36 Best RV Accessories Reviewed

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Best RV Accessories

Looking flash, fashionistas! Are you ready to accessorize? Of course you are – fashionistas are always looking to accessorize! Let’s dive into the world of the best RV accessories.

Today, rather than a comparative review, we have a comprehensive review. In this guide, I’ve rounded up 36 bits of miscellaneous gear (across assorted categories) guaranteed to upgrade your RV game.

We have accessories ranging from convenient to innovative to driving away the malignant stench of your holding tank (a must!). Everything you might have forgotten on your packing list is featured here.

For the BEST RV accessory (i.e. pole position), I’ve selected the ARTOS Bedside Shelf Organizer. It’s an efficient and easy space-saving solution, and that’s like four of my favorite words in the English language right there! Something needs to hold all your other accessories.

But, you dapper diva, there are 36 of these accessories to come. Keep reading. At least one of them is destined to be the cinch on the road you’ll be thanking the nomadic gods you brought!

Leave NOTHING off the packing list. Prepare for everything ahead. And make your life a little bit more comfortable.

Living the RV life doesn’t mean you have to live without style.

Best Bedroom Accessories

Time to accessorize! These are the best accessories for your RV’s bedroom space.

From space-saving to better sleep, tuck in for a sound night’s rest.

1. ARTOS Bedside Shelf Organizer

Multifunctional and omni-useful, try out this space-saving solution from ARTOS. In an RV, clever storage is king. Every little win helps!

With these adhesive shelves, it’s an easy win to make too. Installation is easy! Plus, the shelves come with additional screws if extra fastening is required.

Constructed of high-quality ABS material, the shelves are durable and convenient. However, if you’re planning on storing heavier equipment on the shelves, be aware that the ARTOS are only rated up to 5 lbs. It might be worth investing your time and energy in a more heavy-duty solution if that limit doesn’t cut it.

But as an easy, by-the-bed convenient setup for all the little things of RV living, these shelves are an excellent product. Never say no to some extra functionality in your motorhome!

2. STAR-SPANGLED Tap Push Lights

Illuminate your RV life with just the brush of a finger with these tap-on lights. As someone who regularly has to fumble around in the dark of his camper, I can’t stress enough how much these lights are a godsend. Just reach out, and let there be light!

The product’s ease of installation is a true bright spot here. Simply peel, stick on, and tap away to light up your space. There’s wiring and no fuss.

Keenly crafted for the needs of RVers, these LED lights cast a warm glow that’s both comforting and practical. They’re rated to 50 lumens and provide a nice ambiance in your little portable home. Plus, they’re battery-operated and wireless, so you can stick them anywhere you want!

Unfortunately, they’re not rechargeable batteries. They run on AAAs, so you’ll need to stay stocked up on spares.

But that’s a small caveat to an otherwise instant upgrade to your mobile abode. These STAR-SPANGLED lights twinkle, shine, and disappear with the tap of a finger. Never underestimate how useful it is to RV life to actually be able to see.

3. Homedics SoundSleep Sound Machine

The plan is to hit the road and leave the urban noise behind, right? Well, unfortunately, it doesn’t always out like that. From roadside park-ups to noisy campsites of weekend warriors and kids on bikes (which can turn into a shockingly loud affair), not all of the RV lifestyle is peace and quiet. 

So seize back your serenity with the SoundSleep! This little marvel is like a portable lullaby in a box. From ocean waves to gentle rainscapes to the dreamy tones of pure white noise, this multi-setting sound machine ensures blissful bouts of R&R. It’s also great for work days when you really need to hyperfocus.

The sound quality is on-point and more than sufficient to drown out chatty campground neighbors. The auto-shutoff timer is a very appreciated bonus feature too. Really, the only hiccup is that the loop points in the soundtracks are noticeable to the keen ear. But given that you’ll be fast asleep, that’s hardly an issue!

If sweet dreams and serene workdays are a MUST on your adventure to-do list, give the Homedics SoundSleep a try. Your senses (and sanity) will thank you.

4. TABYIK 35 OZ Small Dehumidifiers

I will always be the first to say “#@!$ humidity!” There is NOTHING worse than a breezeless night in the subtropics, sweating up your bedsheets.

So stay comfy in your RV and beat the humidity horrors with the TABYIK Dehumidifier! It’s the silent sentinel in the fight against dampness downers. Compact enough to tuck away but powerful enough to protect your space from the clingwrap feeling of high humidity, this dehumidifier is one creature comfort you can’t look past.

Its simplicity is its standout. Just plug it in, and it silently gets to work, pulling moisture from the air. The water tank is a breeze to empty, and its energy efficiency is impressive for the device’s size.

For very large RVs, like Class As, it will need to work a lot harder. In that case, consider a bigger model or just buy two!

