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12 Best RV Gadgets Reviewed

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Best RV Gadgets

Welcome fellow tech-junkies and gadgeteers! Are you looking to upgrade your RV life with the convenience of the modern world? Because, in that case, you need the BEST RV gadgets fit for the job.

Because that’s precisely the theme of today’s post! We’ve got gadgets galore! 

From innovative to convenient to airtight security to our fabulous friend fun, these are primo gadgets guaranteed to make your life on the road that much more blissful and carefree.

But of this diverse selection of must-have products, there’s one gadget to rule them all. The Magma Pots and Pans 10-Piece Cookware Set steals the show as pièce de résistance. This cookware is red hot value and an investment in professional homestyle cooking anywhere you go. Eat cheap AND well on the road!

But maybe a life of RV cooking opulence isn’t the right call for you. The best gadgets for your RV is a broad subject. And as I said, we have a galore’s worth in here.

So suit up and stroll right in. Window shop to your heart’s content! At least until you find the perfect gadget for YOU. The right RV gadget is like Cinderella’s slipper…

It’s such an elegant fit for you and your style that it just feels like magic.

Go go gadget expert buyer’s guide!

RV Kitchen Accessories and Supplies

Alrighty! Let’s kick off the roundup with the place the magic happens in your RV…

Why… the kitchen, of course!

Being far from home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good brekky and a good brew. Let’s get something tasty in ya!

Best Cookware

1. Magma Pots and Pans

If you want to cook in style, then there’s only one cookware set you need. This award-winning 10-piece set from Magma that you’re guaranteed to lava.

This is a premium cookware product for master chefs on the move. Though not tailored for the RV living, it seamlessly fits in with the needs of the lifestyle. Durability, longevity, and space efficiency are the highlights of the Magma set.

The cookware array packs down into itself for easy storage like a matryoshka doll to save space! Plus the handles are detachable meaning there are no weird angles in your RV’s cupboard. Just pure, vertically stacking bliss.

Included in the set, you’ll find a:

  •  5 qt stock pot
  • 10” sauté/frying pan
  • 3 qt saucepan
  • 2 qt saucepan
  • 1-½ qt. saucepan 
  • Saucepan lid 
  • frying pan/stock pot lid
  • 2 removable handles
  • And a convenient bungee storage cord!

And given that this A-team of cooking mastery is constructed from mirrored stainless steel with triple-clad bottoms, they’ll be in your life for a long time to come.

But with a price like that, you’d hope so! This cookware set is EXPENSIVE, and that’s the biggest consideration for the purchase. Bar a couple of design quirks – like the handles not actually fitting inside the packed pots (grrrr) – it’s a premium set fit for both cooking in your RV and at home. But as such, it’s an investment purchase.

Still, if you want dinner on the go that parallels a homecooked meal, there’s no better cookware fit for the job! It’s a magma-nisouly good buy.

I’ll show myself out.

Best Coffee Maker

2. The Moka Cafe Stove Top Espresso Maker

Actually, no I won’t. Because it’s coffee time! I never leave when the coffee is brewing.

So this type of coffee maker is actually called a percolator. I know that because I’ve been brewing percolator coffees in my van for YEARS and in my life for a loooooot longer. I will happily die on a hill boasting percolators as the best way to make coffee in an RV.

This particular model is a through-and-through short king. Despite what they advertise, you might be able to squeeze two cups out of it. But if you’re a caffeine-fiend like me, it’s DEFINITELY a one (or half) cupper.  

But that’s what makes it so perfect for RV living! The Moka is compact, efficient, and bursting with flavor. It transforms your RV kitchen into a mobile coffee haven without taking up valuable real estate.

It’s also fast. Brewing a coffee takes less than five minutes with the Moka, but the brew itself is concentrated, flavorful, and strong. 

And thanks to its premium-cast aluminum construction, you could probably fend off a rabid bear with this thing! A good percolator can last decades. (Just ask my nonna.)

There are a couple of downsides to the product. Firstly, I know if I was traveling with my missus or someone else, I’d need a bigger model. These small pots usually aren’t enough to cover a couple’s wake-up coffees. Furthermore, if you aren’t careful, the rubber/plastic handles can melt on stovetops (particularly gas stoves).

