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7 Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans Reviewed

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Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans

So you’re wondering what’s the best RV roadside assistance plan for your hard-earned dollars. Well, fellow traveler… you’re in the right place!

As a veteran RVlifer dedicated to offbeat exploration, I know the necessity of a comprehensive roadside assistance plan. I know what YOU need. And to prepare this review, I’ve scoured through policy after policy for dozens of plans. My eyeballs turned dry and crusty from the laborious levels of fine print I deciphered.

All to bring you the absolute best value roadside assistance for your RV trip!

The verdict is in: Good Sam takes the top spot. With unlimited towing and unlimited coverage, this will be the plan for most RV owners.

Remember, it’s about value. Not everyone needs to join a prestigious motor club for a plan that comes with everything (except the proverbial RV kitchen sink). Some people want cheaper prices. Some people want more control over their plan.

So if you’re looking for the BEST possible service for the BEST possible price, read on! Just make sure you do get one. Many RV road trips have been had without a roadside assistance plan, and many have crashed and burned without one too. It always pays to be safe.

So grab your proverbial sword and shield – your roadside assistance program will protect you! The safe and sensational life of the RV road warrior awaits.

Our Top 7 Picks

  1. Good Sam Roadside Assistance [Best Overall]
  2. Escapees RV Club [Best Full-Time]
  3. FMCA RV Roadside Assistance [Best Splurge]
  4. The Paragon Motor Club [Lowest Price]
  5. Coach-Net [Best Coverage]
  6. AAA Premier/Plus RV [Best Towing Control]
  7. Progressive Roadside Assistance [Best Package]

What is an RV Road Assistance Plan?

Alrighty, fellow nomads! If you’re new to this RV game or just need a little refresher, let’s walk you through your most trusted and crucial lifeline on the road.

The RV roadside assistance plan.

A roadside assistance plan is different from RV insurance. RV insurance compensates you when things go wrong, while roadside assistance is what gets you out of those sticky situations. That said, some RV insurance plans do include roadside assistance.

A roadside assistance plan is like a trusty Swiss Army Knife you keep in your back pocket. It’s packed with tools, always there when you need it, and a lifesaver in sticky situations. You never know how much you need a roadside assistance plan until the day you don’t have it in your most dire hour. And then suddenly you’re cursing yourself as you flag down strangers for several hours on an empty rural highway – I’ve been there!

In essence, a roadside plan provides specialized roadside assistance services for RVers in case of emergencies on the road. No matter where you may be, your plan provider will send you help to get you out of a bind.

Examples of the indispensable services you’ll get from any basic roadside assistance plan include:

  • Support in the case of breakdowns – Including repairs or towing to a suitable repair station.
  • Help with lockouts and lost keys – Including dispatching locksmith services or someone who is just better at jimmying than you.
  • New tire and fuel delivery – While you should always be traveling with spares, having tire assistance and fuel delivery available is a huge weight off your shoulders.
  • Flat battery assistance – This is as important as it is relieving when you have a dead battery.
  • Emergency accommodation and travel assistance – So your trip can continue in some fashion if your RV will be out of service for repairs!

Given how many services are generally available, it’s crucial to pick apart a plan’s policy and ensure it meets your needs. From basic RV coverage to more deluxe packages, it’s all about finding that sweet spot that suits your travel style and budget. Which is why you have this guide!

My years on the road have taught me that it’s never a matter of “if”. It’s a matter of “when”

A roadside assistance plan isn’t just a purchase you make for yourself. It’s a purchase you make for your mom. She wants you home in one piece!

What Should We Look for When Buying RV Assistance Plans?

Ahhh, the million-dollar question. (Or perhaps the hundred-dollar question depending on your plan)

Investing in a roadside assistance plan is crucial. But with so many options out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t fret! This seasoned dirtbag has the roadmap you need to pick the right plan for you.

Does the Plan Cover Your RV?

Firstly and most importantly, not all RVs are created equal. There are Class A, B, and C motorhomes, fifth wheels, travel trailers… the list goes on!

I personally roll with a Class B, so I’ve found that most plans cover my steed. Class C and A drivers might find they need to opt for deluxe plans that offer a bigger tow truck. On the other hand, trailer setups tend to have an easier go finding a plan since almost any tow truck will do.

Always double-check if your type of RV is covered by a plan before signing up! A little read of the fine print before you buy can save a lot of heartache later down the line.

Allowable Towing Distance

Super important! If you’re a traveler who likes to head far out, the last thing you want to realize when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere is that your plan only covers a 10-mile tow. 

Some plans offer unlimited towing while others have a mileage cap. And in a country as big as one 50 states wide, that really matters!


Money matters, friendos. While we all love a good deal, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. We want value.