But for everyone else heading into humid and musty zones, get yourself a TABYIK. Unless you like those climates. In which case, we can’t be friends.

Best Kitchen Accessories

Here’s looking at you, Masterchef! 

Whether you’re self-contained or cooking up under the stars, these kitchen accessories are guaranteed to save you time and energy. The two most precious resources we have.

5. BougeRV 12-Volt 53-Quart Portable Refrigerator

There’s nothing worse than spoiled milk for your morning brew. So keep your greens crisp and your beverages chilled with the BougeRV Portable Refrigerator. This is not your average mini-fridge: it’s a cucumber-cool and energy-efficient companion for the long haul ahead. 

Boasting a generous 53-quart capacity, the BougeRV is spacious enough to hold a small feast yet compact enough to fit snugly in your RV. The fridge runs on a whisper-quiet compressor that won’t interrupt your camp spot’s serenity. Moreover, the separate compartments make organizing your perishables easy peasy!

The digital temperature control allows for precise cooling and works for freezer goods too. The rugged design is also a boon, taking the bumps of the road in stride. Granted, it’s a bit of a pricey investment, but for the reliability and features, it’s worth every penny.

When it comes to keeping your food fresh on the go, the BougeRV is the ice-cold solution you need. Don’t let your road trip be dampened by less-than-stellar snacks! Good snacks are key.

6. Igloo BMX 52 Quart Cooler with Cool Riser Technology

Coolers are the unsung heroes of RV living and the perfect complement to your fridge. The Igloo BMX is one such hero, ready to be the rugged sidekick for your outdoor lifestyle!

With the muscle to keep ice for days and the agility to handle the rough-and-tumble RV life, the Cool Riser Technology will keep all your cold ones ready for sipping. Plus, it’s a breeze to lug around, thanks to the rubberized latches and reinforced handles. Devoted anglers will love the fish ruler on the lid as well. It’s this attention to detail that makes the Igloo such a catch!

It’s definitely a little heavier than your average cooler. That’s worth considering if weight is a concern for you. But that’s the price you pay for tank-like durability and arctic levels of insulation.

For those long weekends away from civilization, the Igloo BMX Cooler stands ready to chill everything you bring. Beach days are only a blink away!

7. GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Cookware Set

Hit the road but eat like a home-cooked champ with this Camper Cookware Set from GSI. Combining compact leanings with gourmet performance, this set includes everything from pots and pans to cups and bowls. They’re even color-coded for that much more simplicity!

The non-stick Teflon with Radiance technology heats evenly and makes cleanup a breeze. There will be no more scrubbing burnt beans after a long day of adventures! And the detachable handles are a huge win too. I am a fan!

Sturdy but lightweight, this set stacks easily into a neat, packaway package, leaving more room for your other gear. The only real nitpick is the price tag. It’s a hard justification for solo travelers who will get the same mileage out of second-hand finds.

But for traveling groups, families, and campsite chefs, it’s an investment in culinary delight. The set’s space-saving efficiency is just the cherry on top!

If good food is part of your RV travel joy, consider adding Pinnacle Camper Cookware to your RV kitchen. After all, it’s better than instant noodles for the fourth night in a row.

8. GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Gather ’round, RVers, and leave the single-use items behind while you do! GSI’s Stainless Steel Cutlery Set is your mealtime MVP. This three-piece set is the kind of durability you only need to buy once.

Each utensil in this set feels substantial in your hand, unlike those flimsy things that barely survive a steak. The high-grade stainless steel is rust-resistant and practically indestructible. It’s perfect for outdoorsy folks who mean business when it comes to their grub.

They’re sleek, they’re shiny, and they even have a little hole at the end so you can clip them together or hang them up to dry. They’re heavier than plastic if you’re weight is a consideration for any hiking or backpacking adventures. But they are still very lightweight for steel, designed with thru-hikers (and leave-no-trace principles) in mind.

Check ’em out for the full scoop and see what I mean! No matter what, these utensils won’t bend or break when the eating gets tough.

9. Coleman Cascade 3-in-1 Camp Stove

Chilly mornings in the wild just beg for a hot breakfast. The Coleman 3-in-1 Camp Stove is your ticket to a sizzling start! Whether it’s pancakes, coffee, or beans, this stove turns your RV site into a gourmet kitchen smack dab in the great outdoors.

Its versatility is a standout feature. Grill, griddle, or stove – choose your fighter. Plus, with consistent gas flow and the stove’s wind-blocking panels, you’re guaranteed even cooking temperatures every time. No more burnt edges or raw middles!

Now, while it’s portable, this stove is still more suited for those who have the storage space. Folks driving motorhomes with an interior kitchen setup might want to pass on this luxury unless they have the space to spare (or love a makeshift outdoor BBQ).