But in the grand scheme of on-the-road brewing, these quirks are mere ripples in the chocolatey ocean of your coffee cup. Especially for solo travelers whom the Moka Stove Top is perfect for! 

Don’t suffer through instant coffee and black tea like a peasant. Trust in our ancestors (i.e. my nonna). The Moka is a fine example of the best coffee brewing solution to keep getting out of bed and back on the road for a very long time to come.

Camper Gadgets For Your RV

But now let’s get out of the kitchen and into your rig itself. Convenient and clever, these gadgets are bonafide upgrades to rework your RV lifestyle and maximize the journey!

Equip them. Get mad stat boosts. Train up. Beat the final boss! 

Who’s the final boss of RV life? Captivity.

Well, that and sand.

Best Vacuum

3. Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Show that sand who’s boss! Beach campers and furry-friended travelers, this is a gadget for YOU.

Being a dirtbag doesn’t mean you have to be dirty. Your motorhome will collect a lot of unwanted stowaways on the road:

  • Sand
  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Leaves
  • Crumbs
  • Dead and not-so-dead bugs
  • Pet fur

Honestly, the list goes on. But there is a solution.

In the pursuit of cleanliness on the road, the Dyson V8 Stick Vacuum leads the charge. It’s a surefire way to keep your portable home spick and span!

This cordless and bagless marvel eradicates vacuum admin and provides a simple and low-cost way to clean your RV on the go. It operates on a rechargeable battery with a runtime of about 40 minutes on standard power per charge. Afterward, it packs up with barely a whisper of its presence left over.

Maneuvering around the confined spaces of your RV becomes a breeze with this handheld vacuum. It’s built for versatility and accessibility. Moreover, the easy-emptying bin and wall dock charger only bolster its convenience.

It even includes multiple head attachments to ensure you have the right tool for the job! All in all, the Dyson V8 Stick, fit for the unique needs of life in an RV, is a ferocious predator for your RV’s resident dust bunnies

As with all things Dyson, you’re paying several arms and legs for this vacuum. And the 40-minute battery life is on the weak side for whole-house vacuuming.

But take this vacuum out of the laundry cupboard and into the RV and it shines bright! You might be paying a lot, but you’re getting Dyson-level quality for it. That and a household cleaning gadget that marries perfectly into the RV lifestyle.

Best Security Lock

4. Latch It Keypad Door Lock

Security comes first, nomads! (Or second after safety.) When your home, vehicle, and most treasured possessions are all the same stealable item (i.e. your RV), you take NO chances.

The Latch It Keypad Lock is that commitment to zero chance-taking. It blends convenience and security into one airtight package to cater directly to the needs of on-the-move dwellers.

Keys are so 20th century! Unlocking your RV becomes a breeze with the keyless technology of the Latch It. Instead, the Latch It keyless lock can be unlocked using several methods:

  1. The numeric keypad
  2. The included remote unlocking device
  3. Or using the smartphone Latch It app or an Apple Watch

But four mechanical keys are still included as backup options. The keypad itself is backlit which adds another layer of practicality and ensures easy operation even in low-light conditions.

Meanwhile, on the functionality side, the practicality keeps coming! The Latch It is quite versatile and able to be installed to secure doors across a lot of RV and trailer types. 

Mileage will vary on the installation process itself depending on how handy you are. But once it’s on, it’s staying on! Built from 100% metal, the Latch It is a protector of the rugged variety. Its electrical components are sealed away from the elements to ensure a long and loyal product life.

However, the installation might still bog you down. Installation demands a process and specific-sized opening. Any hiccups in the process might spiral into more of a labor-intensive process. So for that case, check and double-check yo’ measurements before buying! 

But at the end of the day, the Latch It is a whizz-bang bit of tech for RVers who prioritize the security of their treasured steed. The convenience of having five or so different ways to open your RV’s door is pretty nifty. But what you’re truly investing in is peace of mind on every journey.

Best Backup Camera

5. Furrion Backup Camera

Alongside security we have safety. Backup into a safer way of reversing with the Furrion Backup Camera!

The Furrion stands silent but strong as a wireless sentinel to watch over your RV’s rear. It offers a fusion of features and performance tailored to the RV lifestyle. 

