Who We Are

Welcome to RVProperly.com, where we turn RVs into homes. At RV Properly, we offer comprehensive buying guides and expert reviews on RV fixtures, appliances, and everything else RVing. Our mission? Making RV living enjoyable for everyone.

Our Mission

Our goal at RV Properly is to help a million people turn their RV into a true home and make RV living a joy for them. With years of full-time RV living experience under our belt, our aim is to guide you through the maze of RV living. Whether it’s advice on maintenance, the right furniture, or even choosing your first RV—we’ve got your back.

To fulfill our mission, we write roundup reviews to provide you with the best RVing gear, buying guides to help you spend wisely, and how-to guides and tips to guide you on your RVing journey.

Our Story

Our founder Anthony started RV Properly out of a desire to help others avoid the mistakes he made and share the invaluable tips and hacks that he learned along the way.

Anthony had fallen in love with the idea of RVs since young.

At 23, Anthony rented his first RV and had a taste of what it felt like to be on the road. 2 years later, at the age of 25, he decided to take the plunge and bought his very own RV, marking the beginning of an 11-year-long adventure of full-time RV living.

Our founder Anthony in front of his Class C

Early in his journey, Anthony grappled with challenges—from repainting his RV frequently due to the lack of a proper cover, to dealing with choppy TV signals because of an inadequate antenna. He didn’t know about diesel fuel discounts, storage maximization, and even simple things like meals that he could easily cook in an RV. Each hurdle was a lesson, each mistake a stepping stone, and each adventure an unforgettable experience.

The culmination of these years of firsthand experiences, trials, and tribulations gave birth to RV Properly. RV Properly isn’t just a website — it embodies 11 years of real-life RV experiences, shared in the hope that no one else has to learn the hard way.

Our Team

The RV Properly team is made up of like-minded RVers who want to share their wealth of experience and knowledge with others. No member of our crew is just here for the ride; they believe wholeheartedly in our dream and are fully committed to bringing it to life. From scouring for the latest trends to meticulously crafting guides and reviews, everyone is aligned with our mission to make RV living enjoyable and stress-free for all.

Ziggy Samuels

A professional dirtbag by trade, Ziggy Samuels owns a beloved RV, aptly named Stardust, which allowed him to wait out the pandemic in the mountainous wilds of Tasmania, the island at the bottom of the planet. These days, you can find him on-again-off-again riding solo in his home of the Blue Mountains, still appreciating the sky from the comfort of his portable home.

Noelle McGarvey

Noelle bought a camper van in 2019 and lived in it for the summer while hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail. That’s when she discovered a love for RV life. So when her husband suggested trading the van for full-time truck camper living, she jumped at the opportunity. When she’s not enjoying views out the back door, she’s planning new routes for exploring.

our Responsibility

At RVProperly.com, we believe in upholding unwavering standards of editorial integrity. Our cardinal principle is clear: the accuracy and thoroughness of our content come first, always.

👉 All our content is written by RVers with at least two years of full-time RV living experience and personally vetted by our founder, Anthony.

👉 We delve into the details. Our content is comprehensive, and we anticipate and answer all of your questions. Nothing is left to chance.

👉 We scrutinize user reviews and reveal hidden catches. Our product recommendations are rigorously vetted, and we expose clauses in fine print and limitations in warranties to give you the full picture.

👉 We’re committed to current, accurate content. We regularly update our guides and reviews to ensure they withstand the test of time and remain your go-to resource for all things RV.

RV Properly utilizes affiliate marketing to keep us running, but we never let commissions influence our recommendations. In fact, if we recommend an inferior product and it’s returned due to dissatisfaction or inaccurate info, we earn zero commission.

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