But if you’re just a lover of the campsite communal cook-up, the Coleman Cascade 3-in-1 has got you covered. It’s a solid, do-it-all stove that’ll feed your crew and then some. And with a brand like Coleman, you always know you’re getting the best.

10. Scepter 5-Gallon Water Container

It’s a pretty steadfast rule of RV adventures back in my vast, empty, and sunburnt homeland: always take an excess of water. You never know what might happen out there, and you never know when those extra few gallons will make all the difference between life and death on the road. 

So to that end, this 5-gallon water jug from Scepter ensures you’re never low on H2O. With it stowed on board your rig, fresh water is always readily available.

Its brawny design withstands the bumps and turns of RV living with ease. Moreover, the ergonomic handle makes for a comfortable carry.

But while the durability is top-notch, the trade-off is the tank’s weight. Once full, it’s no featherweight, so be sure to store it in an easily accessible spot.

But for the wanderlust-driven RV owners who value preparedness, the Scepter Water Container is a reliable choice. It’s really an RV essential for EVERYONE. No matter what you do, never leave home without spare fuel and water.

It’s a big country out there, with a lot of empty spaces.

11. Lifetime Adjustable 26 Inch Folding Laptop Table

Honestly, this is just a small camping table. However, as someone who has most certainly done the full-time digital nomad vanlife at length, I can tell you that these tables are a lifesaver for remote workers!

The Lifetime Adjustable Table is a multipurpose workstation. Once you’ve clocked your hours, you can use it as a dining area, extra surface storage, or just about anything. Tailor it to the needs at hand with its adjustable height.

Its compact design also means it stows away with ease. The setup is equally simple too! And it’s a cinch to clean too – just a quick wipe and it’s ready to go.

Sure, it’s on the small side. But that’s honestly perfect for a table serving its primary purpose as a laptop stand. Just don’t go expecting to use the Lifetime as your main camping table.

But if you’re living the good life working remotely in the elements, this table will support you ‘til death do you part. Marry it if you can! And treat it right.

This is the kind of table you want in your life for a long time to come.

12. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Autobots, transform! You are now the Masterchef on wheels.

The 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is such a gem for the culinary-centred transformer. Not just a pressure cooker, this gadget also works as a…

  • Slow cooker
  • Rice cooker
  • Steamer
  • Sauté pan
  • Yogurt maker
  • Warmer

…all rolled into one sleek package. When you’re living the RV lifestyle, every inch of space is sacred. So you need a miracle solution like this culinary multitasker!

With a range of sizes, you can pick one that fits your RV’s storage space. It’s user-friendly with simple controls so that you spend less time fiddling with settings and more time enjoying the good life.

The big caveat for many users is that it draws a sizeable chunk of power. It’s better suited for beefier RVs with electric systems that can handle the sizzle. But given its kitchen prowess, that’s a small price to pay for the luxury of home-cooked meals on wheels.

And if nothing else, the 7-in-1 Pot will make significantly better instant noodles! And with yogurt for dessert.

Best Bathroom Accessories

Living on the road doesn’t mean you can’t still clean up well! If you’d rather keep it in your motorhome and out of the public bathrooms, then accessorize and accessorize hard on your bathroom amenities.

Starting with the often overlooked but (in my opinion) absolute essential of RV living: the majestic towel rack.

13. WEBI Over The Door Hook

I LOVE towel racks. (And as a bonus tip, mini storage hammocks are equally excellent.) Towel racks are a must for drying and storing towels or even your clothes!

WEBI offers a sturdy solution for those of us with limited RV space. But this doesn’t just save space. It saves your sanity too! (Especially when you’ve got a full crew on board.)

Made of stainless steel, these hooks are resistant to the daily wear and tear of RV living. Plus, installation is a breeze! Just hang it over a door (like the pantry door) and voila! You’ve got yourself a makeshift closet.

But while it’s a champ for lightweight articles, if you’re thinking of hanging sopping clothes, towels, or heavy-duty items, it’s not the best solution. But for everything else, from clothes to tea towels to your collection of hats, it’s spot on.

Hook up, and have some fun while you’re at it! The WEBI Hook is ready to hang out in your RV.

14. Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

Ok, so, the TP you bring on board your RV really matters. RV water systems and septic tanks, much like boats, are finicky and crucial to manage correctly. If you’re not careful, clogs and blockages are easy to stumble into.

Firebelly Outfitters is the trusty bogside TP friend you need. This biodegradable toilet paper is designed specifically for RVs and septic tanks, dissolving quickly to prevent any unwanted blocks.

Not only is it septic-safe, but it’s also comfortable. Roughing it in the wild doesn’t have to extend to every aspect of your life. Firebelly Outfitters managed to strike a balance between softness for your tush and strength for the task at hand.