Capturing your RV’s surroundings in high definition, the Furrion camera provides crisp and essential images on its 7” monitor. It’s a massive boon when navigating tight spots or crowded RV parks filled with runaway children (and sometimes runaway adults).

But the features don’t stop there! As the sun dips below the horizon, the Furrion Backup Camera’s six infrared lights come to life and extend night-time visibility by up to 40 feet. A night vision-less backup camera would still be a huge leg-up, but this function is an absolute game-changer!

It’s not all sunshine and high-def rainbows though. Adverse weather conditions, particularly rain, can impact image quality. And a deep fog is going to render it nearly useless.

Additionally, some, users have reported an occasional lag in image transmission as well as some minor image clarity issues. This feedback isn’t universal, but it’s worth considering.

Still, you get what you pay for and then some with the Furrion. You get eagle-vision AND bat-vision!

With its wireless convenience, night vision capabilities, and quality performance, it’s a quick step into enhanced safety and maneuverability in your RV. Or at least fewer close shaves with those bloody campsite BMX punks.

Best Air Compressor

6. VIAIR 300P-RVS Portable Air Compressor

More safety! Pump those RV tires and keep your RV rolling no matter how far you end up in the boonies.

The VIAIR Portable Air Compressor emerges as a compact powerhouse, ready to tackle tire safety with ease. Small but mighty, this 12-volt portable tire inflator stands out for its ability to swiftly fill tires up to 33” in diameter.

Not happy to rest on its laurels though, the VIAIR ups its user-friendly design with a 5-in-1 inflator/deflator air hose with an inline 150 PSI gauge. This enables on-the-go tire monitoring and allows you to make adjustments on the fly to ensure consistent tire pressure.

However, some users hauling proverbial RV behemoths might find issues with the product. The power cord, at 8 feet, and the 30-foot air hose can pose limitations on reach. Extension cords or other solutions are a strong recommendation if that’s the case.

But for what you get, I’ll be damned if it ain’t a solution! With this and a jump box at hand, the wild unknowns just look more and more inviting. The VIAIR 300P-RVS is a reliable and valuable addition to the arsenal of any RV traveler. After all, you can’t go anywhere without inflated tires.

Unless you’re Fred Flintstone.

Best Signal Booster

7. WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV Cell Phone Signal Booster

But if you’re heading out into the boonies, it’s good to still be able to call for help in a pinch. Or home. Or for pizza!

In the world of RV travel, staying connected is essential. The weBoost Drive X Signal Booster takes center stage as a solution for catching even the faintest whiff of a signal.

Able to reach towers with ranges 33% further than other weBoost models, the Drive 4G-X has a lot of benefits for veteran road warriors:

  • Stronger and wider cell coverage
  • Fewer dropped call
  • Enhanced voice quality
  • Faster and more reliable mobile internet
  • Improved audio and video streaming
  • And greater hotspot capability 

Its multi-user functionality caters to every passenger board. Meanwhile, the weBoost works across most major carriers and seamlessly integrates into 5G networks.

The easy installation design adds a user-friendly touch too. There are no tools and no drilling required – just a one-time setup and you’re good to go!

However, like any tool, it needs to be used right. The weBoost amplifies faint cell signals, however, it’s far from strong enough to work in proper black spots. The extent of the boosting is also limited by the construction of your RV. You might find you have to experiment with different setups and locations to optimize the gadget’s performance.

But for any RV traveler seeking a reliable boost in connectivity, the weBoost Drive remains a valuable companion despite its quirks. Its ability to enhance cell signal strength across a broad range of carriers alone cements the weBoost as a worthy upgrade to increase your RV setup’s range and versatility.

Even the most distantly wandering nomad should still be connected!

Best Environment Monitor

8. Proteus AMBIO – WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor with Buzzer and Email/Text Alerts

Now, I’m not sure who this gadget is for. But if you’re an obsessive environment-optimizing sonnuva gun, the Proteus AMBIO is the tool for the job!

Offering precise control and real-time alerts, the AMBIO monitors your RV’s internal environment. Its cloud-connected capabilities empower users with email or text alerts and provide constant vigilance over temperature and humidity conditions.