Consider what’s included in a plan and weigh it against the cost. A classic rule of budget travel is that sometimes skimping on a few bucks upfront can lead to hefty costs later. Balance is key. Look for plans that give you the best value, not just the lowest price.

Emergency Provisions

This is your safety net when things go south. Some plans offer added benefits like emergency medical assistance, trip interruption services, or even pet care for the furrier members of your family! 

Dive into the nitty-gritty of what RV emergencies your road assistance plan covers. Given that most roadside assistance programs cover the basics, it’s these little details that elevate the service.

The 7 Best RV Roadside Assistance Plans

Now it’s time to dive in! Of all the RV roadside assistance plans on the market, I’ve gone and selected the top choices.

So what better place to start than with the best!

Best Overall

1. Good Sam Roadside Assistance

  • Coverage: Standard plan covers travel trailers, Platinum plan and up covers all other RVs. All plans cover policyholder’s family and dependents too
  • Towing: Unrestricted towing to nearest qualified repair center
  • Roadside Services: Unlimited coverage for all expected services

Topping off the list is Good Sam who tops a lot of the lists of the best RV roadside assistance plans across the interwebs for their incredible service and value. When you’re up a certain creek without a paddle, you need a good Samaritan!

I personally love the value of Good Sam. When pitted against plans like Escapees and FMCA, there’s an obvious price advantage. While those roadside assistance programs cater wonderfully to full-time RV enthusiasts, not every RVer is clocking in those heavy miles. For part-time nomads like myself who want more control and no yearly memberships, Good Sam offers differently priced tiers of services for different needs.

There is a membership, but it’s not necessary to purchase the plan. As for the plans, they come in four tiers, and ALL but the most premium are cheaper than Escapees and FMCA.

Keep in mind that across most RV roadside assistance plans, the services are pretty one-to-one. Good Sam Roadside Assistance is no different! Everything you’d expect is on offer. However, the platinum plan also covers multiple RVs as well as leased or rented ones.

The last big bonus feature that caught my attention is their emergency fuel and fluids delivery. If you have ever been on a long and empty road stretch with your dwindling fuel gauge mocking you, you’ll understand why this is so awesome. In an emergency, they offer up to five gallons of fuel delivery (or other essential fluids) straight to you!

Truthfully, there’s not much negative to say about Good Sam. You don’t get the sweeping discounts and other bonuses of Escapees and FMCA. However, you do get a much cheaper plan.

Perhaps I’m partial courtesy of my last name, but I would 100% recommend Good Sam!

Best Full-Time

2. Escapees RV Club

  • Coverage: All RV types, household members, and dependents
  • Towing: Unrestricted towing to nearest qualified repair facility
  • Roadside Services: Unlimited coverage for all expected services

Up next is Escapees RV Club. They offer a very comprehensive roadside assistance plan well suited for full-time RVers. Offering a huge array of roadside services – including personal assistance and concierge services – there’s nary a sticky situation this plan won’t be able to get you out of.

In addition to these services, you also receive unlimited access to the resources of SafeRide Motor Club. This means you can utilize their 24/7 technical support hotline as well as their library of road trip-worthy resources. This includes travel information, maps and itineraries, various discounts, and trip routing support.

However, all this value does come with a major caveat. To purchase the Escapees RV Club Roadside Assistance Plan, you will first need to be a club member. If you’re not already, this drives the upfront cost of the plan up by $100-plus.

Then again, maybe that’s a win! Escapees’ members get all kinds of terrific freebies and more. You’ll find yourself scoring all kinds of discounts across the country alongside access to a mail-forwarding service, mobile app, and oodles of community features for sharing in the wonders of the RV lifestyle with like-minded nomads.

All of these reasons pin this RV roadside assistance program in our top spot for full-time RVers. Personally, I wouldn’t say it’s the optimal pick for part-time and casual RVers, nor is it my go-to (since I’m part-time). But for full-time RVlifers who will make good use of the swathe of spectacular membership benefits, Escapees has you covered.

Best Splurge

3. FMCA RV Roadside Assistance

  • Coverage: All household members, passengers, policyholder dependents, and RV types (motorized RVs cost extra)
  • Towing: Unrestricted towing to nearest qualified repair center
  • Roadside Services: Unlimited coverage for all expected services

Stepping up to a more premium plan, we have FMCA’s aptly named Roadside Rescue. I’ve seen a lot of RV assistance plans, but FMCA’s stands tall as a luxury choice for the full-time road warrior.

Compared to the Escapees RV Club’s plan, it’s pretty similar. The same services are on offer, from top-notch towing to high-class technical assistance and even trip interruption support. In fact, Escapees RV Club might edge out FMCA due to their extra coverage of non-RV vehicles.