But keep in mind, while it is serviceable, don’t expect plushness akin to luxury household brands. You’re making a trade-off of some comfort for the peace of mind it brings to your plumbing.

Respecting your RV’s plumbing is a must! So stock up on a pack of Firebelly and do just that. At least until the day we embrace the bumgun in the West. One day we’ll learn.

15. Walex Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer

Speaking of sewage systems, they stink! So hit the road without the woes of unwanted scents with Walex’s Holding Tank Deodorizer. 

A game-changer for your nose AND your RV, each pre-measured pack is a little powerhouse, breaking down waste and paper while combating odorous aromas. Formaldehyde-free, this deodorizer offers an eco-friendly smell solution while keeping your maintenance needs down!

These deodorizers are basic to use and big in their impact. All you have to do is drop one in your holding tank and you’re set for a week of freshness. They even add a pleasant lavender scent, transforming your holding tank experience from grim to fragrant.

However, they’re not a magic bullet. Heavy use or extreme heat can challenge the limits of these deodorizers. Traveling families might want a backup option. But for average users, it’s an elegant product. Especially considering the context.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the stink! Walex Porta-Pak is the fresh solution for a worry-free journey.

16. BESy Retractable Clothesline

The perfect companion to your new favorite towel rack! For everything else too heavy for the hooks, try this clothesline from BESy. Easy to install and stow away, the BEDy slides back into its sleek case after use, preserving the clean look of your RV.

Its durable, rust-proof construction withstands the rigors of the road. Meanwhile, the adjustable stainless steel line stretches up to 9.2 feet, accommodating a fairly sizeable load of laundry. Lastly, the lock button ensures your line stays taut – there’s no sagging here, friends!

The only niggle might be if you’re drying heavier items like jeans or beach towels. In that case,  you’ll want to balance the load or stick to lighter items to keep the line in prime condition. (Or just do what I do and tie a rope between two trees.)

But for the eco-conscious traveler who digs their functionality, the BESy Clothesline is a must-have. Fresh air drying is gentler on fabrics and kinder to Mother Earth than any electric dryer. At the end of the day, sometimes old school is simply best.

Best Living Room Accessories

Look, you might not actually have a living room in your RV. But on the other hand, your whole RV is your living room…

So glam it up! Make it homey. Make your RV a place you want to live for the rest of your life.

Because houses are overrated anyway.

17. Stoic Pack Chair

Pull up a chair! Let’s talk comfort. The Stoic Pack Chair is a game-changer of a throne for outdoor lounging sessions. 

Firstly, it’s lightweight, so you won’t break your back hauling it to the perfect sunset spot. Its compact design also means it doesn’t eat up precious RV space – every inch counts!

But don’t let this seating solution’s slender profile fool you! This chair is sturdy and offers solid support after a long day of adventures. Setup’s a breeze too, which is always a bonus when you’re itching to relax after a long day’s drive.

Sure, it’s not the plush recliner from your living room. And I certainly wouldn’t recommend this camp chair to anybody with considerable movement limitations as it takes some bending and squatting to get in and out of.

But for something so compact, it’s surprisingly comfortable! It folds up quicker than you can say “next destination” and tucks away unobtrusively too. Now you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

18. HUANUO Portable Lap Laptop Desk

Right, so this is an actual lap-resting surface for laptops and remotely working RVers. Even more so than the mini-table, I am a MASSIVE fan of these simple but effective solutions!

For the digital nomad, the HUANUO Lap Desk turns your RV into an office with a view. It fits snugly on your lap with the soft cushion underneath making those work sessions comfy no matter where you are. Even if you’re using it on a table, it protects the bottom of your laptop from dirt and grime while upping its ergonomics!

The anti-slip surface keeps your laptop secure. It’s also got enough room for your mouse, plus, there’s a handy slot for your phone too. It really is a one-stop workspace!

There’s not much bad I can say about the product. If you have a large laptop, you probably won’t fit your mouse as well (which is disappointing). But other than that, I’m an enormous sellout for lap desks.

So if you’re looking to balance work and play in your home on the go, the HUANUO Lap Desk is a digital nomad’s best mate. Give it a try and see exactly why I’m so smitten!

19. TotalMount Hole-Free Remote Holder

Oh, now, don’t even get me started on losing the remote! Finding the remote in an RV is an uphill battle with no winners in sight.

So, enter the TotalMount Remote Holder: a smart solution for eliminating the remote-centric struggles in your mobile abode! The beauty of this product lies in its simplicity.

This holder boasts a damage-free installation process. Its adhesive backing sticks firmly to any surface, making it a versatile addition to any RV interior. The holder is built to cradle multiple remotes too, in case you’re running a whole home theatre in your RV. (Or just want to store something else close by, such as your phone.)

