Julie Bonner

RVTAA Certified Technician
Full time RV living
RV Repair
University of Tennessee, Knoxville


  • Expert in RVs with a background in RV repairs.
  • RVTAA certified Technician.
  • Contributor to TREKKN, a leading RVing website.


Julie Johnson Bonner is an RV expert who combines her academic background in Fishery and Fishing Science with her passion for RVing. She is known for her meticulously researched articles that are backed by credible sources. Julie aims to provide readers with accurate and insightful information about RVs, making their experiences stress-free and enjoyable. As a RVTAA certified Technician, Julie leverages her knowledge to produce high-quality content that caters to a diverse audience, including Americans and international readers interested in RVing. With her work featured on TREKKN, a leading RVing website, Julie has established herself as a trusted voice in the RV community. In addition to her professional life, Julie enjoys swimming, fishing, and watching movies, which adds depth to her writing and brings a unique perspective to her work. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to a global increase in people who live in an RV stress-free, helping them make informed decisions and have a fulfilling RV lifestyle.


Julie Johnson Bonner earned a Bachelor's degree in Fishery and Fishing Science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and a Master's degree in Fishery and Fishing Science from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to her academic qualifications, she is a RVTAA certified Technician, further solidifying her expertise in the RV field.

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