And similar to Escapees, you need to purchase an FMCA membership first. This is where the extra price and extra value come in. Though the Escapees plan might edge out FMCA, FMCA’s membership benefits are just a little more appealing. They offer:

  • Oodles of discounts including insurance, camping, and more
  • Various travel services like windshield replacement
  • And other, albeit more comprehensive, services and resources similar to Escapees

But this all does come at a higher price. The membership prices between the two choices are actually very comparable, but FMCA’s roadside assistance program costs more.

Like Escapees, it’s a roadside assistance plan only recommended for full-time RVers (in order to reap those member bonuses). And between Escapees and FMCA, it’s down to how much you want those membership bonuses.

Of course, what about the option for people who haven’t fully thrown their traditional lifestyles to the wind? Or are just looking for a cheaper road assistance plan?

Read on!

Lowest Price

4. The Paragon Motor Club

  • Coverage: Two separate plans for motorhomes and towables, only cover policyholder
  • Towing: Up to $200 (~15 miles) or $400 (~100 miles) of towing on Classic and Advantage plans respectively
  • Roadside Services: Classic plan covers basic services, Advantage plan offers higher-level services.

Much like Good Sam, cost-effectiveness and versatility are Paragon Motor Club’s calling cards. Covering motorhomes and towable trailers, their service is attached to the person, not the vehicle. So whether you’re in your trusty old RV, a borrowed SUV, or a rented trailer, Paragon will look after you!

They offer two plans: the Classic and the Advantage. Both weigh in a bit cheaper than Good Sam for very similar services. The Classic plan offers all the basic services but with limits that might incur additional costs. For example, winching only covers up to $100 of the service cost. 

The Advantage package steps this up, throwing in enhanced limits on covered services during breakdowns. Additionally, you’ll get higher-level services such as discounts, legal support, and ambulance reimbursements.

However, there is a lot of fine print and nuance to the policies. For example, while the plan covers the policyholder and one associate, extending coverage to other family members comes with a fee. Similarly, deciphering between the two plans’ service limits is a total headache.

It’s essential to consider these headaches. While Paragon does present a tempting initial cost, the bigger picture reveals some concerns. Hidden costs, service limits, a lack of transparency, and sparse consumer feedback make it a gamble purchase.

It is a good choice for any RVers looking for the absolute cheapest up-front purchase, even more so than Good Sam. Personally, though, I prefer my policies without niggly fine print and unexpected costs. In my opinion, the more straightforward Good Sam plans are the better budget pick.

Best Coverage

5. Coach-Net

  • Coverage: Two separate plans for towables and motorhomes, both cover policyholder’s family members and dependents
  • Towing: Unlimited towing to nearest qualified repair facility
  • Roadside Services: Comprehensive assistance across the board which includes all basic and high-level services

It’s pricey, but it’s comprehensive! With Coach-Net Premier, it’s all about top-tier coverage. In contrast to Paragon, it’s also very straightforward.

The two tiers of plans are named per their vehicle coverage (“Towable” or “Coach”). Also, the whole fam is covered as are any other vehicles driven – bought or borrowed! That means ALL your personal vehicles are covered by the plan.

But the comprehensive coverage continues with the services on offer. Alongside limit-free basic services, there are discounts, trip support, and a 24/7 RV Technical Assistance Hotline. So when you’re facing a technical snag or just need guidance on RV operations, there’s always a friend on standby to lend a helping hand!

But all this coverage comes at a cost, and that cost is high. Both plans cost more than Escapees or FMCA WITH their memberships. In particular, the Coach plan for all motorized RVs stands as the most expensive plan on this list.

Coach-Net is the choice of roadside assistance for RV lovers and enthusiasts who want peace of mind and don’t mind paying for it. If you’re looking for no-holds-barred coverage that leaves no stone unturned, Coach-Net is the best choice for you.

Best Towing Control

6. AAA Premier/Plus RV

  • Coverage: RV Trailers up to 32 feet (Premier plan extends to other RV types)
  • Towing: Four tows up to 100 miles each. One tow up to 200 miles, subsequent tows up to 100 miles
  • Roadside Services: All basic services (Premier plan adds travel interruption services)

Up next is AAA. Honestly, there’s only one real benefit to AAA’s roadside assistance plans and then a lot of downsides.

They do indeed cover RVs (on their Plus and Premier plans). Just like Escapees and FMCA, you first need to pay for a membership before you can purchase your road assistance plan. But the membership also comes with a lot of bonuses.

All the services you’d hope for are available. But dig deeper into both the AAA Premier and Plus RV plans and the real perk becomes clear: AAA’s approach to towing is unmatched! While many services simply tow you to the nearest repair facility, AAA hands over the reins, letting you decide the destination. Having that choice can be a game changer for some RVers.

