Ds, right through Z. I’m a fountain of wisdom when it comes to RV tires!

How to find the correct load capacity for trailer and motorhome tires?

When buying RV tires, finding the correct load rating is the linchpin for a safe and smooth RV journey. If your tires can’t support the weight of your RV, well… then you’ll be up a certain creek without a certain paddle.

Here’s what you should consider when examining the load limit of RV tires:

  1. First, check your vehicle’s manual or the tire placard on/in your RV. It will tell you the recommended load capacity.
  2. Second, inspect the Maximum Load or Load Index on the tire sidewall. It’s a great quick reference, especially during impromptu trips.
  3. Lastly, always aim for a tire with a maximum weight capacity that exceeds your RV’s maximum possible weight, including cargo. This provides a safety buffer. 

And above all, remember that overloading your tires can wear them out rapidly and might lead to blowouts. So in short, don’t!

When should I replace my trailer tires?

Well, first up, there’s a hard cap of seven years. No ifs and no buts. Old tires MUST be replaced to maintain adequate road safety. A good rule of thumb is to replace your tires every five to seven years.

Though tires might look robust, they actually have expiration dates. You can even check the date code when you buy a tire online (after receiving it) to see just how old it is.

Finally, monitor your tires. Inspect them regularly, especially before and after long trips. And when you do, keep an eye out for any signs of damage or wear and tear, including…

  • Uneven treads
  • Deep cracks
  • Bulges
  • Or any punctures, cuts, abrasions, or other visible damage

What are the differences between P Tires, LT Tires, and ST Tires?

Ahh, yes – you’re at a tire shop and you see all these weird codes that look like a WW2 cipher. Navigating it all can be a bit of a mind-maze for the uninitiated. So let me break it down for you!

  • P Tires (Passenger Tires) – P tires are designed for cars, SUVs, and small trucks. They provide a comfortable ride but might not be sturdy enough for heavy loads. I wouldn’t recommend these for RVs at all.
  • LT Tires (Light Truck Tires) – These have been my go-to for my personal van-ventures. Built for heavier loads, they offer durability and are even suitable for towing trailers
  • ST Tires (Special Trailer Tires) – ST tires are specially designed for trailers. They generally have stiffer sidewalls to ensure stability while towing. They’re a must for anyone who enjoys the flexibility of trailer camping!

Our Verdict

Alright! Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll… and tires! But without the drugs and sex.

That right there is the 12 BEST tires around to keep your trusty RV rocking and rolling. Tires are a surprisingly nuanced buy. But they’re also fundamental to a prosperous road trip.

Though this list is very category-specific, there is one clear winner. The Bridgestone Dueler H/T 685 snaps up pole position. This is down to its fantastic all-around performance while still clocking in at a very comfortable price.

But if you’re after that same all-around performance at MAXIMUM CAPACITY, go for the Goodyear Unisteel G670 RV Tire. It’s a beefed-up Dueler with maxed-out stats. But you gotta be willing to pay a small life savings for the results.

Otherwise, as with any RV gear, I strongly recommend considering your travel style and buying a tire accordingly. There’s no sense in having a highway tire if you’re an off-grid explorer!

Or get a Flintstones car and save the environment from all that rubber. That’s a one-way ticket to sexier calf muscles!

But whatever you do, don’t stop rockin’ and don’t stop rollin’. And jokes aside, never skimp on tires. Whatever money you have, throw it at a bang-on set.

Without them, there can be no movement. And with no movement, there can be no RV life, i.e. the best life.

Photo of author


A professional dirtbag by trade, Ziggy Samuels owns a beloved RV, aptly named Stardust, which allowed him to wait out the pandemic in the mountainous wilds of Tasmania, the island at the bottom of the planet. These days, you can find him on-again-off-again riding solo in his home of the Blue Mountains, still appreciating the sky from the comfort of his portable home.