8 Best RV Refrigerators Reviewed

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Best RV Refrigerators

Ahh, yes, I see you’ve landed on this devilishly informative buyer’s guide about the best RV refrigerators…

Fantastic! Getting out on the road means getting hot and sweaty. And getting hot and sweaty means craving a refreshing, cold drink.

My time on the road has taught me how crucial the creature comforts of cooled beverages and long-lasting food are on the lonely road. And after plowing through a few stinkers, I can safely say I’ve found the best refrigerator for RVing.

The crown winner is the Norcold Refrigerator Polar N10DC. Effective, efficient, and extra roomy, it will cover basically any RVer’s needs in those campsites and park-ups ahead.

But don’t take my word for it. And certainly don’t buy a stinker! Keep reading and see the other seven picks, each suited for a different style of road-warrior.

Stay frosty!

What You Need To Have In An RV Refrigerator

When it comes to outfitting your RV with the perfect refrigerator, there are a few key factors to consider.

Taking the time to ponder these things before your purchase helps a lot! The last thing you want after purchasing a brand new RV refrigerator is to find that it’s too big or the wrong power source.

Then, you’ll be right back to square one… (Reading this guide!)


Consider the size of your RV’s fridge! 

Do you want a smaller cooler just to keep your drinks cold? A half-size mini-fridge?  A more traditional vertical setup? RV refrigerators come in all shapes and sizes!

Personally, I prefer a compact fridge that fits snugly into the available space in my setup. However, some might prefer creating more room for a more sizable unit in preparation for a long road trip. Either way, measure the available space carefully to ensure a proper fit BEFORE you buy.

And if you’re still planning to purchase other appliances, make sure there’s enough space left in your RV for your remaining appliances after you install your refrigerator.


Consider your lifestyle and dining habits too. Then, buy a fridge with a matching capacity!

As a mostly solo traveler, a small capacity is enough for me. But couples, families, or even just full-time RVers living the dream might need 7-10+ cubic feet of fridge storage.

Power Source

Options for power sources are usually either…

  1. Propane gas
  2. Electric
  3. Or a dual power source of both

And regarding electric units, they can be 12V, 110V, and other variations. Consider what will work in your setup, and go for a dual power source if maximum utility is your preference.

You may also want to consider incorporating shore power into your RV if you frequently stop at places with an external power supply you can use.


Life on the road can be rough and bumpy, so your RV fridge’s durability is key. Look for a refrigerator with sturdy construction and reliable seals to withstand all the potholes and unsealed backroads ahead.


Keep an eye on the fridge’s bonus features too. Look out for automatic settings, reversible hinges, and modifiable interior organization.

Also, one feature that’s overlooked way too often is a refrigerator fan. This handy gadget helps circulate air inside the fridge for even cooling and zero hot spots. Plus, it can help reduce energy consumption by maintaining a consistent temperature inside.

The 8 Best RV Refrigerators

Chill out, van-bros! The 8 best RV fridges are coming at you right now, starting with the BEST of the best…

Best Overall

1. Norcold Refrigerator Polar N10DC 10 cu.ft

  • Dimensions: 60” H x 23.5” W x 24” D
  • Weight: 124 lbs
  • Capacity: 10 cu. ft
  • Voltage: 12V DC

Chill your cheeses and wine with Norcold’s N10DC. It swings down and coolly sweeps away the top position of the best overall RV fridge.

Boasting a fully computerized AND fully customizable interface, you’ve got settings and control in your hands! For frugal travelers, there’s a low-power Night Mode too.

With a healthy storage capacity and even healthier cooling capacity, you can pan your road treats for optimal snacking potential. The compressor is real quiet too. The only real drawback to the N10DC is that it might be too big or too expensive and overkill for smaller, cheaper rigs.

But for those humble road warriors, we have more options! And for everyone else, the Norcold is an easy buy that will chill your cheeses for many sunsets to come.

Best Splurge

2. Dometic Refrigerator DM2652RB 8.0 Cubic Feet

  • Dimensions: 63.5″ H x 143″ W x 28.5″ D 
  • Weight: 130 pounds
  • Capacity: 8 cu. ft
  • Voltage: Dual power (110V AC or LP gas)

Looking to shell out on the baddest and most beautiful RV refrigerating experience? Then splurge on the Dometic DM2652RB and never taste lukewarm beverages again!

