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7 Best RV Waxes Reviewed

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Best RV Waxes

Ahh, welcome, young grasshopper. Big rig cleaning days are fun for no one, but with the best RV waxes available, even a grasshopper can become a master!

I have restored a few RVs in my days and cleaned and detailed a whole lot more. So I know what products make a job simpler and more straightforward. I also know what’s going to get you the best shine and protection for your money.

Of course, in this space, there is one trusted brand and product loved by RVers worldwide. Meguiar’s M5616 Carnauba Blend is the BEST RV wax hands-down. It balances protection, a lustrous finish, ease of use, and a fair price all into one value-loaded 16 oz. bottle.

However, RV waxes are plentiful! And with many uses for many different types of RV maintenance and cleaning needs. They require patience to sift through, young grasshopper. 

So with my expert eye, I’ve scoured the Meguiar’s competition and outlined all the other products that might be better suited to you. Whether it’s a good price, simplicity, or maximal protection you’re after, there is an option on this list for all RV enthusiasts.

So wonder no more! It is time to learn. Whether it’s for restoration or just a ridiculously shiny coat, come find the best wax for your RV.

Wax on!

Our Top 7 Picks

  1. Meguiar’s M5616 [Best Overall]
  2. 303 30320 UV Protectant and Dust and Dirt Repellant [Best Splurge]
  3. Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax [Best Budget]
  4. 3M Marine Restorer and Wax [Best Oxidation Remover]
  5. Turtle Wax T-477R ICE Spray Wax [Best Applying Ease]
  6. Collinite 845 Insulator Wax [Best Shine]
  7. CorrosionX 61002 Rejex RV Wax [Best Multi-Surface Coverage]

The 7 Best RV Waxes

Featuring the absolute best waxes for RVs, the best of the rest, and then none of the rest of the rest!

Here are the seven waxes that will give your RV the best shine job of its life!

Best Overall

1. Meguiar’s M5616

  • Volume: 16 oz
  • Wax Type: Liquid

First up on the list is Meguiar’s M5616 Carnauba Blend RV wax. And packed into this 16-ounce bottle is pure, unadulterated VALUE (with the middle name of versatility!).

As a Brazilian carnauba wax base blended with polymers and resins, it’s suitable for all kinds of RV surfaces. This includes regular automotive paint, gel coating surfaces, and fiberglass surfaces. It also effectively balances the need for protection and a supreme glossy finish. It’s even strong enough for boats!

But on top of being so effective, Meguiar’s high-quality RV wax is shockingly easy to apply. It’s equipped for both machine and hand application and is a great choice for especially large rigs due to how easy it is to use. Despite the bottle’s small stature, the wax goes incredibly far. Expect leftovers and repeat uses!

The downside of that user-friendliness is that it isn’t the best product for removing oxidation and fixing up other damages. For serious repair and restore jobs, something like the 3M Marine Restorer (featured further down on this list) is going to be the better buy for you. But I can also tell you from personal experience that buying such a heavy-duty wax is a proper maintenance migraine if you don’t need all that firepower.

But if all you want is the best RV wax for all-around general use, then Meguiar’s M5616 has you covered! It skirts the perfect line between protection, a glossy finish, ease of use, and overall value. Anyone from a grungy converted courier van up to a luxe full-size fiberglass RV will find this is the product that has their – and their rig’s – back.

Best Splurge

2. 303 30320 UV Protectant and Dust and Dirt Repellant

  • Volume: 2 oz/10 oz/16 oz/32 oz/1 gal/5 gal/40-pack towelettes
  • Wax Type: Liquid

If an RV wax for regular humans isn’t right for you, then meet the product that’s out of this world! The 303 Aerospace Protectant wasn’t initially designed for recreational vehicles: it was engineered for aerospace vehicles. When it comes to protection against elements and ozone degradation, this high-quality wax goes hard and never goes home.