Though compact, its capacity shouldn’t be underestimated. But nonetheless, check the dimensions first as a particularly large or heavy remote may not fit as snugly as you’d like.

But that’s why TotalMount offers the holder in different sizes too! Consumer choice is hawt. And so is NOT losing the remote.

Netflix and chill is in, hombres and homeslices! You never know when a binge sesh is around the corner, so keep your tools on hand.

20. ACKO 13 inch Folding Step Stool

Elevate your RV experience with ACKO’s Folding Step Stool It’s a must-have (and much safer) option for reaching those top-shelf items. It’s definitely an upgrade over a broken neck!

This stool is remarkably user-friendly, folding flat for effortless storage in tight RV quarters. Its sturdy design supports up to 300 pounds, so it’s suitable for both adults and children. Furthermore, the textured surface and anti-slip rubber feet mean safety isn’t an afterthought (which is what you want!).

The issues only come down to your needs. While it provides a solid 13-inch lift, some might still find it a tad short. However, its blend of strength, stability, and storage-friendliness outweighs the height hiccup for most road warriors.

So step up your RV game with the ACKO Folding Step Stool! It’s a simple addition that promises to make your life on the road just that much easier. Sometimes, quality of life equals longer life too.

Best Technological Accessories

Tech-heads and gear junkies, this is the section for you!

Once upon a time, humanity roamed the open plains with horses and wagons. Now we’re lugging proverbial power stations to and fro.

Still, a life on the road doesn’t mean you have to go totally off-grid. So plug in, and phone home once in a while too!

The fambam misses ya.

21. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500

Speaking of off-grid adventures, the Jackery Explorer 500 is for all you offbeat explorers! Its portability and power capacity make it an indispensable tool for those wilderness campsites where standard hookups are a distant dream.

This compact generator boasts a 518Wh lithium battery, ideal for powering small RV appliances and charging all your RV gadgets. With multiple output options including…

  • AC outlets
  • A DC carport
  • And USB charging ports

…the Explorer 500 is versatility incarnate. Solar-ready capabilities mean you can even harness the sun’s power for an eco-friendly charge!

The unit’s only drawback is its 500W output limit. This won’t suit those looking to power more demanding devices, e.g. air conditioners. But for the average RVer, the efficiency and convenience it offers are exactly what you need.

Embrace the freedom of the open road with Jackery’s Explorer 500. A bit of juice is available no matter where you go.

22. Grayl GeoPress

I have plenty of thoughts about the Grayl GeoPress! It’s a premium filtered water bottle for travelers and hardcore hikers the world over. But my personal fondness for the Grayl is due to its strawless setup. There aren’t many filtered water bottles on the market that leave the sippy-cup action at home!

With the GeoPress, you can source water from lakes, taps, or rivers. Heck, fill up from muddy puddles! Its advanced filter system will take care of 99.99% of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and protozoan cysts. It also tackles chemicals, heavy metals, and even microplastics, which not all filtered bottles do.

The pressing action does require some effort, and its 24 oz capacity might require frequent refills for the thirstiest travelers. It’s also a premium-priced bottle. It’s the kind you’d expect overproduced hiking influencers to be plugging alongside their ultra-expensive adventure tours on their socials.

But in this case, premium pricing DOES equate to premium quality. Its robust purification capabilities and speedy performance come coupled with the cost investment.

For those who prioritize purity and simplicity, the Grayl GeoPress is a must-have. Safe potable water is only ever a pump-pump (and a wink-wink) away!

23. WeBoost RV Cell Phone Signal Booster kit

The WeBoost Signal Booster is the communication companion you need on the road! Tailored for those who traverse remote trails but need to stay in touch with civilization, this kit is a beacon of connectivity.

The WeBoost kit amplifies signals across multiple carriers to ensure that calls and data speeds are consistent no matter where you’re parked. The installation process is straightforward too, and once set up, you’ll forget it’s even there. (Except for the pristine signal, of course.)

However, the booster is a significant investment. It clocks in at a lofty price that might make some eyes water. And some may find the external antenna setup cumbersome, especially if frequent adjustments are required to optimize the reception.

But you’re buying a top-notch connectivity solution, and the setup process is the necessary price to bolster its impact. You’re investing in safety and a more fluid experience on the road. There’s no longer any reason to fear black spots.

For the nomad who values reliable communication as much as the journey, the WeBoost is an indispensable asset. Say goodbye to dead zones and hello to seamless coverage as you roam the most remote locations!

24. KING KWM1000 WiFiMax Router

Now for the best WiFi wingman, we have the KING KWM1000. Both a router and an extender, the KING proves that navigating the vast landscapes in your RV doesn’t mean you have to disconnect from the digital world.

