5 Best RV Clubs Reviewed

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Best RV Clubs

Roll right up, road-warriors. You’re about to receive access to one of the most exclusive and best RV clubs around.

The RV Properly Reader’s Club! And the perks?

Hard-hitting, info-laden content.

Today, your perk is snapshot review of the best RV clubs for the RV lifestyle. These babies come loaded with discounts and and bonuses that will accelerate your RV adventures to new levels of awesome!

My top pick of the bunch is Good Sam. It comes with a fair pricing structure, flexible sig-up options, and stacks on stacks of discounts!

However, not all RV clubs are created equal. With completely different pricing models, perk systems, and fine print right across the board, it’s helpful to have an insightful source of information to turn to.

Luckily, you’re a member of the esteemed RV Properly Reader’s Club. And all the answers you need are right here.

Let’s find you the perfect RV club.

1. Good Sam

  • Price: $
  • Length: 1 Year / 3 Years / 5 Years
  • Tiers: 3 Tiered Plan

Good Sam the Good Samaritan rolls in with a benefits-stacked plan! With discounts galore on fuel, 2000+ camping and accommodation sites, Camping World stores, and other bonuses (like cheap propane!), you will save back the relatively affordable subscription price in no time.

Good Sam club subscriptions come in three different tiers: Standard, Platinum, and Life. And they come with three choices of subscription length. But there are no membership fee refunds so check that sizable list of sign-up goodies and make sure you’re getting the right plan.

Do keep in mind that most of Good Sam’s benefits are very RV-specific though. Travelers rocking other types of motorhomes might prefer one of the following clubs instead.

2. Escapees

  • Price: $$
  • Length: 1 Year
  • Tiers: 1 Tier Plan

Swapping a bit more in the price tag for a bit more simplicity in the sign-up is the Escapees RV Club. One tier, one year, and one price to get you access to an array of partner discounts and programs.

Escapees brings most of its value in the resources though. By signing up, you have access to the Escapees…

  • Magazine
  • Maps
  • Mobile app
  • RV training programs
  • And online community

This less extensive range of benefits means you really need to be capitalizing on those resources to get the most out of your subscription. But for RVers who like to be prepped for everything about RV travel and be part of the vibrant national RVing network of snowbirds and grey nomads, Escapees is the choice for you!

3. Passport America

  • Price: $$
  • Length: 1 Year
  • Tiers: 1 Tier Plan

The major perk of the Passport America club is the savings on accommodation. Specifically, the highlight perk of the subscription is the 50% discount rate to all participating campgrounds.

Even if you only stay one or two nights at a time, after a few stays, you’ll already be reaping the value of the subscription!

Otherwise, you get a few bonus features like the digital magazine and directory of the RV campgrounds. However, that whopping (and unlimited!) 50% off every RV park in the Passport America directory is the big draw. If you want an RV club with more diversity in its discount offerings though, try Good Sam instead.


  • Price: $$
  • Length: 1 Year / 3 Years
  • Tiers: 3 Tiered Plan

FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) is an old-guard member of the RVing world with a similar demographic. They offer a similar diversity to Good Sam in perks with a few extra bonuses that might appeal to full-timers of the RV arts. These include:

  • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage
  • Anti-theft decals
  • Access to community-rallies
  • Supporting RVer advocacy

Overall, furthering the mission of the wider RVing community is a big angle for the FMCA membership program. However, that demographic is also the service’s downside. Overall, the FMCA’s subscriber base tends to consist of considerably older RVers with a reported clique-iness at rallies and the RV parks.

If you’re focus with a club subscription is just to maximize those saucy savings, Good Sam or Passport America are better choices.

5. Harvest Hosts

  • Price: $$$
  • Length: 1 Year
  • Tiers: 3 Tiered Plan

Harvest Hosts is the most expensive club on this list… But for fast and low road-trippers, it might be the perfect score!

The biggest perk with Harvest Hosts is the RV camping and accommodation options. With more than 5000 locations included in the base plan (and more than 8500 in the second tier!), finding places to visit and stay is easy.

The upside is that this subscription covers unlimited overnight stays at thousands of these locations with no campground fees or nightly fees, so it’s literally free camping! The downside is that they’re overnight stays, so you can only stay for a night.

It’s a great subscription model for hardcore road-trippers wanting to maximize each RV adventure. But for long-stayers and long-term RV livers, you might be looking for other clubs with more consistency.

Our Verdict

Done and dusted! Feeling wise and knowledgeable about RV memberships yet? Join the club. 😉

Once again, I have a clear favorite. For its THOUSANDS of discounts, cheaper pricing, and flexible models, Good Sam is my personal number one pick.

As a runner-up, my recommendation would be Harvest Hosts. I just love the diversity the subscription infuses into RV living. While it’s not the best fit for full-time livers, all those extra offbeat places to stay jazz up an RV road trip wildly!

Do some calculations. Scope the campground discounts, goods discounts, and accommodation options enclosed within these subscriptions. With the right combo of perks, you might just find the campground memberships paying themself.

But before you get out there, join an RV club! And grab some accompanying roadside assistance too!

The roads ahead are long and treacherous. Sometimes it’s peaks. Sometimes it’s valley floors.

It always pays to have some backup and a solid community to lean into. We call it the lonesome road…

But that doesn’t mean it has to be a lonely road.

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