You have a wide variety of purchase options, all the way from a measly two ounces up to a whopping five gallons. (To fully coat your spacecraft.) Plus, the 303 Aerospace Protectant leaves behind no greasy residue. Instead, it dries to a clear matte finish meaning your RV’s surface looks pristine without that slippery after-feel of other waxes.

But there is a catch to all this otherworldly protection! The 303 isn’t the best pick if you’re chasing the glossy shine of a brand-new RV. This product is more about superior protection against harsh elements like UV rays than turning heads with its shine. It’s also priced at a premium, but considering its aerospace-grade performance, that makes sense. 

Comparatively, Meguiar’s offers a more balanced blend of shine and protection and for cheaper too. But for serious road warriors who are braving all conditions and prioritize longevity over luminosity, Aerospace is a no-brainer. It’s the best all-encompassing protective coating money can buy. Your recreational vehicle deserves this kind of cosmic care. There’s even a microfiber towel option to cater to all needs.

Ready for lift-off?

Best Budget

3. Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax

  • Volume: 32 oz/1 gal
  • Wax Type: Liquid

But maybe you don’t need (inter)stellar coverage? Maybe you just want a glossy sheen of protection at a reasonable price? Well, for the budget-minded RVer, I present the Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax! It might not have the engineering of an aerospace protectant or the premium features of Meguiar’s Wax, but it has its niche carved out beautifully.

Firstly, the base ingredient is none other than good ol’ bar soap. This ensures it’s gentle on your RV surface. Plus, the product is enviro-friendly and biodegradable too! Every time you wash your RV, Mother Earth gives you a nod of approval (or at least no stern look of disapproval).

But what the Gel-Gloss delivers on is value. Firstly, the price is low – ridiculously low if you take the one-gallon option into account. It also does double duty by cleaning and shining, and it’s a guardian against streaking and water spotting too. Moreover, since it’s made with such friendly ingredients, it’s safe for basically all paints and won’t rob your rig of its original shine like some harsher products might.

However, that softness isn’t great for everything. The wax is unlikely to eat through light oxidation like some of its pricier competitors. And if you’re used to the deep cleanse of Meguiar’s or the robust protection of Aerospace, you might find yourself scrubbing a whole lot more with Gel-Gloss to achieve those same results. 

But given the price tag, that’s a minor trade-off. If you’re after a wash and wax that’s easy on the pocket but still delivers commendable results, Gel-Gloss has your back. It will get your RV shining with plenty of dollars left over for the road trip!

Best Oxidation Remover

4. 3M Marine Restorer and Wax

  • Volume: 32 oz
  • Wax Type: Liquid

On the other hand, if you do have the oxidation blues, look no further than the 3M Marine Restorer. Originally for all things maritime and boating, this nifty concoction is the secret weapon many RV owners have now adopted. And for good reason!

This marine is expertly formulated to handle all kinds of degradation, including:

  • Medium oxidation
  • Pesky residues from water
  • And even stubborn rust deposits and skid marks!

I can tell you from my countless hours de-rusting and battling against oxidation on my older setups… When it comes to true restoration, you need a product with a mission like this one!

But what sets the 3M Marine apart from other restorers is its double-duty action. It marries a robust rubbing compound with a curated blend of waxes. And the result? An application that both restores your RV to showroom shine while also endowing it with an armor of protection. It’s like giving your RV a trip to the spa day followed by the blacksmith!

But application is NOT a walk in the park. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and give your RV some tender loving elbow grease. However, the end result is worth every drop of sweat. Plus if you’re a boat owner, this is essentially a two-in-one buy!

If all you want is a quick and easy wash and shine, then Megiuar’s or even Gel-Gloss is the better pick. But if you’re looking to breathe new life into a well-worn rig and safeguard it for the roads ahead, the 3M Marine Restorer and Wax will keep you safe and riding in considerably more style.