Its setup is breezy and hassle-free too! It plugs into an active WiFi connection without the need for an additional hub or gateway. Moreover, the inclusion of an accurate and extendable sensor probe only enhances its monitoring capabilities further.

Statwise, the AMBIO boasts an impressive detection range spanning from -40°F 257°F for temperature and 0% to 99.9% for humidity.  However, it does come with a few caveats that poise this as a gadget for only a select few RV traveler types.

Firstly, potential buyers should note that the sensor requires an AC power source which won’t work for a lot of RV electrical systems. It’s also dependent on a continuous WiFi connection which could pose some limitations, depending on your travels.

But then, this is a nuanced product for the nuanced RVer. If monitoring your RV’s internal environment is a priority for you, then you’ll find a way to sidestep these quirks. Because in the fight against humidity, you need all the help you can get!

Best Solar Solution

9. Go Power 90-200 Watt Portable Solar Kits

Solutions, solutions, solutions. Let’s talk power solutions!

For off-grid travelers and sun-lovers, the Go Power Portable Solar Kit is a versatile tool to harness the universe’s energy no matter where the road takes you. Designed with portability in mind, the Go Power is a flexible alternative for those averse to permanently mounting solar panels on their RVs. (Though they are still mountable.)

Its ability to deliver 90 to 200 watts of solar power ensures ample energy to fuel various other RV gadgets and essentials. But what sets these kits apart is the comprehensive array of connectivity options. This ensures compatibility with a wide array of different battery systems and enhances the kit’s adaptability in various RV setups.

However, while these kits do offer unrivaled portability, they still aren’t strictly small. Weighing in at a mean 33 lbs with dimensions to match, storage might be tricky in smaller RVs even with its compact packdown. 

Moreover, the installation of the panels does require some know-how. It might take a call or two to customer support on the first few tries to get your system locked in.

Still, you want your panels to pack some punch! And that means carrying the load on your back, including the product’s technical aspects.

What you get in return is a comprehensive power solution that will power up your RV’s electricals wherever the sun is shining. Off-grid travelers and solar-lovers, look no further! Those solitary, middle-of-nowhere park-ups just became that much more liveable.

Best Power Solution

10. Jackery 160W-1000W Portable Power Stations

Power solution numero dos! For the RVer in pursuit of reliable and portable solar-free power, the Jackery emerges as a formidable energy companion.

A portable powerhouse of lightweight energy-on-the-go, the Jackery’s 167-watt-hour capacity translates to a lot of gadget charging potential. It’s equipped with an array of ports to accommodate the diverse charging needs of the 21st century:

  • 1 x AC outlet
  • 1 x DC 12V port
  • 1 x USB-C port
  • 2 x USB-A port

And all this onboard power transforms into a lot of charging! The Jackery boasts 10 hours of power for laptops or 16 full iPhone 8 charges. Plus it features an LCD display interface for real-time insight into the battery’s performance.

On the charging side for the Jackery station itself, you have several options. Wall outlets, generators, and your RV’s 12V port are all viable charging methods. AND if you pair it with the Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panel (sold separately), you’ve upgraded this power solution with another solution!

However, there are some potential considerations for buyers to note before purchasing. For starters, the Jackery 160 model of the product is going to have limited powering capabilities. It’s best for charging devices or powering other appliances with less than 100W of draw. 

For more power, you’ll have to go for bigger models. The Jackery goes all the way up to a 1000W edition. However, the bigger you go, the more expensive and the bulkier the power stations become too.

Still, space and cash are small prices to pay for power literally ANYWHERE on the road.

As far as portable power solutions go, the Jackery 160 presents a compelling answer to an RV traveler’s need for robust and versatile energy sources. Jack in with Jackery and overcharge your adventures today!

Fun RV Accessories

F-u-n… You can’t spell fun without “u”!

Sure, the simple act of an RV adventure might be fun. But then, suddenly, you’re on day three of torrential rain and marooned inside your RV’s compartment.

And that’s when you need some gadgets custom-built for the purpose of FUN.

Best Speaker

11. JBL Charge 4 Speaker

I am such a huge fan of JBL speakers! The fanboy in me steadfastly refuses to EVER engage a UE product!