This rugged fridge is packed with features that cater to more luxurious RVing tastes. From its automatic electronic controls to full 180-degree opening doors, convenience is the name of the game. And the Dometic’s versatile racking only ups that game more with top-notch internal organization!

Sadly, this brilliance does come at a cost. And that cost is the cost! The DM2652RB comes with a hefty price tag and still falls a bit short with its smaller capacity. Some premium shoppers admittedly might crave a bit more space.

Still, the Dometic is a top-of-the-line product for RVers seeking a splurge-worthy choice. Or for a more budget-friendly option, try the next fridge on our list….

Best Budget

3. SMETA Refrigerator

  • Dimensions: 27.1″ H x 18.7″ W x 18″ D 
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Capacity: 2.1 cu. ft.
  • Voltage: Dual Power (12V DC / 110V AC or LP gas)

Small and cheap, but with power packed into a snack-size serving, the SMETA is a top choice for RVers on a tight budget!

This compact and energy efficient refrigerator offers the perfect solution for nomads with modest needs. Whether you’re traveling solo or in a cozy Class B comrade, its smaller size and lighter weight make it a breeze to install and operate.

Still, at such a cheap price, the SMETA does not slack on features. Most notable is its versatility in power sources! Whether it’s a campground hookup, your RV’s battery, or ol’ reliable propane, this fridge has you covered across all environments!

Its small stature does make it more nuanced in the type of RVer it serves. The SMETA is a great budget and size-friendly option. However, it won’t be suitable for larger RVing families or luxury travelers who want more storage space and advanced features.

But for van travelers and budget-minded nomads, the SMETA is the compact and affordable quiet fridge you’ve been searching for! If not, the Dometic and Norcold offer more roomy solutions.

Best Off-Grid

4. RecPro Refrigerator 10.7 Cu. Ft. RV

  • Dimensions: 59″ H x 23.5″ W x 26″ D
  • Weight: 112 lbs
  • Capacity: 10 cu. ft
  • Voltage: 12V DC

Are you a bonafide boondocker who likes their roads unsealed and park-ups solitary? Then try the RecPro Refrigerator! Boasting excellent energy efficiency and optimal off-grid performance, the RecPro is the offbeat RVer’s best frigid friend.

This low-maintenance fridge is built for the offroads! Constructed with ample internal space and a frost-free design, you won’t need to waste time on the refrigerator’s upkeep while out in the wilderness, even for extended periods of time.

Moreover, the RecPro performs at its best when hooked into a rig equipped with two deep-cycle batteries and a solar panel. It really is an offroader’s dream!

The biggest downside is that the RecPro operates solely on 12V power. Though not a massive point against it, this does limit your power options out in the sticks.

But despite its voltage limitation, the RecPro Refrigerator is a high-efficiency, high-capacity steal. If you’re in the market for an RV refrigerator that excels off-grid but still doesn’t break the bank, this one’s a solid choice.

Best Compact

5. Whynter Refrigerator FM-65G 65-Quart

  • Dimensions: 21.0″ H x 30.98″ W x 23.0″ D
  • Weight: 57 lbs
  • Capacity: 2.12 cu. ft
  • Voltage: 12V DC / 120V AC

The Whynter FM-65G is another compact king designed for travelers seeking performance in a small package. It clocks in with just a bit more junk in the trunk than the SMETA (and with a slightly higher price tag to match). Overall, it’s a good balance of fridge sitting between large-capacity powerhouses and something more humble.

Operating on both 115V AC and 12V DC power sources, this fridge offers flexibility for various setups. Its chest style means you can lug it between the home and motorhome a bit more freely too. It even packs an icy wallop, capable of cooling between -8°F to 50°F for a full freezer experience or just to function as an ice maker.

But while the Whynter excels in performance, it does collect condensation more than vertical setups. This may also rust the internal storage baskets if you’re not careful. 

Despite this drawback, the Whynter remains a top choice for resource and space-minded travelers. If you loved what the SMETA offered but wanted just a little more juice in the caboose, this fridge is the perfect upgrade.

