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21 Best RV Storage Ideas of All Time

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RV Storage Ideas

Are you wondering how to make the best use of space in your RV? You’ve come to the right place. Just as we all know that there are many RV storage ideas today, choosing the right one can be quite difficult for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look into the ultimate organization ideas that will make your living space more comfortable. We’ll also explore the ways to turn your RV/camper into a place of style and function.

Best RV Storage Ideas

The decision to expand your RV storage space opens you to a world of great possibilities. Although the process is a bit overwhelming, I am here to guide you through. 

I have spent more than 10 years learning the basics of compact living and by sharing what I have learnt, I hope you can get better at RV storage. 

We will take a closer look at each idea and how well it has worked to save space. We’ll also talk about the weaknesses of these RV organization ideas.  

Remember, this list is based on my experiences and personal interests. Yours might be different and what worked for me might not be the best for you. I advise you to read this guide with the mindset of discovering something new. 

So, without further delay, let’s unlock what I think are the best organization ideas that will help you to improve your mobile space.

Command Hooks

Command Hooks are a popular storage solution that was created to help you clear up counter space. With these hooks, you will find it easy to hang items without the need to drill holes. 

However, command hooks are not totally foolproof. For example, their light weight means you can’t use them to hang heavy objects. 

Despite these shortcomings, command hooks remain accepted by RVers or students who need a cheap method for clearing up counter space.

Here’s how Command Hooks can improve your RV storage: 

  • They can hang light materials like towels or hats
  • They offer a 1 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of Command Hooks are: 

  • They can’t hold heavy materials like shoes or food items
  • Their materials can be affected by hot temperatures 

Tips for using Command Hooks: 

  • Clean your cabinets or walls with alcohol
  • Apply adhesive on the surface
  • Attach the hooks to the surface
  • Wait for 30 seconds to make it stable 

Mesh Bags

Mesh bags are an efficient solution for you to keep your outdoor gear organized and easily accessible. One of my friends who used these bags told me it helped him to keep his hiking boots and fishing gear in a special way such that he didn’t have to sift through cluttered space to find out what he needed.  

He also said that while the bags offer numerous benefits for storage, they do come with some limitations like limited protection against theft and sometimes, he found it hard to clean the dirts that get trapped in the mesh. 

However, as a middle class earner, a mesh bag was the only storage idea he could easily afford. So, if you’re on a budget, you can try it out. 

Some of the strengths of mesh bags are: 

  • They will help you to maintain a clutter-free RV
  • They offer a 2 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of mesh bags are: 

  • They can’t pack many items at once
  • They might not help you to keep some items secured

Tips for using mesh bags: 

  • Get the items you want to organize
  • Choose a mesh bag of appropriate size 
  • Fill the bags with the items
  • Hang the bags on hooks
  • Clean the bags regularly to avoid stains 

Under Table Storage Drawers

The truth is many RVs are not made with storage drawers and for you to get one, you have to buy an under table storage drawer from online stores like Amazon, Camping world, and RV upgrades. 

There are many brands of these storage drawers but personally, I prefer the SVNNELP brand because I once used it and it helped me to eliminate fall hazards and reduce mess. 

In those days, I only struggled with two things while using my drawer. One of them was its limited capacity and of course, the other was wear and tear from overloading. 

However, it still remained a top choice for me since I cared about child safety and I don’t like to see dust on my items. So, if you are like me, you have to embrace the under-table storage drawers. 

Some of the strengths of these drawers are: 

  • They will help to keep your items from dust 
  • They offer a 5 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of these drawers are: 

  • They can’t be used for larger items
  • They can affect table stability on RVs 

Tips for using the drawers: 

  • Make sure there is space under your table
  • Use the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the drawers 
  • Only store essentials like dishes or napkins

Stackable Storage Rack

One of my favorite RV storage ideas, a stackable storage rack consists of shelves that can be stacked on top of each other in an RV. I found it helpful because it helped me to store my clothes, bags, and kitchen appliances. 