As a booster, it amplifies weak WiFi signals, giving you the bandwidth needed for streaming, browsing, or working from wherever you’re camped out. The setup is super breezy too with the KING app. Spend more time exploring and less time troubleshooting!

Its biggest drawback is its reliance on existing WiFi signals, which won’t help in areas without any WiFi service at all. This isn’t a blanket solution for internet access on the road like satellite providers. However, when available signals are faint (like at an RV park), the KING KWM1000 works like a charm to strengthen and stabilize your connection.

For remote workers and streaming enthusiasts, the KING KWM1000 is a vital tool for a strong, steady internet presence. Embrace the remote lifestyle without sacrificing your connection.

25. Garmin RV 890

For the long-haul traveler, the Garmin RV 890 stands strong as GPS to accompany you on the roads ahead. Tailored for the RV world, this GPS goes beyond standard navigation with features that make traversing the country’s highways and byways silky smooth.

The expansive 8-inch touch display is easy on the eyes, promoting clarity and easy usage while driving. Additionally, its custom RV routing abilities take your vehicle’s size and weight into account before suggesting safe and efficient directions. It even keeps you informed on where to go with preloaded directories for RV parks and services, as well as integrated content from TripAdvisor!

While the price is high, it’s actually benchmarked pretty fairly for a top-shelf and top-brand RV GPS. The wealth of RV-specific features easily justifies the investment. And with WiFi updates, you’re always equipped with the latest maps and information.

Seriously, you won’t know how important it is to not rely on standard mapping until you’re 10 km down an unsealed road and doubling back to avoid a bridge too short for your RV. And when it comes to RV GPSes, the Garmin RV 890 is a very trustworthy co-pilot.

Get ready to explore with confidence. The open road calls.

26. DoHonest RV Backup Camera

And when you do have to make that awkward turnaround on the skinny, unsealed road, who’s gonna have your back? Reversing a behemoth-like RV is nerve-wracking at the best of times. And at its worst, it’s straight-up dangerous! (I’m thinking about those campsite bicycle kids again.)

DoHonest Backup Camera is designed to mitigate the stress of maneuvering those back-ups and five-plus-point turns. It gives you a clear and wide-angle rearview that mirrors just can’t hope to match.

The installation is sweet and easy with no complex wiring needed. Its wireless design and strong signal ensure you’re never flying blind, all the way up to distances of 36 feet. And with waterproofing and night vision capabilities, you’re ready to roll in any weather, day or night. 007, eat your heart out!

The image quality could be crisper, as could some design quirks about the product. (Like waiting for that annoying splash screen to bugger off every time you power up.)

But for the price and what the device does and does very well, it’s a steal. Save yourself the stress and safety hazards! Get a backup camera and never look back.

27. G-PLUG 30FT RG6 Coaxial Cable Set

When setting up your RV’s entertainment system, a reliable coaxial cable is non-negotiable. You need quality to ensure crispy and consistent signals.

The G-PLUG RG6 is one such coaxial cable. Made from high-quality material with careful construction, it’s a trustworthy tether to keep you connected on the roads ahead.

Its generous 30-foot length provides ample cable to run from your RV’s external input to your TV. Additionally, the weather-sealed ends of the cable resist the elements. This is a fantastic choice of cable if you’ll be heading into all kinds of weather.

However, while the thickness of the cable is a testament to its durability, it can be a bit stiff to maneuver during setup. It might take some effort to get everything going on the first time around. But once it’s in place, you’re set for a top-notch viewing experience.

If you like your adventures to be sprinkled with homey nights on the couch, then you need some binge-worthy TV! The G-PLUG is your connection to the world of entertainment on the go. Hook it up and enjoy your favorite soaps under the stars.

28. POWSAF RV Surge Protector 50 Amp

But all of this tech needs to be looked after well! Safeguarding your RV’s electrical system is vital to a successful expedition. Luckily, the POWSAF Surge Protector earns its stripes as the best electrical guard on the market. 

Not merely a surge protector, the POWSAF is a comprehensive electrical management system. That means it not only protects your electrical system against power surges but other hazards too! Things like:

  • Low voltage
  • Open ground/neutral
  • Reverse polarity

And more!

The POWSAF’s ability to handle up to 50 amps ensures compatibility with a wide range of RVs, including a lot of larger variants. Moreover, its weatherproof design means it can stand up to the weather gods without faltering.

It’s also a very reasonable price for an RV surge protector! The biggest gripe I have is that the plastic cover won’t securely fit over all types of plugs. This compromises the waterproofing somewhat (though a plastic bag offers an easy fix). 