Best Efficiency

6. Dometic Refrigerator DMC4101 10 Cu. Ft

  • Dimensions: 59.6″ H x 23.6″ W x 27.5″ D
  • Weight: 127.9 lbs
  • Capacity: 10 cu. ft.
  • Voltage: 12V DC

The Dometic DMC4101 is the epitome of efficiency. It’s the perfect fit for travelers who prioritize energy savings and low resource consumption over bells and whistles in their RV gear.

This fridge is tailor-made to minimize power consumption while maximizing cooling performance. This is primarily done with…

  1. A smart variable speed compressor that ensures low power consumption.
  2. An automatic temperature setting that optimizes cooling efficiency and maintains the optimal temperature.

One feature I DO NOT like is the lack of reversible door hinges. Plan your installation of the Dometic DMC4101 carefully cause those doors only swing one way! 

That is a small nitpick though. If the Dometic fits, it fits! And in return, you’re scoring a high-efficiency, high-capacity fridge that runs like a dream. Alternatively, if you do need reversible hinges, the RecPro is a similarly efficient alternative.

Best Storage

7. Avanti Refrigerator RA7316PST

  • Dimensions: 59.6″ H x 23.6″ W x 27.5″ D
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Capacity: 7.4 cu. ft.
  • Voltage: 120V AC

Ready to bedazzle the lives of RV culinary connoisseurs on the road is the Avanti RA7316PST! Sitting at a nice balance between size and functionality, this RV fridge is for shoppers who value smart storage.

The Avanti stacks storage on storage! It features: 

  • A dedicated freezer space
  • Modifiable shelves
  • Door bins
  • And a crisper drawer 

Basically, you’ve got endless storage options for all your essentials and creature comforts on the road.

I’m not a fan of the glass shelves. Just imagine hearing the all-too-familiar sound of glass breaking after going over a steep hump. Of course, this is still a RV refrigerator and not a residential refrigerator, so it should be built for tough terrains. But I can still foresee the glass shelves posing a problem for bumpier rides. And the 120V setup may not be suitable for all RV setups.

But I do like smart storage, and the Avanti lays it on thick! If the lack of 12V or the smaller capacity isn’t the right fit for you, the Norcold or Dometic might work better. But for those who have a compatible rig and love their type-A smart storage as much as me, the Avanti delivers for all type-A RVers around.

Best Longevity

8. Norcold Refrigerator 4 N410.3UR

  • Dimensions: 27.38″ H x 27.38″ W x 40.69″ D
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Capacity: 4.5 cu. ft.
  • Voltage: Dual Power (12V DC / 120V AC or LP gas)

Norcold does it again! This time, it’s their love, laugh, live-for-a-long-time model: the N410.3UR. It’s a compact and sturdy beast built for RV travelers who value their gear’s longevity. 

Featuring a dual power system and built-in diagnostic controls for easy troubleshooting, there’s always a way to get your refrigerator running (hurhur) no matter what’s ailing it. And if not, you’ve got the included 3-year warranty to cover you instead!

This isn’t a full-size RV refrigerator. It’s a smaller, half-size unit that may not suit all RV travelers. But those in larger rigs might even consider the Norcold N410.3UR as a backup fridge for overstocks of the brewskis. 

And for everyone else, it’s a compact RV refrigerator with a product lifecycle designed to last a lifetime.

Our Verdict

And that’s it! Stay cool out there, folks. The globe do be warming. 😉

If you’re after the top pick one last time and my personal favorite full-size RV fridge, go the Norcold Polar N10DC. It lacks a dual power source, but knocks it out of the park in every other area, including the capacity and price.

Or, for a more compact choice, the SMETA Refrigerator is my compact king. It’s a functional storage setup for short-term RVing and comes equipped with multiple power sources!

Otherwise, the last piece of advice to send off this article is to simply get a fridge, ideally before your next trip. ANY fridge (Just not a residential fridge, because they’re less energy efficient and not built for rough terrains).

Sure, you can slum it in an RV without one. But then, your leftovers don’t last, your chocolate melts, and your coffees are all black…

And this nomad needs his lattes!

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