The only barrier I faced from using this storage rack is that some of my items could suddenly fall or shift during travel. I have also discovered that overloading the stack makes it difficult for me to reach lower items, so you can learn from my mistakes. 

However, if you need a quick and simplified storage system, you can try out the stackable storage rack. 

Some of the strengths of the storage rack are: 

  • They are made from strong materials and will surely last long
  • They  offer a 3 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of the storage rack are: 

  • They might not allow you to access lower items with ease
  • They can cause damage to some items when they fall 

Tips for using the storage rack: 

  • Identify were the rack fits best
  • Put the racks on top of each other
  • Make sure the racks are stable
  • Only store materials that are not breakable 

IKEA Shoe Storage Bin

I got my first IKEA shoe storage bin in 2007 and it made me know what it means to maximize storage in a tiny space. This  shoe storage bin helped me to get rid of the mess in my RV. 

But just as the name implies, this storage bin is only ideal for shoe storage and not for other storage needs. 

Some of the strengths of the storage bin are: 

  • They help to prevent your shoes from accumulating dust
  • They offer a 10 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of the storage bin are: 

  • They can only hold 8 pairs of shoes
  • They can’t provide total security for your stored shoes

Tips for using the shoe storage bin: 

  • Divide your shoes in different categories by type or use 
  • Keep your shoes clean 
  • Use labels to identify your shoes when needed

Simple Adhesive Shoe Storage

The simple adhesive shoe storage is quite similar to the IKEA shoe storage bin but uses a better method to make shoes organized in an RV. One of my cousins used this method some years ago and he told me that the adhesive allows for easy installation and also prevents the interior of his mobile vehicle from being damaged. 

My cousin also told me that the adhesive shoe storage is of a limited capacity and couldn’t hold the shoes of every one in his family. However, I called him last week and he told me he still uses it. That’s to tell you that the simple adhesive shoe storage is still an attractive choice for those seeking a quick solution to shoe storage. 

Some of the strengths of the shoe storage are: 

  • They can last for 10 years
  • They offer a 10 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of the shoe storage are: 

  • They can get weak and lead to shoe damage
  • They can’t be comfortable for a large family 

Tips for using the shoe storage: 

  • Clean the surface with alcohol and let it dry
  • Remove adhesive covering from the storage holder
  • Slide your shoes into the holder 

Pantry Food Storage Bins

Pantry food storage bins were made to help you with RV kitchen organization. Trust me, this method is very effortless and I am a living testimony to this brilliant storage idea. 

The moment I became an RV enthusiast, I began to look for RV kitchen storage ideas to put my kitchen in order and after some little research, I came across this food storage bin and it has helped me in many ways. 

For example, rodents have not been able to access my food for 5 years now and my ingredients are usually preserved by this storage bin. The only thing I consider a disadvantage is the fact that stored items may spill or shift during travel. 

Nevertheless, If you want your food items to remain fresh, I’ll advise you to go for the pantry bin. 

Some of the strengths of the pantry bin are: 

  • They can preserve food items for a long time
  • They offer a 5 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of the pantry bin are: 

  • They are not suitable for all your food items
  • They can cause breakage of some food items

Tips for using the pantry bin: 

  •  Arrange your food items according to category
  • Put the items in the bin but don’t include liquid diet 

Shower Hamper

A shower hamper is installed in the RV shower and can be used to store various items like clothes, toiletries, and kitchen utensils. If you fall into the group of people that like to kill two birds with one stone, you are like me. What do I mean? 

I mean if you like using a single technique to store many items in your RV, then the shower hamper is more suitable for you. 

However, have it at the back of your mind that if you want to use this particular storage idea, then you must be ready to spend money because it’s not so affordable. A shower hamper can cost a lot of dollars and some might even be worth thousands of dollars. 

Some of the strengths of shower hamper are: 

  • They can last for 5 years
  • They offer a 5 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of shower hamper are: 

  • They are not easy to install
  • They are expensive 

Tips for using the shower hamper: 

  • Attach the hamper to the RV bathroom wall using the provided hook
  • Open the hamper’s frame
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Empty and clean the hamper regularly

Clothing Organisers

If you are in need of a separate chamber for your different clothes and accessories, you can try the clothes organizers. 