Now, personally, I roll with a JBL Clip 4 in all my travels. I love it for its portability, compactness, and clip-on action for hiking adventures. However, if you need more oomph, more bass, and juicier wubba lubba dub-dubs, the Charge 4 is the grand-zaddy of the JBL line.

In regard to sound quality, the Charge 4 offers a significant boost over previous JBL models and other similar speakers on the market. The bass response is distinct, the mid-range balanced, and the treble clear although perhaps a tad underemphasized. Functionally, it offers a very similar albeit refined and improved sound profile to the Charge 3.

But the durability of the product is what propels it forward as a seamless fit for RV living. The JBL Charge 4 boasts excellent build quality, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of the nomadic lifestyle. Rated to IPX7, the speaker is even able to submerge a meter underwater for up to 30 minutes. 

However, my favorite feature (and very true to the product’s name) is the Charge 4’s charging capabilities. The speaker doubles up as a power bank to charge your other devices! With a 7500mAH and up to 20 hours of consecutive playtime depending on the conditions, it’s a fun yet practical RV gadget.

The downsides to the Charge 4 are more with the model itself than JBL products. At 3 lbs heavy and with a chonky forearm-sized construction, it’s not the most compact speaker by JBL. The JBL Clip, Go, or even Flip are all better models if portability is a priority. Those models are also priced a little more digestible.

However, for EPIC soundscapes while traversing the wild landscapes, the Charge 4 is the clear victor. Turn your Recreational Vehicle into a Rave Vehicle! Take the Charge camping with you anywhere, confident in its bulletproof build.  

Pretty much any event, adventure, or picnic only gets better with dope tunes. And, I don’t know if you’ve ever boogied by yourself alone in the middle of the desert under a perfect night sky, but I can tell you from personal experience…

It’s a damn good time.

Best Headphones

12. Plantronics Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

More tunes and more beats! Albeit WITHOUT annoying your campsite neighbors. (Or them annoying you.) Grab a pair of Plantronics Headphones and leave the world of wires and outside noise behind!

First up, they are wireless and connected through Bluetooth. With up to 24 hours of battery life and big cushy ear pads, hours of comfort are guaranteed. You can even connect to two devices at once for quick-swapping between sources!

But the real standout feature of the headphones is the pristine sound quality supported by on-demand noise canceling. Plantronics delivers an immersive audio experience with a particular emphasis on clear and distinct bass tones. And when the outside world is a bit much (think weekend warriors at busy campsites), slap on the active noise cancellation to secure a musical respite.

However, prospective buyers should be mindful that it might be TOO bassy for their liking. Sound quality preferences are highly subjective – some users might prefer a bit more balance across the board than these headphones provide. The noise-cancellation also doesn’t rival the market’s leading headphones producers.

But headphones like that also cost a truckload more. The Plantronics headphones offer a high-performing and pure value-stacked bargain.

For the price they are, the quality and cancellation they offer, and the wealth of nifty features like wireless multi-device connectivity, the Plantronics headphones are an absolute steal. Blocking out the world and retreating into your own has never been quite so affordable or sounded quite this good!

And on a personal note, I never go adventuring without a bang-on pair of headphones.

Our Verdict

Well, that was quite the gadget galore! I hope, following this stellar roundup, you’ve found the right addition for your utility belt of RVing justice!

As far as the best RV gadget goes, the choice remains clear. Masterchefs, roll up – the Magma 10-Piece Cookware Set is a professional cheffing set for professional cooking on the go.

However, I’m going to supplement this with a little bit of my personal experience. Deck out your kitchen experience in full with a Moka Cafe Stove Top Espresso Maker. Percolators are THE way to brew a smooth blend on the road.

Otherwise, gadget up and go go go! Some gadgets might not seem so essential, but that’s why I say they’re upgrades to life in an RV. 

Sure, you can get out there and smash the RV life with a basic setup. But why not level up your RV game and see how much better it gets?

The best gadgets are always a pleasant surprise! You might not think you need them, but once you try them, you never want to go RVing without them again.

So find your Cindarell’s slipper (and a percolator): the open road awaits! And every companion you take just makes the adventure that much more glorious.

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