But that’s where my gushing ends. After that, it’s all fine print and policy. For example, towing is neither unrestricted in distance, nor do you get unlimited tows per year. Family members are only covered if they have their own AAA membership. Locksmith services are only covered up to $100.

In this humble author’s opinion, for an organization that’s been around more than 100 years, that’s just weaksauce. Some fine print is fine, of course. But by the time you’ve bought a membership, bought a plan, figured out its limits, and gotten serviced, you’ll be kicking yourself for not having gone with Good Sam. Or even Coach-Net! It might be twice as expensive, but there’s a quarter of the hassle.

Really, the decision to opt for AAA boils down to how much you want towing flexibility. If having control over your tow destination is a priority, then AAA is one of the only RV roadside assistance companies on the market that offer that service. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it.

Best Package

7. Progressive Roadside Assistance

  • Coverage: 24/7 Roadside Assistance as add-on to insured vehicle’s policy.
  • Towing: Anywhere within 15 miles or nearest qualified repair center otherwise
  • Roadside Services: All basic services + one hour of on-site labor

Progressive offers a strange roadside assistance package for RVs as first you need to have your vehicle insured by them. Then you purchase the roadside plan as an add-on. This does lead to some wild variations in costs.

But you do then get 24/7 availability backed by and delivered by Agero. Agero is a roadside name synonymous with trust for millions of drivers, servicing over 80 million drivers across the USA.

Progressive does offer a comprehensive range of services to get you out of most roadside hitches. From the basic jump-starts and fuel deliveries to an hour of on-site labor, you will be sorted. And if not, they’ll tow you!

The towing capacity is pretty straightforward too. Like AAA, you get a bit of choice with towing. You can opt for a repair shop of your choice provided you’re willing to pay the extra mileage cost. Or you can opt to be towed ANYWHERE in a 15-mile radius.

Of course, as great as this sounds, you do need to purchase a Progressive insurance policy for your RV first. That’s going to severely limit who this plan is best for.

If they seem like the choice of provider for your RV insurance, then the assistance plan might make perfect sense! I’ve included it on the list for those exact people. Everyone else should refer to any of the choices earlier on this list.

Except for Paragon or AAA because I strongly disapprove of their methods.

Are RV Roadside Assistance Plans Needed? 

Embarking on an RV adventure means the thrill of the open road. But the thrill of the open road means the uncertainties of travel. Many RV adventurists, particularly the crustier and more budget-focused, may find themself wondering if RV roadside assistance is truly essential.

Ultimately, it’s subjective and depends on individual circumstances. A weekend warrior hitting local sites will have very different needs than a cross-country traveler venturing into new frontiers. However, one undeniable truth exists… 

Safety should always be paramount.

Consider the vast expanses of roads ahead of you with unforeseen conditions, mechanical breakdowns, and emergencies. In these moments, a road assistance plan can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a trip-derailing crisis. These plans are tailored to the unique challenges RVers face.

In essence, it’s a safety net. A reassurance that, even in the loneliest stretches of your journey, help is just a call away. Years on the road, whether it’s by way of RV, foot, or thumb, have taught me that it’s always better to travel with a safety net.

While you might go years without needing your plan, the peace of mind it offers is invaluable. As the time-tested adage goes…

 “It’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.”

So, in summary, yes. They might not seem to do much, but having an RV roadside assistance plan is essential. While the necessity of an RV roadside assistance plan may vary by context, the investment in safety and peace of mind is universal.

Unless your RV just sits in your driveway and serves more as another spare room for visitors. Then it’s definitely not essential!

Our Verdict

In the words of the old man from the very first Legend of Zelda as he hands you your trusty sword… 

“It’s dangerous to go alone… Take this!”

And never were truer words spoken. Before you hit the winding highways and byways of the American continent (and beyond), choose your greatest tool. An RV roadside assistance plan might not always be necessary. But from the wisdom of a long-time nomad who has had wayyy too many close calls, you won’t regret the purchase when the moment of need comes.

Personally, I would opt for the tier of Good Sam’s plan that covers what you need. It’s cheaper, it’s versatile, and there’s no stinkin’ membership!

But if you are a full-time RVer who will use all member benefits, Escapees or FMCA is the choice of plan. Both share many similarities, but I would prefer the slightly cheaper Escapees RV Club plan.

Whatever you do though, do get a roadside assistance plan, even if it’s not from our list! They keep you safe! They get you home in one piece.

And there’s nobody that wants to see you home safe more than me and the RV Properly team. And your mom.

P.S. Since you’re getting a roadside assistance plan, you probably have an RV. If you’re looking to get any RV gear, check our list of the best RV gear!

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