Best Applying Ease

5. Turtle Wax T-477R ICE Spray Wax

  • Volume: 20 oz
  • Wax Type: Spray-On

On the complete other end of the spectrum to the multi-day scrubbing experience of the 3M Marine is the Turtle Wax ICE Spray. When it comes to sprucing up your RV in a jiffy, this RV spray wax is a game-changer! 

Rich in carnauba car wax, this product offers a lustrous shine with a super simple application. Just spray it on, give it a quick wipe, and voilà – your RV gets an instant makeover! There’s no buffing required and no streaking or white residue left over. I’ve also noted that the ICE Spray is rather effective for quickly cleaning bug splatters off your RV. 

In addition to its easy but effective spruce-ups, this spray also presents an option for a quick dose of protection. The layers of interlocking synthetic polymers build an invisible barrier to provide superior weatherproofing. You can even combine this with Turtle Wax’s other products for the fully rounded clean, wax, and detail!

But despite being from a very trusted brand with a range of popular products, it isn’t a perfect wax. The ICE Spray’s utility really comes down to your personal needs. If you want an effortless application or a quick fix, this wax is a fantastic sidekick to have riding shotgun in your camper. It’s also a terrific secondary RV wax to purchase alongside your heftier product for those between-clean touch-ups.

But when stacked against the likes of Meguiar’s or Aerospace Protectant, its protective prowess doesn’t quite measure up. It won’t dethrone the heavyweights on comprehensive protection. Nor will it achieve that same pristine shine. 

In essence, if you’re in the market for an easy-to-use and budget-friendly solution for intermittent shine boosts, the Turtle Wax ICE Spray has got you covered. But that’s about the extent of its impact.

Best Shine

6. Collinite 845 Insulator Wax

  • Volume: 16 oz
  • Wax Type: Liquid

But forget ease. Forget protection. Perhaps you just want the BEST shine possible. In that case, meet the Collinite 845 Insulator Wax. 

Housed in a 16-oz bottle, this marvel brings together a unique fusion of carnauba and polymer materials for a hybrid sealant that’s set to dazzle. But the appeal of this wax isn’t purely cosmetic. With the Collinite 845, you’re not just getting a superior shine… You’re also getting durability that endures! 

Though your mileage may vary depending on your travel style, Collinite boasts a shine that persists for 4-7 months against all the elements you’ll face. Additionally, Collinite has emphasized ease of use with the Insulator Wax. They’ve purposefully engineered a product that requires no hard buffing or frequent reapplication.

The versatility of this liquid RV wax can’t be overstated. Whether you have a compact campervan or a hulking housebus, the Collinite is ready for both. It provides a shimmering sheen with added protection but acknowledges that your time is precious and that shine needs to last.

But while its shine prowess is undisputed, it’s worth considering that it doesn’t quite reach the lofty standards of the Aerospace Protectant nor will it restore like the 3M Marine. It also can be a tad challenging to apply. Protip: I’d recommend warming it up slightly to liquefy its contents for easier application.

Still, the shine of this product does go toe-to-toe with even Meguiar’s. Also, given its emphasis on lasting appeal, it’s a great choice for nomads embarking on a long haul who won’t have the opportunity for a big rig clean anytime soon. In a nutshell, if you want lasting shine without continual upkeep, Collinite 845 is your go-to.

Best Multi-Surface Coverage

7. CorrosionX 61002 RejeX RV Wax

  • Volume: 16 oz
  • Wax Type: Liquid

Last but certainly not least is the incredibly versatile Corrosion RejeX RV Wax. But while the Collinite Wax might have been versatile to the types of RVs it was useful for, the CorrosionX is a top choice for omni-surface coverage. 

Nestled within its 16-oz container is a concoction of synthetic polymer that’s tailored to elevate the look of your RV to unparalleled heights. Whether you’re looking to revitalize painted surfaces, sparkle up the windshield, or protect your hubcaps and tires, Corrosion’s RejeX is the go-to pick. There is no discrimination here! Every inch of your RV’s exterior is going to get the VIP treatment.