Examples of these organizers include cupboards, folding boards, and sealed bags. I bought the sealed bags for my parents when they started their RV journey in Los Angeles and it made the journey easier for them. 

They informed me that the sealed bags made it easier for them to select a perfect outfit for each day but they also made me know that they needed to clean the bags regularly and it was time consuming.

 So, if you choose this idea, be prepared to invest your time into it. 

Some of the strengths of these organizers are: 

  • They protect your clothes from dust and insects
  • They offer a 10 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of these organizers are: 

  • They could be time consuming 
  • They are usually fixed and can’t be moved from one place to another

Tips for using these organizers: 

  • Group your clothes in different categories 
  • Choose one of the organizers
  • Fold your clothes and store them in your desired organizer 

Guitar Wall Mount

The guitar wall mount was made to supply the needs of every musician that lives in an RV. So, if you are one of them, this is a perfect opportunity for you to continue with what you love doing. 

I am a gospel singer and I always love playing with my guitar. The only way I have been able to develop my talent in my RV is by storing my guitar with the guitar wall mount. Although getting the guitar wall mount has cost me my savings, I happily gave it all because I am a passionate singer and I love the work I do. 

I am telling you this because I want you to know that it takes sacrifice for you to install the guitar wall mount at its expensive price.

Some of the strengths of the guitar wall mounts are:

  • They help you to properly store and protect your guitar
  • They offer a 15 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of the guitar wall mounts are: 

  • They may need to be installed by a professional
  • They are not available in all countries

Tips for using the guitar wall mount: 

  • Choose a wall location
  • Use manufacturer’s instructions as a guide to install your mount
  • Make sure your guitar is balanced

RV Hose Storage

Many RV owners don’t like it when hoses are everywhere in their motorhome.  I personally don’t like it and neither will you. 

One of the ways you can prevent this mess in your RV is through the use of

RV hose storage. 

I am free from the stress of hoses and I also want you to be free but the latter can only be possible if you can pay the price required. You won’t find it cheap but it’ll definitely free up RV space. 

Some of the strengths of RV hose storage are: 

  • They reduce wear and tear on hoses
  • They offer a 3 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of RV hose storage are: 

  • They can add extra weight to your RV
  • They can’t be installed without basic knowledge

Tips for using RV hose storage: 

  • Choose a suitable space in your RV
  • Screw the storage unit to make it stable
  • Slowly place your hose in its storage

Wireless, Rechargeable Light Strips

These light strips stand out for their wireless property. They are designed to relieve you of the stress involved in packing wires. I love using them because they are rechargeable and their batteries don’t go off easily. 

I’ve discovered that the cost scares many of you but I hope you all know that price is not the main thing, the main thing is quality and if quality is involved, you should know that price is worth it. 

Some of the strengths of these light strips are: 

  • They serve as a stable light source for you 
  • They offer a 3 year limited warranty

Some of the weaknesses of these light strips are: 

  • They may not suite an old RV model
  • They are more expensive than other rechargeable light strips

Tips for using these light strips: 

  • Clean the area that you’ll place the light strip
  • Stick the light strip to the surface
  • Try to charge the light strip before you use it

Best Storage Ideas for RVs and Campers 

Aside from the 12 at the top, here are nine more RV storage ideas.

You may have noticed that some ideas are repeated in this section. This is because  these great RV storage ideas can also work well as camper storage ideas. The other tips included in this section are better suited for keeping your camper organized, but can be applied to RVs too. 

As a camper/RVer your best demand should be creative storage solutions and I have done you a favor by bringing you supplies in full, so I advise you to embrace this since it will free up your storage space. Here are the top storage ideas you can’t afford to miss.