But this is a small downside to peace of mind and protection on thousands to tens of thousands worth of RV gear. A robust surge protector that ensures electronic safety is a sound investment compared to the potential cost of replacing damaged RV electronics and costly repairs. Never risk your rig!

Always bring protection.

29. Camco TastePURE 50-Ft RV Water Hose

Water should taste like water, not like it came through a grotty sewer hose! That’s why the Camco TastePURE (designed specifically for RVs) is so essential. Built to deliver clean and tasty water, there’s zero reason not to stay hydrated.

At a generous 50 feet, the Camco TastePURE Water Hose gives you ample reach to connect to distant water sources. Alongside that flexibility, though, comes durability. Boasting kink-resistant and heavy-duty construction, the flow shall never slow!

But much like that coaxial, more length and durability means less pliability. A fifty feet drinking water hose is also a lot to store, so plan for the purchase!

Of course, these are small trade-offs for reliable performance and the assurance of safe, clean drinking water. Grand adventures into the unknown are excellent! Giardia… not so much. Just as you wouldn’t use a sewer hose for your drinking water, choosing the right hose like the TastePURE ensures that every drop remains pristine and safe.

30. TireMinder Smart TPMS with 4 Transmitters

If you haven’t got a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) yet, what are you waiting for!

Monitoring your tire pressure is incredibly important for a multitude of reasons, particularly safety. Not monitoring your tire pressure means you won’t know when they’re underinflated.

Low tire pressure can make your RV less responsive to steering commands and take longer to stop, which means you may not be able to react fast enough in emergency situations that require evasive steering or sudden braking.

Underinflated tires may also explode suddenly, which can be fatal when you’re driving at high speeds, as it could result in rollovers and severe crashes against cliffs or even with other vehicles.

So as you can see, monitoring tire pressure is inclement to safety, and there’s no better one than the TireMinder Smart TPMS.

Capable of monitoring up to 22 tires simultaneously and equipped with a Rhino Signal Booster to enhance signal strength across larger vehicles setups, it’ll get the job done on even the largest RVs. Its large, clear LCD display is also easy to read from the driver’s seat, and setup and installation are quite easy and intuitive.

It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny, bringing you increased fuel efficiency, extended tire life, and most importantly, safety.

Best Outdoor Accessories

What’s this? You can accessorize outdoors as well…?

Damn right, you can! Pimp that ride!

Beauty on the outside matters too, you know?

31. Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series

So, this is more an accessory FOR the outdoors. But, man oh man, it’s a doozy! NEVER leave home without a first aid kit.

The Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series stands strong as the lifesaver of your RV adventure. Whether it’s for campsite injuries or something more severe from outdoor activities, you need a comprehensive kit ready to tackle a wide range of injuries and ailments.

This is that kit.

Coming in several sizes, each one is packed with hospital-quality supplies, including things like:

  • Medications
  • Wound care options
  • Blister treatments
  • Medical instruments
  • Etcetera

Plus, everything has its own storage compartment for quick and easy access. The kit is intuitively designed, ensuring that even those with minimal medical knowledge can provide first aid in critical moments.

It is definitely on the bulkier side compared to a very basic kit. But that’s what you get for having an incredible breadth of medical resources at your fingertips! You might never need it, and that’s the best possible outcome. But when you need it, you’re sure as hell going to want it.

So don’t hit the road without the Mountain Series Medical Kit. Stay safe out there. Always be prepared.

32. ANDERSEN HITCHES 2-Pack Camper Leveler System

Why buy chocks when you can buy a whole chocking system? Equalize your heart out with the ANDERSEN HITCHES Leveler System – a must-have for any RV enthusiast! 

Gone are the days of fussing with unwieldy blocks or planks. Try getting it done in five minutes flat with this one-person RV leveling solution.

The beauty of this system lies in its simplicity. The two curved levelers work intuitively: simply drive up until you’re level, then chock away! 

Made from a high-strength polymer, they’re built to hold up to 30,000 lbs and accommodate tires up to 32″ in diameter They’re versatile for a wide variety of RV sizes and styles.

Compared to the cheap-as-chips and DIY solutions for leveling your RV, the ANDERSEN System is more expensive. But they’re a system that will sort you for life. Plus, they’re compact and lightweight, so you can lug them around with ease.

A stable camp is a secure camp. Even in a simple van, I’m a stickler for the perfect angle. So why not get an all-out solution and spend those precious seconds soaking up the perfect campsite instead?

33. Gimify Telescoping Extension Ladder

Sometimes a stool just isn’t sufficient. And in those times, you need mankind’s most lofty invention: the ladder.

Taking the award for the most vertically versatile outdoor RV accessory, the Gimify Telescoping Ladder will elevate your RV experience! Intelligent and portable, it’s a tool essential for both maintenance and leisure use. You never know when you’ll need it, but then you’ll be stoked you brought it when you do.