But when it comes to longevity, the RejeX sets a standard that gives the rest of this list a run for its money. Touting durability that’s twice as long as other waxes, you’ll find that while many things may come and go in life, this wax’s gleam is the constant. Corrosion says it best: Nothing sticks but the shine!

However, all good things in life do require a bit of patience. To unlock this wax’s true potential, it will need to settle for the optimal duration. I’d also strongly recommend applying multiple coats for the best effect.

Basically, if you’re fiending for similar protection (albeit not as hardy) to the Aerospace Protectant but with more gloss and fewer dollars spent, the RejeX RV Wax delivers in spades. Let every journey you embark on be a shining testament to your impeccable choice.

Types of RV Wax

When you’re buying RV wax, navigating the world of RV waxes can seem overwhelming. This is especially true when you’re greeted with a plethora of options, ingredients, and types. 

Having restored and waxed a number of mechanical steeds over my adventures, I’ve come to appreciate the nuances of each RV wax type. Each has its perks and its downsides. Depending on your RV’s needs, your workspace, and the time you have available, you can select the type of wax that aligns best with your setup. 

Let’s break down the different types of RV waxes right now. That way, you can determine which suits your needs best!


Ahhh, liquid wax! This is arguably the most common type of wax and has been my go-to on several occasions. Liquid waxes are typically easy to spread and buff out, making them a favorite among many RVers.

Liquid waxes usually provide a sleek, smooth finish. They’re generally a bit easier to apply uniformly, and they’re also a touch quicker to buff to a shine. On not-so-sunny days when you’re trying to get a quick shine in before the rain hits, this is a lifesaver.

But I’d advise looking out for brands that boast long-lasting protection against elements like UV rays. They’re especially good products for full-time and long-haul travelers who don’t get a lot of cleaning opportunities.


There’s something traditional and rustic about paste wax that I find immensely satisfying. It feels like giving your RV a thorough spa day. Or a pleasant massage. Paste waxes usually offer a deeper, richer shine due to their thicker consistency.

While they might take a tad longer to apply and buff, the end result is often worth it. I’ve noticed that my rig retains that just-waxed look for longer when I’ve used a good-quality paste wax.

But I’d suggest going for paste waxes that come in user-friendly containers and don’t dry out quickly. RV (or car) wax can go bad so it’s imperative you store it properly between uses!


Spray-on waxes are really built for quick touch-ups or when you’re on a tight schedule. It’s the quickest way to add a protective layer and a decent shine to your RV.

This type of RV wax is all about convenience. While they might not provide the deep shine of pastes or the smooth finish of liquids, they are perfect when between major waxing sessions.

Aim for spray waxes that offer UV protection from direct sunlight. Oh, and from personal experience (cue exasperated sigh), choose a wax that has a well-designed spray bottle. Leaking bottles or the sprayer flatout malfunctioning is going to really undermine all that convenience.

Our Verdict

And so now the grasshopper has become the master! Well, not quite. You have learned, but now you must do.

Liquids, pastes, or sprays… Shine, protection, or restoration… What are your needs? There is an RV wax for every rig and every road trip.

At the end of the day, Meguiar’s M5616 Carnauba Blend still remains the top contender. For pretty much all uses, it takes the cake. From shine to protection, value, and ease of use, it’s got no rivals.

About the only exception I’d make is if restoration and patching up oxidation is the goal. In that case, I’d suggest going for a heavier-duty product like the 3M Marine Restorer and Wax.

But otherwise, Meguiar’s is the best RV wax every time, whether it’s gel coat or a fiberglass surface. So now you know and can get out there and start waxing! The time for doing has arrived. Every RV deserves its routine of self-care and TLC.

So remember, young grasshopper: “When you feel like life is out of focus, always return to the basics of life.” Like the methodical meditation of a meticulous wax job. And the call of adventure beyond that.

Wax off!

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