Seating That Doubles as Storage

This method is a space saving technique that is responsible for your comfortable seating and effective storage in either your RVs or campers. I went on a journey some few years ago and I decided to set up my camp near the river. I couldn’t get an extra seat, it was simply this idea I used and I am here to testify today. That means it can also work for you. 

Tips for using this seat: 

  • Use dividers to separate items from yourself
  • Use lids to prevent yourself from accidents while sitting

Mesh Bags For Dry Goods

Mesh bags, as I’ve said earlier, are responsible for holding your clothes, outdoor essentials, and all dry goods. You can also try them out if you want to protect your dry fish from rodents. 

Tips for using these mesh bags: 

  • Use different bags for different categories of dry goods
  • Ensure you have covered all items to prevent spills
  • Use the wire to prevent items from falling

Wide World of Wall Storage

This wall storage uses vertical space for storage and can help you to free up the jam packed space in your mobile space. 

Tips for using wall storage: 

  • Don’t overload the storage unit
  • Use screws and hooks that can withstand the vibrations of your RVs during travel
  • Adjust the storage unit at intervals

Baskets and Bins 

These storage ideas allow you to clear your mess by putting them under your bed in your campers/RVs. An example of a bin is the IKEA shoe storage bin that we talked about earlier. 

Tips for using baskets and bins: 

  • Separate your essentials from dirts 
  • Choose baskets and bins that fits the size of your items
  • Label each baskets for you to quickly identify your items

Maximize Shelving Space

You can maximize your shelving space by using cabinet organizers to store your items in your RVs/campers. I decided to maximize my camper’s shelving space 2 years ago and today I can store all my essentials in one particular shelf, you can try it also and you’ll have reasons to smile at your problems. 

Tips to maximize your shelving space: 

  • Install tall shelves on your interior walls
  • Store your items inside cabinet doors

Hanging Shelves

Hanging shelves are the best idea for RVers/campers who have a lot of items such as bags, keys, clothes, and more. If you fall into any of those categories, you can opt for the hanging shelves. I bought mine from Amazon but there are other online stores where you can get yours from. 

Tips for using these shelves: 

  • Choose the shelves that suits your needs 
  • Install with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Make sure the shelves don’t fall over
  • Clean the shelves regularly

Tension Rod/Shelves

Tension rods are adjustable rods that you can place between your RV cabinets or walls. These rods rely on their external pressure to stay in place so you don’t need to install them permanently.

My best friend told me he used these shelves to store his kitchen tools instead of the RV kitchen cabinets, and it was awesome. If it was useful for my friend, it can also be useful for you, so you can go ahead and try it. 

Tips for using Tension rods: 

  • Choose where you want to place it
  • Twist the rod until it fits between the chosen surfaces
  • Make sure the rod is stable 
  • Use it to store your essential items

Shoe Organizers

Hanging shoe organizers play an important role in keeping your living room organized. As an experienced camper, I have noticed that shoe organizers will help you to prevent dirt from entering your living space. They can be hung on tent poles or inside your camper’s trailer.

Tips for using shoe organizers: 

  • Choose a shoe organizer that suits your needs 
  • Place air fresheners in the pockets to remove all unwanted odors
  • Keep shoe organizers where you can easily access it. 


Pegboards are perforated walls that are made from a hard substance. You can use them to store your screws, caps, and other accessories. I personally installed it in both my camp and RV, you can also install it, it’ll save you a lot of space. 

Tips for using Pegboards: 

  • Install it properly so that it won’t fall
  • Don’t apply too much of pressure on it
  • Don’t use it to store heavy items
  • Maintain it regularly


In this guide about the best RV storage ideas, we’ve gone through the main methods for maximizing your mobile space along with their limitations and important tips. Whether you are an RVer or camper, the purpose of this guide is to enlighten you so that you can make the best choice for your next purchase.

It’s important to note that the best storage idea for you depends on your location, budget, and personal preferences. So, I advise you to do a thorough research and ask for guidance from other experts. The main goal is to find the RV/camping storage idea that satisfies your budget, personal preferences, and specific needs. Have a great day!

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