Crafted from premium aluminum alloy, the Gimify ladder is sturdy yet lightweight. Its extendable nature allows it to collapse to a fraction of its full height. It’s convenience and simplicity in one extendable package!

Capable of extending up to 12.5 feet, it provides ample height for most RV-related tasks. And the safety locking mechanism keeps you snug as a bug up there too as you whittle away your tasks. 

Do be careful at maximum height though. The downside of this product is common to most telescoping ladders. There is a slight flex when fully extended, which is a bit gnarly your first time around, to say the least! But how often are you using ladders at max height anyway?

This is an accessory of convenience. It might not be as necessary as a surge protector or holding tank deodorizer (a MUST-BUY), but it’s a good feeling remembering you packed the ladder when you needed it. 

Go-go gadget telescoping ladder!

Best Fun Accessories

Fun, yay! Everybody loves fun.

Well, not everybody. Some people are no fun at parties. And you shouldn’t invite them.

But that ain’t these accessories. These are THE accessories you ALWAYS want at your party.

Ready for some fun?

34. Alvantor Screen Camping Tent

Take the indoors with you anywhere. Mosquitoes and blowflies got you down? Just bring this sucker!

This super portable camping gazebo is a haven from pests with its tight mesh walls. The pop-up design is ingeniously simple, allowing for quick setup and takedown. Ain’t no unwanted visitors going to ruin dinner time now!

Lightweight yet resilient, the fiberglass frame stands up to breezes rather impressively. The waterproof roof will keep you dry in the drizzles too.

But though the tent is spacious, its large footprint might be cumbersome in cramped campground settings. But for the adventures, picnics, BBQs, or solitary park-ups, this gazebo is an incredibly easy-to-take luxury.

Enjoy the outdoors without the drawbacks with the Alvantor Tent. Complete your portable home with a mobile patio!

35. Solo Stove Ranger 2.0

Whoever said fires had to be so much hassle? Not anymore, thanks to Steve the Solo Stove!

The Ranger 2.0 is for RVers who cherish the campfire experience without the smoke and mess.

Innovation meets tradition in this compact, stainless steel fire pit. Honestly, these things are excellent for quickly setting up and disposing of fires and I can’t recommend them enough.

They utilize smart airflow technology to burn wood efficiently and greatly reduce the smoke output. Moreover, the Ranger 2.0 is designed for minimal impact, allowing you to take the ashes to be disposed of elsewhere and leave no trace behind.

It’s sturdy but easily light enough to carry by yourself. Furthermore, the double-wall design not only optimizes combustion but also ensures the exterior remains cooler, a total plus-one to safety when RV camping with kids or pets.

The downside is the cost. But if you’ve got the cash to splash and love a lookout with a fire (but not the hassle), I’d say go for it. Life’s too short not to have those unforgettable moments.

36. Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair

What better way to finish off the list than with something to park your tush in after the day of fun? For a gravity-defying recline, try the Sunjoy Zero Gravity. Experience relaxation that’s outta this world!

This chair is engineered for comfort. It features an ergonomic design that cradles your body in a chillax position and reduces joint pressure. It’s adjustable too, so you can secure the chair at your preferred recline angle. (And, yes, it does go all the way down – this is a very nap-worthy chair.)

Constructed with a durable steel frame and overlaid with mesh fabric, it’s built to breathe through many summers to come. It also folds down to a lean and slim profile, making storage a snap.

Do be warned, though, that this is far from an ultralight chair. In fact, it’s heavier than normal camping chairs. It’s slim, but all that heavy-duty construction nonetheless adds up.

But it’s built to cradle your keester with love whilst withstanding everything Zeus and the Olympians want to throw at it. And that’s exactly what it does! If your RV parks have been missing a little bit of relaxation luxury, this is the buy for you.

Our Verdict

Wooh, Mama! Thus the mega-roundup of RV must-haves concludes!

How did you go? Did you find the accessory to match your travel style?

I did, and mine is still the ARTOS Bedside Shelf Organizer. But I’m biased. Right now, my rig is crying out for some handy shelving. And these ones are stick-on!

However, there’s so much in this guide you could slot into your RV utility belt. And the only way to find out what you truly need is to experiment.

So get out there. Write the packing list, but don’t fret about the packing list TOO much either. Everything on the road has a way of working itself out.

Get out there, have an adventure or two, and when you’re done, come back to this post! You’ll have a better idea of exactly what you need.

And I’ll still be here. In spirit, of course. In actuality, I’ll be parked up somewhere bomb-ass like a river.

And chilling out with my sick new shelves. #shelflife

Oh and of course, before you start on the accessories, make sure not to forget the essentials for your RV.

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